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Spain in March
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Why Madrid should be on your bucket list?

Madrid is one of the foremost beautiful cities in Spain and its capital at the guts of the country. Madrid has been the capital of Spain since the 17th century. The capital city of Spain has a lot of things to do and see. Your list of things to do in Madrid highlights the Spanish capital’s extensive variety of history, art, food, fashion, and nightlife. You’ll find a spread of cultural and historical treasures within its boundaries just like the Royal Palace, Royal theater alongside numerous museums and art galleries that are unmatched elsewhere in Europe. The city has one of Europe’s finest Spanish and Latin American art collections, spread throughout its museums and galleries. According to FIFA, Real Madrid FC is the world’s most successful football club of the 20th Century.  Read more to know the facts Why Madrid should be on your bucket list.

Because there’s such a lot to experience within the city, Madrid should definitely get on your bucket list for Spain!

Madrid , Spain ( Credits – Unsplash )

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The Debod Temple

In the 2nd century BC Adikhalamani (Tabriqo), the Kushite king of Meroë started construction with a little single-roomed chapel that was dedicated to the god Amun. Earlier it had been located within the Nile Valley but thanks to the development of Aswan Dam, it had been gifted to Spanish in 1968.

The Debod Temple also called the Temple de Debod is a legendary landmark to catch the sight of sunset which puts Madrid on your bucket list so confirm you grab the right spot because it gets really crowded later in the evening. You’ll be astonished to understand that it’s an Egyptian Temple based in Madrid since 1972.

The Debod Temple
Temple de Debod ( Credits – Pixabay )

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace (Palacio Real de Madrid in Spanish), inbuilt in the 18th century should be the favorite on your list. It’s not the residence for the royalty as they chose to remain at the outskirts of the town but it’s the middle for the royal events. The rich historic interior will drive you back in time. it’s the most important palace in Eastern Europe with 3,418 rooms. It is the most important functioning royal palace and therefore the largest by-floor area in Europe.

The Royal palace
Credits – Unsplash
changing of the guards
Credits – Pixabay

Almost 2 million visitors come per annum to get its rooms, works of art, and treasures that are unique within the world. Take a tour of the gorgeous palace and don’t miss out on the changing of the guards within the morning!

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Flamenco Show

Flamenco may be a spirited sort of song and dance derived in Spain. There are many venues in Madrid where you’ll enjoy a Flamenco show with a standard Spanish Dinner. Flamenco is a kind that supported the varied folkloric music traditions of southern Spain, originating within the culture and traditions. During a flamenco show, the artists interpret different styles with different rhythms that increase the expression of the performers. Flamenco Art may be a 1.5-hour-long concert featuring famous guitarists and singers from around Spain.

Flamenco show
Flamenco dance ( Image credits – Pixabay )

Corral de la Moreria – the oldest flamenco locale and Casa Patas are few among the popular Flamenco Houses to go to .

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor may be a major tourist attraction in Madrid. It’s a grand rectangular square with a complete of nine entrances. The square comes alongside its rich history of the 1500s. You’ll find a series of cafes and brasseries here full of tourists. There’s a statue of King Phillip III right at the center of the square. The Plaza Mayor has been used for a spread of various purposes. It was once used as a marketplace for food and other goods. It is also been the location of many events like bullfights, public executions, during the Spanish Inquisition.

statue of King Phillip III
Image credits – Pixabay
Plaza mayor
Plaza Mayor (Image credits – Unsplash )

The Almudena Cathedral

Almudena Cathedral which stands next to the Royal Palace is one among the most important cathedrals in Europe. The construction was started in 1879 and Pope John Paul II consecrated it in 1993. The Neo-gothic styled interior of the cathedral is extremely impressive to witness. From the front of the cathedral, visitors can see parts of the old city wall.

Almudena cathedral
Almudena Cathedral ( Image credits – Pixabay )

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

If you’re an enormous football fan and particularly a Madridista, then you’re within the right place. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium – the house of Real Madrid, the richest club in the world and voted because of the club of the century by FIFA.  The stadium holds a touch over 85,000 people. Visiting this place offers you the prospect to dive into the history of the club through their glorious trophies. you’ll get to ascertain the sector where the players play and their room. It’s the foremost magical place to observe heart-racing football from.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium ( Image credits – Unsplash )

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Puerta del Sol

The Puerta del Sol may be a public square in Madrid, one of the simplest known and busiest places within the city. This is often the middle of the radial network of Spanish roads. It’s semi-circular in shape and on the south of it you’ll see a tower, Real Casa de Correos, which is that the prominent landmark for the celebration of the latest year and therefore the eating of Twelve grapes. Ahead of it’s situated the 0 km plaque which is that the center for calculating the space for all Spanish roads. So it’ll be right to mention that in Spain all roads cause Madrid!
A must-see spot in Puerta del Sol is that the twenty-ton sculpture, El Oso y El Madroño, a bear eating fruits from a tree.

Puerta del Sol
Puerta del Sol ( Image credits – Unsplash )

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El Rastro

El Rastro de Madrid or just el Rastro is the hottest open-air marketplace in Madrid. it’s open every Sunday and a public holiday during the year. If you’re there in Madrid on a Sunday make a visit to El Rastro open-air marketplace and continue a shopping spree. You’ll find some 3500 stalls of the latest and used products like clothes, jewelry, bags, etc. Also don’t forget to chill with some drinks and tapas from nearby cafes and bars.

El Rastro
Image credits – Pixabay


Madrid undoubtedly is legendary for its traditional bullfighting. Most fights in Madrid happen at La Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas and is the most spectacular place to observe the bullfight from. To confirm this stunning experience, squeeze in your time for the Matadors in your itinerary.

Image credits – Pixabay
Bullfight in madrid
Image credits – Pixabay

Food at Madrid!

In Madrid, you’ll find some super delicious food which will leave you impressed. Starting with Tapas, a really common Spanish food. Its small snacks, helpings, or canapés you’ve got together with your drinks. they’re served throughout Madrid altogether bars and cafes. Pinchitos is an authentic Spanish dish with exotic flavors. This dish is made with cubes of meats tied on a skewer. The market of San Miguel in Madrid, it’s a couple of minutes’ walk from the Plaza Mayor may be a traditional foodstuff filled with freshly cooked Tapas, olives and you’ll also get drinks up here.

Tapas ( Image credits – Pixabay )

Retiro Park

Parque Retiro is Madrid’s stunning area crammed with gardens, small forests, hiking paths, fountains, and even a lake or two! It’s essential to spend a day having a picnic within the park, a minimum of once! 

Retiro park
Image credits – Pixabay
Parque Retiro
Image credits – Pixabay

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