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Turkey in June
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Turkey in April 2024 – Weather, What to Wear, Places to Visit & More

Sandwiched between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey gives every traveler a different taste. If you guess Turkey is not just about carpets, beaches, trade and culture, you would be right. Before planning to visit turkey during April, here’s a quick preview of what travelling to turkey would be like. If you toss a coin to choose between this or that in Turkey, you would fail most of the time. And if you’re a first timer, turkey will choose to fly your heart rather than the carpet. Let’s unwrap every little flavour of Turkey and explore why it is the best time to visit Turkey in April. 

To start down, people inhabiting Turkey are Turks, the language they speak is Turkish and the money they spend is Turkish lira.

Weather in Turkey in April

Spring in Turkey in April
Image source : Unsplash

Turkey, just like the other countries, has 4 climatic seasons. The winter falls from December to March. The spring blooms from April to mid-May. The summer shines between June and September and the autumn falls in October and November. The Turkey weather in April is enough to enjoy the essence of all the four seasons and visiting Turkey in April would be a near to perfect time. The landscape in ‘your places to visit in Turkey itinerary’ is designed in such a way that you’ll thank your social media time hops every year it pops in.

What to wear during a trip to Turkey in April?

Turkey generally has the smart-casuals trend and it’s perfectly alright to pack comfortably to wear clothes for your Turkey trip in April. But since Turkey is a cultural heritage, wearing a modest dress which exposes the minimum of your skin will be ideal for visiting the mosques in Turkey. The day sees a temperature of 21 degree Celsius and the evening sees lesser than 13. Since, April in Turkey is spring; it has the mild weather-combo of all seasons and taking along a warm jacket would be your first aid kit in this trip to Turkey in April.

Foods not to miss during your visit to Turkey in April

Food in Turkey
Image source : Unsplash

Turkey has a rich mix of flavours and occupies THE favourite influencer among all cuisines around the world. From juicy kebabs to thick ice-creams, every dish has a historical ancestor and the best dine in memory you’ll have to carry forever. The Imam Bayildi, Gozleme, Lahmacun, Mantir and the Turkish delight are some of the foods you cannot afford to miss in Turkey. And if you’re a food lover, you shouldn’t miss the best foods to try in Turkey.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Turkey in April

Emirgan National Park

Emirgan National park, Tulip festival, Turkey
Image source : Unsplash

This park should definitely be your first place to visit in Turkey in April because the spring arrives for the flower to bloom. The hype of the International Tulip festival in Istanbul is real and splashes of colour it sputters is sure to hit your photos in an unimaginable dimension. Around 30 million tulips are planted in every open space at this park and this place will help you taste the nature components Turkey is made of.


Patara beach, Turkey
Image source : Unsplash

April is the best time to visit the longest beach in Turkey – Patara since the weather is sure to join your beach adventure. The classic beach holiday definitely demands sun beds but you wouldn’t carry the scar of tan this time. With affordable beach cafes and adventurous sport coupling in, you are sure to love this beach life in Turkey.


Cappadocia, Turkey
Image Source : Unsplash

This is one of the best places to visit in Turkey in April. ‘Scars can still look beautiful’ and this place definitely stands as a testimony to this statement. These volcanic eruptions give the best view when you ride on a hot air balloon. The Ihlara Valley, Open air museums and Uchisar Castle will definitely stud in completeness to a day in Turkey.


Konya, Turkey
Image Source : Unsplash

If your favourite subject is history, you cannot miss visiting this place in Turkey. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and the architecture will just leave you stunned. This definitely is not the party hub and is modest in plenty. The Alaeddin mosque, Melvana museum and the Japanese park will thank you for being into the most happy-historical timeframe.


Istanbul, Turkey
Image Source : Unsplash

Istanbul is definitely the best city to visit in Turkey. This city gives you a preview of what Turkey is all about by having everything from giving the coolest nature time to the hottest city life. The grand bazaar is one place which you shouldn’t miss in your Istanbul holiday package to carry a part of Turkey with you to home. 

You would be accountable to sin if you missed out on the storks and the dolphins as it is one time in a year happening.

Things to do in Turkey in April

From Scuba diving to snorkelling, from watching the dervish show to enjoying the Turkish bathhouse, from tasting the sea food to purchasing at the grand bazaar, from visiting the blue mosque to riding on hot air balloons, from falling in love with the flowers to hating yourself for not being at Turkey for so long, from hiking the endless mountains to ferrying at limitless beaches, every little fantasy about Turkey turns into reality and becomes the favourite memory to cling on later.

Things you’ll miss if you don’t visit Turkey in April

  • This could be the best time to visit Turkey as the scenery is most expressive in April.
  • The best of bargains could be made at the Grand bazaar since it is less crowded during this season.
  • Huge discounts on airfare could save you money to help you visit more places in Turkey.
  • The pleasant weather and the sea of tulip flowers would convince you to make it worthy for a Turkey trip in April.

With so much to do in Turkey, an itinerary of 2 weeks would be ideal for you to own the country around every corner. Visit the Pickyourtrail website to hit on amazing Turkey travel packages and Turkey honeymoon packages or Customize your turkey itinerary to quench the Turkey thirst in your favourite flavour.

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