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Unawatuna Beach – The hidden gem of Sri Lanka!

Unawatuna Beach is sure to appear on the list of best beaches in Sri Lanka. With palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters, and golden sand, the Unawatuna Beach is a heaven for beach bums. The lush palm trees not only make the beach look extra scenic but also give a pleasant environment. The Unawatuna Beach also has a good selection of guesthouses, restaurants, bars, shopping streets, and cool water sport activities making it very popular with travelers.

Man and women in beach
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This beach also has arrangements of sunbeds, mats and umbrellas.  If you want to watch the sun take a dip in the ocean whilst reveling in the sundowner, then you are in the right place! You can avail of these sunbeds on rent from any of the vendors found in the beach. On your visit here, you are sure to see the kinds of the locality take a tip into the cool waters of the sea, during the late afternoon.

From restaurants selling finger-licking local cuisine to shops selling modern, trendy clothes influenced by the local attire, the Sri Lankan culture is reflected through various features of the beach. 


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Unawatuna Beach Location & Open Time

Unawatuna Beach in Sri Lanka

Location: The coastal town of Unawatuna is located in the suburb of Galle at about 108 km away from Sri Lanka’s Captial City Colombo. However, it is just 5 km away from the City center.

Beach Timings: Open 24 hours.

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Unawatuna Beach: Things to do

Without a doubt there are a number of activities you can indulge in when at Unawatuna Beach. Some of them are;

  1. Swimming
  2. Surfing
  3. Snorkeling or Scuba Diving
  4. Fishing
  5. Shopping

1. Go swimming in the ocean – The cool waters at Unawatuna beach are perfect for taking a relaxing dip, beating the heat of Sri Lanka. This is one of the best ways to spend a hot summer day with loved ones. It’s safe and comes free of cost! What better way of cooling off!

2. Surf the waves – Unawatuna beach is the best beach to surf. Be it, beginners or experienced surfers, all of them will enjoy surfing here. The waves here are perfect and the weather is also desirable for surfers to go all out almost every day!

3. Take a dip underwater – Go snorkeling or Scuba Diving –  There’s absolutely no reason why one will not snorkel or opt for scuba diving in the crystal clear water of the Unawatuna beach. There are a number of local service providers located near the beach who will provide the required tools and equipment and that makes it more fun and easy.

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4. Go fishing – Whether you’ve gone fishing earlier or not, giving it a try here in Unawatuna is definitely a good idea. The perfect time of fishing is during sunset when the sky reflects an uncountable number of hues. The tour companies located at the beach are sure to offer the necessary provisions for fishing as well.

women shopping
Source: Pixabay

5. Shopping – Situated right behind the Unawatuna beach is a street market that can be called the ultimate go-to place in Unawatuna for shopping lovers. From local food vendors, footwear stalls, beachwear shops, to jewelry and clothing, Unawatuna beach has everything is it. Most importantly they are affordable. Make sure you bargain well to get the best of the best price. Whether you are a hardcore shopaholic or not, just a stroll around here is sure to make you dig your pockets. 

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Unawatuna Beach: What not to Miss!

Unfolding the unique and beautiful aspects of Sri Lanka’s there are a number of other tourist destinations around Unawatuna Beach. Ensure to visit them all while on your visit to the beach.

  • Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Jungle Beach
  • Galle Fort
Japanese Pagoda

1. Japanese Peace Pagoda – As the name suggests, the Japanese Peace Pagoda is the best place to discover your inner peace. Located just 2 km away from the beach, the Japanese Peace Pagoda is one of the 3 Japanese Stupas in Sri Lanka. The Pagoda is well maintained and offers great panoramic views of the surrounding area. 

women holding surf board

2. The Jungle Beach – If you are that person who prefers a secluded beach to a crowded one, make your way to the Jungle beach. The jungle beach is located on the route opposite the one of Unawatuna Beach. As the name suggests, this small beach is surrounded by jungle from all sides. The pathway to this beach is quite tricky and adventurous with uneven trails and is difficult and long when covered by foot. 

Not to forget the weather here. The Jungle Beach has ideal weather, best suited for swimming and snorkeling. 

The galle fort and lighthouse

3. Galle FortGalle fort is the most interesting attraction in Unawatuna Beach. The first is known for its unique and admiring architecture. The construction style of the fort has influences from Portuguese, Dutch, and British styles of architecture. It is the largest fort that remains in the Asian continent and is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The best time to visit the fort is during sunset. It is when the fort offers great views of the sunset along with the lighthouse.

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Unawatuna Beach: Travel Tips

1. As you may already know, the Unawatuna Beach is great for swimming. Make sure to carry your swimming costume. 

2. This beach also provides great surfing conditions. If you are just a beginner, reach out to the adventure sports companies located at the beach. They will train and help you out. 

3. If you are a party-person, then Unawatuna beach suits you the best. Unawatuna is known for hosting some of the best parties in the entire Sri Lanka.

4. Accommodation at the Unawatuna Beach is a bit pricey when compared to that of other beaches. Plan your budget accordingly while adding this beach to your itinerary. 

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Unawatuna Beach is one of its kind and is surely a must-visit place on your trip to Sri Lanka. Need more help? Request a callback and our Travel experts will call and help you with your queries.

Happy exploring!


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