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Mosques in United Arab Emirates
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Visit Dubai During Ramadan – A True UAE Experience

A vacation in Dubai during Ramadan will definitely not only be a culturally enriching but also rewarding experience. In comparison to otherwise, Dubai’s life may not be on the normal fast lane but it is not tragic. Knowing the tradition and situation during the festival season allows you to appreciate the local community. The Holy Month of Ramadan is the world’s most important fasting month in celebration of the revelations of Prophet Muhammad. Ramadan, the holy month with Muslims, of their Qu’ran, the holy scripture. However, while exploring a Muslim country at this time of the year, there are different things to remember and an understanding of the community will ensure you stay friendly. So, read more to get to know more about what it has got for its tourists when you visit Dubai during Ramadan!

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What’s Ramadaan?

Islamic culture and traditions
Image Credits: Pixabay

Muslims worldwide celebrate Ramzan also called Ramadan, celebrate the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. A Ramadan schedule specifying the hours of morning and evening prayers and meals is issued annually. According to religion, God ordered the Muslims to immediately pay the Zakat and Fitra before praying the Eid before the last day of Ramadan. Muslims begin the month praying and thinking. The quick speed of life in Ramadan in the city slows down considerably in the daytime — with workplace, school and company working hours being shorter than normal.

You can check the annual Ramadan calendar detailing suhoor and iftar times. Dubai’s Ramadan is typically not the top season of tourism because of the hot weather and sluggish business days. Wanting to visit Dubai in Ramzan means that you have to be willing to see a change from a fast, vibrant, noisy town to a more calm, tranquil and spiritual one. Definitely, this experience is going to be a unique one, especially when you visit Dubai during Ramadan.

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Places to visit during Ramadaan

1. Visit Beautiful Mosques

Mosques during Ramadan appear more spiritual and iconic so no doubt if you want to visit Dubai during Ramadan! Visiting the mosques during Ramadan in Dubai is a wonderful means of learning how the festival is culturally important and for the participants. The Grand Jumeirah Mosque, the environmentally sustainable Khalifa Al Tajer, the Imam Hussein Mosque, the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque-these are some of the most important mosques in Dubai, in which you can explore with the aid of travel guides the spiritual or religious importance of Ramadan. But the Grand Mosque of Jumeirah is by far the most popular where the touring guides describe the importance that Muslims have for this time of the year.

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2. Ramadan Night Markets

Ramadan Night Markets
Image Credits: Pixabay

Any vacation to Dubai isn’t incomplete without shopping. Don’t miss out to visit the Ramadan Night Market at the Za’abeel Hall World Trade Center Dubai and happens during Ramadan. The sector has much more than 400 retail locations. Interactive classrooms, special children zones, henna counters and more are also open! Although the streets are probably calm throughout the day in Ramadan, the nights are not so quiet. Not even just the lights on the street or the skylight, but also the evening markets during Ramadan in Dubai. The city is lit during this period. The Za’abeel Hall World Trade Center Dubai’s Night Market is by far the most popular of these night markets. As these markets especially operate during Ramadan period I’m sure this would be an offbeat experience when you visit Dubai during Ramadan!

3. Enjoy Iftar

Image Credits: Pixabay

Nearly all hotels in Dubai serve their guests a feast of All-You-Can-Eat Iftar with authentic Arabic cuisine during Ramadan. Most of the hotels in Dubai serve popular Arab and Emirate dishes at all-you-can-eat feasts during Ramadan. Many Islamic countries, even non-Muslims families, and also some cafes host lavish Iftar feast days. Most cafes and live cooking stations serve Iftar buffets that serve traditional delicacies beginning on AED 60 per person. There’s also a number of beachfront hotels which also build Ramadan camps in Dubai. Atlantis and The Jumeirah Beach Hotel are popular for building Iftars tents to feast, smoke shisha, and also for playing board games. I’m sure this a one and only experience if you visit Dubai during Ramadan.

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4. Suhoor

Suhoor is literally the last meal even before the fast starts which is in the early hours of the morning. Although most residents would actually eat this meal at home, many cafes are also available to visitors and tourists. While Iftar can be a heavy meal and hence a restaurant buffet, Suhoor is commonly served on an à la carte basis. Suhoor normally begins at 9 pm and continues till late in the night and people stand in queues outside to catch a bit of smoke shisha live in the evening.

Rules That One Must Follow During Ramadan

Holy Quran, Visit Dubai during Ramadaan
Image Credits: Pixabay
  • In Dubai, public consuming of meals, smoking and chewing gum are deemed offensive during the Ramadan days and can be punished by incarceration of up to 1 month and AED 2000 fines. Regardless of morality, the law extends to all. While non-Muslims do not intend to fast, they are required by abstaining from consuming food and drinking during the day. This is to honour the Holy Month and those who fast.
  • School and workdays are usually shorter, begin later in the morning and concluding in the middle of the day. In compliance with UAE Labor Act, the average working day should be approximately six hours and usually work hours should be shortened in two hours during Ramadan. Although not just Muslim fasting jobs are mentioned, Dubai’s Employment Law applies in particular to Muslims and specifies that they don’t require more than six hours of work.
  • Bars are available, but sunset only once. And it’s much calmer. The licencing laws for certain hotels and restaurants to supply drinks and food throughout the day have been eased by Tourist Authorities in Dubai in the holy month. This allows tourists to explore Dubai’s both traditional and modern side.
  • The Ramadan in Dubai is supposed to clothe both men and women modestly, covering their heads to their ankles. Although Dubai is highly orthodox throughout the year, wearing shorts, showcase and short clothes during Ramadan should be avoided so that people are not offended.

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Finding this guide useful? I’m sure if you visit Dubai during Ramadan you can experience the true essence of the United Arab Emirates. Check some of the best Dubai holiday packages with Pickyourtrail and book your dream vacation now! Also, feel free to drop a Whatsapp inquiry for any queries!

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