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Written by Preetha Manivelan on July 7, 2020 Share on

Filled The Pages Of My Travel Diary Beautifully With A Trip To Europe

Travelling and capturing some amazing pictures of that destination is like fuel to my soul. I have been to 8 countries so far and most of them were managed and supported by Pickyourtrail. I planned my Europe vacation last year using Pickyourtrail’s specialist planners. It was a complicated trip because I wanted to travel to at least 5 countries and guess what? Pickyourtrail made it happen. After days and months of planning, I finally planned my vacation to Europe and I am happy to say that it was the best decision that I had ever taken in my life. You know, this was my first international trip and Pickyourtrail just did everything I asked for and supported me like how your friends would help you plan, with complete care.

A picture that was taken at Bruges in Belgium

How did you choose Pickyourtrail as your trip planner?

I usually search for a lot of travel websites to plan my itinerary wherever I travel and that’s how I found Pickyourtrail. But later, I got to know that some of my friends are working there too. So I thought, “why not?”. Eventually, it turned out to be the best decision of my life. Right from the first call to the day I got my visa, Pickyourtrail helped me with everything possible. I didn’t feel like I was talking to a travel agency, in fact, Pickyourtrail is not just that. It is more than just a travel planning company and they give you the best experience possible.

A view of a bridge in Europe

With Pickyourtrail, it was a very accommodating, reliable and pleasant experience for me. You are a solo traveller? Planning for a honeymoon trip? Or a bachelor party? Or even a family vacation? This is the best option you have got and I promise you that Pickyourtrail would never disappoint you!

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Europe Honeymoon Packages

Can you tell us about your itinerary city-wise?

I planned the trip from the 6th of May to the 20th of May, 2019 with 5 cities in 5 different countries. Here is everything about my days on this beautiful continent:

Days at Amsterdam

I think I planned Amsterdam to be the first city on my itinerary for a reason. I had 3 days in this colourful city with one activity which is the Amsterdam Canal Cruise. Amsterdam was indeed a great start to a beautiful trip.

A picture of Grand palace that was taken at Amsterdam, on a happy vacation

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Days at Brussels

I had the next three days at Brussels where I had Brussels hop-on hop-off tour planned. I had the other days at leisure to make sure I cover a few more things to do and places apart from just the major tourist spots.

A picture of buildings that was taken in Brussels, on a happy vacation

Days at Paris

Having planned two days in Paris, I had the best time of my trip there. On the first day, I had the sightseeing cruise and followed by Eiffel Tower, the next day. I then realized that Paris is called the ‘City of Love’ for a good reason <3

A picture that was taken in the streets of Paris

Witnessing the sunset on the ‘Sightseeing Cruise’!

A beautiful sunset at Paris

Paris Tour Package Starting @ ₹ 58,956

Days at Budapest

Wandering in the streets of Budapest is one of the best things to do. I had 3 days at Budapest. Since I had my Budapest card, I took a few walking tours which turned out to be a part of my favourite activities in Europe.

A picture of a bus that was taken at Budapest, on a happy vacation

Days at Prague

I reached Prague on the third-last day on my itinerary. I had a hop-on hop-off tour there on day 2 at Prague. And on the 20th of May, I took off to India with a heart filled with happy memories for life.

A picture that was taken at Prague in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic Tour Package @ ₹83,376*

How were the activities planned?

I would say it was amazing. The flexibility that Pickyourtrail is offering, cannot be compared with any other partners because other companies just sell itineraries but Pickyourtrail sells experiences. I really liked the fact that the Pickyourtrail website has a page where you can choose your favourite activities to do in different countries and add to your itinerary. Unlike others, it does not force any fixed activities and whether you like it or not, you had to go for it. They let me choose my favourite activities and ensured that I had enough time to visit all my favourite places. I’m sure you will never find a travel company as good as Pickyourtrail. Trust me, I travel a lot, have a lot of experiences with different partners and I mean it.

A picture that was taken in the Netherlands, on a happy vacation

What was your most favourite activity?

It is very difficult to choose only one since I loved almost all of them because I was allowed to choose the activities as per my choices. But if I have to name only one, I would choose ‘Eiffel Tower – Top floor access’. I absolutely enjoyed it because I was able to see the beautiful sunset and wonderful panoramic view of Paris right from the top of the Eiffel Tower, all at one place. I also loved the walking tours in Budapest. There are so many things to tell, but so little time! I think the activities in Europe alone are really worth a whole blog.

At Eiffel Tower, on a happy vacation to Europe!

A breathtaking view of Eiffel Tower

What you see from the top of the tower!

A beautiful view from the top of the Eiffel Tower

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What was the amazing part about the trip that you loved the most?

The amazing part about the trip was that you just tell them your preferences and favourites, and Pickyourtrail will make it happen. You can decide where you want to stay, what you want to do, what kind of activities you would prefer, in fact, you can choose which flights you would like to fly too. For me, Pickyourtrail is more than just a travel company. Actually, so much beyond that. I absolutely loved the fact that my travel vouchers, transport passes and other documents, reached the hotel before I even reached the country. I was delighted to get all of them as soon as I entered my hotel. Isn’t that a great onboarding travel experience?

Why Pickyourtrail?

Pickyourtrail, not only supported me with my itinerary but also ensured that I got my Visa on time, pickups from the airport, queries related to activities, local transportation and so much more. In fact, the team just virtually travelled with me throughout the trip by ensuring that nothing was missed out and offered the best assistance possible, even though I was thousands of miles away from them. They were with me 24*7 until I reached back to India 🙂 The Pickyourtrail team made me feel like a family member and supported me with all the requests with utmost care. I cannot wait to see what Pickyourtrail has in future for all the travellers. I’m sure they will keep doing fascinating things. And of course, I would definitely choose Pickyourtrail for my next trip too. In fact, I am already building my itinerary for my next trip 😛

A view of St. Stephen's Basilica at Budapest

Where would you travel next?

I am not sure if the pandemic will disappear tomorrow, but whenever it does, I will fly to Spain, Italy and Portugal next 🙂 I can’t wait to plan a trip again with these awesome guys.

Looks like Europe is perfect for a happy vacation. When are you planning to travel to this beautiful continent and write your travel story like how Prasanna did? Visit the website of Pickyourtrail to check out some amazing Europe Tour Packages. You can also customize the package as per your choices and also we will help you have a happy vacation in Europe with 24*7 support via the Pickyourtrail app. Leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

Explore the best of Europe with Pickyourtrail! 🙂

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