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Water sports in Maldives
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Water Sports in The Maldives: Splish Splash and Fun!

Be it for solo travellers, couples, or families, Maldives is a great destination for tourists to indulge in water sports of their choice. Find below a list of the water sports in the Maldives that you try a hand at !!

If you’re in the Maldives for the first time, you should most definitely try your hand at some of the best water sports that the Maldives has to offer. Be it for families, couples, or even children – the Maldives has something in it for everyone. There are a plethora of water sports that you can be a part of. Ranging from scuba diving, snorkeling, kneeboarding, wakeboarding – you name it and the island has got it. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised and be part of some of the most thrilling adventures of your lifetime. If this is your first time in Maldives, head over to the water sports arena and don’t be afraid to get splashed.

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1. Banana Boating 

This activity takes tourists on a longboat where you are strapped to, so you cannot fall, while you zoom over the waters of the ocean. Tourists are in for a super thrilling ride and an unforgettable experience. This water sports in the Maldives can be a fun family experience as there are multiple members that can be part of the ride. The activity truly is something you’ll cherish together as a family for a long time to come!. Remember to follow the instructions of the guides at the arena, and you’re sure to have the time of your life.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: USD 50 – USD 80 per head
  • Duration: 20 minutes

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2. Catamaran sailing

Tourists are taken on sailboats that offer them the privacy, luxury, and a spectacular panorama of Maldives. The catamaran rides are some of the most scenic and breathtaking water sport adventures you could be part of. The balance that strikes the right cord while you’re on board, to the gentle gush of the water across your catamaran is all one needs. Be sure to definitely give this activity a shot while you’re in the Maldivian Island.

  • Best time: November to April
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: USD 50 – 80 per head
  • Duration:  One hour

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3. Fishing

Fishing is one of the most satisfying water sports in the Maldives as it is relaxing and rewarding too! Tourists are allowed to keep the fish they catch and cook them as well.

  • Best time: November to March
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: USD 80 – 100 per head
  • Duration:  One hour

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4. Flyboarding

This futuristic ride has a board that is propelled into the air, enabling tourists to hydro-fly! It truly is an unforgettable experience for many first-timers. If you’ve never experienced this activity before, this is a definite must-do adventure sport just for you. Don’t let the nerves get the better of you, as you’re propelled into the air and witness a view that will stay with you for a long time to come. Please ensure you stick by the guidelines provided to you, during the course of this activity and you’re good to go.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Location: Lhaviyani Atoll, Maafushi Island
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: USD 150 per head
  • Duration: 30-minute starter lesson.

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5. Jet Skiing

Tourists are required to drive into the sea with their parters sitting right behind them. Tourists zip through the waves and enjoy a ride worth the try!

  • Best time: April to October
  • Location: All resort islands, Malé.
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: USD 70 – USD 100 per head
  • Duration: Half an hour

6. Fun tube

Tourists are required to sit on a bed like a tube, as they zoom through the waters on the ocean. The activity gives you an adrenaline rush and an unimaginable thrill.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: USD 130 for two heads
  • Duration: 20 minutes

7. Kayaking

Kayaking is regarded as one of the Maldives’ most popular adventure sports. Tourists have the opportunity to explore and experience the coastline at their own pace.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Location: You can rent a kayak on almost every beach in the Maldives
  • Swimming proficiency: Preferred
  • Average cost: If you’re at a resort, you can avail a kayak, free of charge. If you’re not, then renting a kayak would cost tourists,  approximately USD 10 – USD 50 per head. 

8. Kitesurfing

Tourists experience the ocean like never before as they become one with the waves, and soar into the wake with your mighty kite. Kitesurfing offers tourists a birds-eye view of the stunning island and is an amazing water sport to try out to satisfy the adventure lover in you.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Location: All resort islands, Malé and Hulumalé  
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: USD 50 – USD 90 per head
  • Duration: One Hour

9. Surfing 

A surfing escapade is what makes every beach holiday worthwhile! Tourists take in the waves by storm as they soak in the glory of Maldives. Tourists can try stand-up paddling and then proceed to surf as well.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Swimming proficiency: Required
  • Average cost: USD 130 per head
  • Duration: Two hours

10. Wakeboarding 

Tourists can try wakeboarding as long as they have a good sense of understanding of their center of gravity, so they can balance while on their boards.

  • Best time: April to October
  • Location: Malé, Hulumalé, Ari Atoll
  • Swimming proficiency: Required
  • Average cost: USD 70 per head
  • Duration:  Half an hour 

11. Kneeboarding

Kneeboarding is similar to riding a roller coaster but on waters! The only thing separating you from the cool water is your knees and the board as you glide across the surface while being towed by a boat. You can perform stunts, slice through waves, and enjoy the rush of speed. It’s a thrilling and entertaining way to enjoy the water and get an adrenaline rush.

  • Best time: March to October
  • Location: Malé, Hulumalé, Kaafu Atoll
  • Average cost: USD 40 per head
  • Duration: 10-minutes 

12. Underwater scooters

Unique to the Maldives, these underwater scooters give tourists the opportunity to explore the deep ocean in the comfort of a motorized scooter. This scooter has a bubble that helps tourists keep their heads dry underwater.

  • Best time: December to March
  • Location: Maafushi Island, Malé, Hulumalé, Baa Atoll
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: USD 180 per head
  • Duration:  One hour

13. Parasailing

Parasailing is a fantastic way to experience the breathtaking vistas of the Maldives from above. A parasail linked to a motorboat raises you into the air, so you can soar over the coral reefs and turquoise lagoons. It’s a special way to discover the Maldives’ beauty from a different angle.

  • Best time: November and April
  • Location: Reethi Beach, Cocoon Beach, Finolhu Beach
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: 60 to 80 USD per head
  • Duration: One hour

14. Stand-up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a calm, unhurried water activity that is suitable for all levels of experience. You can enjoy the beauty of the Maldives at your own pace as you stand on a board and paddle through the calm waves. It’s a fantastic way to get some exercise and take in the view.

  • Best time: November to March
  • Location: Veligandu, Maafushi, Male
  • Swimming proficiency: Nil
  • Average cost: USD 30 to 50 per head
  • Duration: One hour

15. Snorkelling

Snorkeling is a terrific alternative to scuba diving if you prefer to stay closer to the surface. Without substantial training and equipment, you can still observe the magnificent marine life of the Maldives. You can go on a boat cruise to discover various snorkelling places, or you can snorkel in the shallow lagoons.

  • Best time: January to April
  • Location: Ukulhas, Thoddoo, Dhigurah, Biyadhoo
  • Average cost: USD 50 to 80 per head
  • Duration: One hour

Experience Maldives most happening water-sports and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime! If you’re finding this guide useful? Check some of the best  ‘Pickyourtrail,’ maldives packages for couple, and book your dream Maldives package today !!


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