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Veligandu island resort in Maldives
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Veligandu Island Resort, Maldives – Luxurious Getaway

A stunning lagoon, long stretches of white seashore, and a first-rate house reef are only a few attractions of the terrific Veligandu Island. Located on Northern half of the Ari Atoll, Maldives, Veligandu Island lies on the Eastern rim of the Rasdhoo Atoll. Encircled by way of an awe-inspiringly superb turquoise lagoon, this island indulges one’s fantasy. Lush coconut palm bushes cowl the island, with Veligandu Island resorts tastefully constructed in between the greenery and along the lagoon.

Veligandu Island is home to a few amusing sports in which traffic can either relax and unwind or experience extra energetic sports. The island is domestic to a good quantity of amusement that makes a vacation here really worthwhile. Veligandu Island occupies a trifling 22 acres within the complete Maldivian archipelago, but this 600-metre lengthy and 150-metre extensive island is a scenic pleasure. The entire island is operated as a resort and visitors are welcomed by a scenic flight for their vacation.

Veligandu beach
Credits: Unsplash

How to reach Veligandu resort

Veligandu Island resort is definitely a paradise on this planet and is quite affordable. With quiet beaches and a comfortable vibe, the ambience itself is very warm. Surrounded by way of an attention-grabbing lagoon, the sandy beach is simply 20 minutes far from the airport, in case you travel on a seaplane. You can locate warm water and turquoise lagoons pinned with some colourful coral reefs and marine life and the complete state of affairs is just something we could in all likelihood dream of. The Trans Maldivian Airways provide seaplane for the vacationers to reach the island. Once you place foot within the Maldives, you want to clear out the immigration and customs formalities as required and the consultant will assist you in addition. Within a 10 min commute bus experience, you may reach the TMA Terminal.


The seaplane journey is scheduled from one hour post the immigration checks are finished. The seaplane operates within the daylight hours, i.e. 6 am to 6 pm. Airline policies do not permit passengers to publish that. If an international flight has been not on time and also you couldn’t check in on time, you can pick to spend the night time at the Champa Central Hotel or live at the airport. In uncommon instances wherein the climate conditions have modified, the departure can be behind schedule or scheduled in advance, hence. However, TMA assumes no legal responsibility posed to them for any fees that arise throughout such modifications or conditions in which the guests have no longer checked-in on time.

Crown & Champa Resorts Lounge

Now, the very last factor to understand is the Crown & Champa Resorts Lounge At TMA. It is a gift inside the terminal A just in front of the elevate. This location is well embellished and supplied. You can check-in for low-cost snacks and some food. The place also has as a cyber cafe, restrooms, and television. So, folks who wish to spend the night at the airport will enjoy the same comfort as a resort.

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Veligandu island resort
Seaplane experience, Credits: Unsplash

Tourism and Veligandu resort:

Veligandu Island Beach is one of the Places to visit in Maldives and is visited by means of masses of tourists every month. The island seashore filled with the numerous wonders of nature is perfect for a romantic time together with your loved ones. The ecosystem at this tiny beach is sensational with the soft sound of waves hitting the shore, the mild wind blowing in the face, the glittering golden-white sand, and the quiet and comfortable vibe all through. It also homes the Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, which is a superb location to stay at and spend a few intimate time along with your partner.

If you’re within the temper for some active amusing, there also are numerous recreational water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, and other watersports available here. Or you could cross for an island picnic or Sunset Punch Cruise Trip to make the most of your go-to vacation at Veligandu. With the entire island being a huge luxurious resort, it is a completely adult-friendly resort (18+ years) and is the right getaway. The resort is large enough to find a private space yet also small enough to cherish the Maldivian culture and experience.

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