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Turkey in August
Written by Aiswarya Giridharan on June 7, 2023 Share on

Turkey in August 2024: Your Ultimate Travel Guide, Tips and Top Destinations

Travel is one of the best gifts Turkey could be blessed with since its reflection of having everything for everyone is the seen from the kind of happiness a traveler gets and the memories he carries in his life forever! If you love culture, if you love nature, if you love architecture, if you love multi-cuisine food, if you love shopping, if you love beaches, if you want amazing road trip and ultimately if you are expecting happiness out of travel, Turkey will definitely become your one stop destination. Visiting Turkey in August could be one of the best decisions since you will be able to explore the best out of beach life and let us see why visiting Turkey in the month of August could be made memorable.

Weather in Turkey in August

The weather in August in Turkey is one of the prime reasons you should visit Turkey since the temperatures in Turkey in August will make you say ‘this is one of the hottest months in Turkey.’ Since Turkey experiences the mediterranean climate, the summer is extremely hot and the temperature falls to be erratic in different zones. Hence, even if you probably are not a huge fan of Summer, you will still have places of your own choice to visit and enjoy. The maximum temperature is 35ºC and the minimum should be not less than 20ºC at evenings.

What to Wear in Turkey in August

Since it happens to be Summer in Turkey in August, the smart-casuals will way more normalise your wear. Packing depending on the weather will be wise. Breathable cotton clothes, hats and sunscreens is all you will need to pack for sure. Though contradictory, take a few lightweight sweaters along with you to help yourself during the cooler evenings. Also, do not forget to take a few conservative dresses if you are planning to visit the mosques.

Things to do in Turkey in August

Since the summer can go from warm to scorching, it is best to utilise every hopeful ray of sunshine. Since the Summer swag is fully up into the sky, the top 10 things to explore this summer include:

  1. The first thing to do in Turkey trip in August is to rush into the ice-cream and juice parlours which is omnipresent in Turkey at Summer.
  2. Do some Kayaking at the sunken ruins of Kekova.
  3. Explore the underground city at Cappadocia.
  4. Take time to stroll through the busy Grand Avenue of Pera, Istanbul.
  5. Visit the Topkapi palace.
  6. Adore the Miniature Park.
  7. Float along with the hot air ballon at Cappadocia.
  8. Climb the Mount Nemrut.
  9. Paraglide at Oludeniz.
  10. Make memories at the Ankara Castle

Places to Visit in Turkey in August

Since August is purely a Summer month, getting indulged in some cool activities is absolutely what your soul needs. If ‘places to visit in Turkey in August’ is constantly putting a question mark after the sentence, here is what you will need to know.

1. Kleopatra Beach

If you are guessing this beach has got its name after Queen Cleopatra, you should be right. The fantastic mix of Sand, Water and the Sun gives it an undramatic expressive beach life. There is a lot of adventure for you to sport in like swimming, Surfing and Paragliding. This could undoubtedly be the best place to visit In Turkey in August since there could no best couple like the hottest summer and a coolest beach.

Kleopatra beach, Turkey
Image Source : Unsplash

2. Iztuzu Beach

Sprawled over 4.5 kilometres, this beach happens to be the habitat for turtle nesting. Due to this fact, it is also called as Turtle beach. They have shallow waters and hence it is best suited for swimming. A 45 million year old species – loggerhead turtle inhabits here and is being protected by the International Animal Protection Organisation since it has made its way into the endangered species list. Everything about this beach is so wonderful. From the sunrise to the promising sunset. Studded with sun bed and cafes, this could happen to be in your perfect destination list.

Izutuzu beach, Turkey
Image Source : Unsplash

3. Butterfly Valley

Vacationing to Turkey and not visiting this beach is close to having an incomplete tour. While every other beach is best visited in summer, this valley has made into the must Turkey places to visit every time the year and hence visiting this summer for its amazing climate and gut thrilling hiking trails, beach parties’ picturesque backgrounds and blue green waters that will leave you amazed throughout.

Butterfly valeey, Turkey
Image Source : Unsplash

4. Patara Valley

August could be the best time to visit the longest beach in Turkey – Patara since the sun is sure to join your beach adventure. The classic beach holiday definitely demands sun bed and you would have sun-tans as blessing in disguise. With affordable beach cafes and adventurous sport coupling in, you are sure to love this beach life in Turkey.

Patara Beach, Turkey
Image Source : Unsplash

5. Oludeniz Beach

This beach happens to be that place where the natural vegetation and marine life along with colourful summer shines through your every enjoyment. Activities like scuba diving and snorkelling will keep you refreshed and the variety cafes and bars will keep your food time engaged and entertained. This could be your best in places to visit in Turkey in August.

Oludeniz beach, Turkey
Image Source : Unsplash

Wondering why the place recommendations are studded with beaches and valleys? It definitely happens to be such that these beaches, valleys, ice-creams and bars that will make your summer more memorable. To get the best recommendations and make your Turkey tour package or Turkey honeymoon package amazing, visit Pickyourtrail website or customise your own itinerary to enjoy Turkey in your own way!

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What is the dress code in Turkey?

There is no particular dress code in Turkey, its widely acceptable to wear comfortable clothing in Turkey.

What are the famous foods to have in Turkey ?

Manti, Kumpir, Menemen, Lahmacun, Baklava, Iskender Kebap, Balık Ekmek are must tries in Turkey. Alcohol is permissible but has legal limitations and public drinking is prohibited. Pork is not consumed in Turkey due to cultural and religious reasons

Which is major languages spoken in Turkey?

Turkish is the most common language spoken in Turkey. The most spoken languages after Turkish are Kurdish, Zazaki and Arabic.

Is there an easy way of transport in Turkey ?

Yes, Trains are a great choice if you want to take in the vast scenery of the country without the hassle of the roads and the high prices of planes. Turkish State Railways are well-developed and connect most major destinations in the country.

Which are souvenirs to get in Turkey?

Spices, Turkish dried fruits, Preserved vegetables, Lokum or Turkish delights, Baklava, Cezerye and turkish carpets are some of the most Unique souvenirs to get in Turkey.

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