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Wildlife experience in India
Written by Shanmugam on June 10, 2020 Share on

Wildlife experience in India: Get ready to experience the best of wildlife

India is one of the most beautiful countries in India. Also, the country is so rich in culture and tradition. It has so many things to offer. Planning a vacation in India might make you feel confused. Moreover, every state in India has its own unique activities and places which will leave you in amazement. Right from beaches to the Himalayas, the country has everything within it. Scenic beaches, tranquil temples, lush green mountains, gushing waterfalls, adventure trek, rich wildlife, water sports, and the list goes on. Moreover, 1 million tourists visit the country to see and experience the adventurous wildlife. India as a destination has a wide variety of flora and fauna. It makes a perfect home for wildlife a perfect place to grow. The wildlife experience in India will definitely be worth it.

Wildlife experience in India
Image source: unsplash

Why Wildlife experience in India

India has very affluent and distinct wildlife. The country never failed to draw the attention of nature fanatics from around the globe. Wildlife in India are well protected and taken good care by the government. Also, there are wildlife sanctuaries that are protecting animals and taking good care of it. From the gigantic peaks in the north to the point of Kanyakumari in the south, India is home to many wildlife conservation parks and sanctuaries. These beautiful wildlife sanctuaries spread across all over the country in different states. Moreover, each state boasts unique animals and birds. You can also go on trekking or also go on a wildlife safari to witness some amazing wildlife in India. Here is a list of top places to visit to get the best of wildlife experience in India. Also, nature lovers and wildlife fanatics keep scrolling and experience this wildlife virtually.

Best Wildlife Experience in India

1.Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the top places to get the best of wildlife experience in India. Apart from National park, it also acts as a tiger reserve. It is one among the largest tiger reserves in India. The national park is surrounded by Corbett waterfalls and also a pristine river called as Kosi River. Certainly, you will be amazed to see such wide varieties are wildlife. Situated on the top of Nainital, Corbett National park safari is a retreat for nature fanatic. It is one of the most exciting safaris in India. The national park is accessible by public transport too. Also if you are commuting via public transport ensure you start early. The park opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm. One of the most recommended time to visit the park is during November.

Wildlife experience in India
Image source: unsplash

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2. Ranthambore National Park

Are you looking for some adventure mix wildlife experience in India? Ranthambore National Park in India is one of the best places to experience it. The park was once a famous hunting spot for the kings. Presently, it is a wildlife conservation park famous for Bird watching tours. Also, it is famous for its tiger trails and preserves. This national park in Rajasthan has an astounding lake called Padam Talao. Moreover, there are so many nearby activities to do. You can also visit the ancient forts and witness the Raj Bagh ruins. The national park boasts a wide range of animals such as Hyenas, Jackals, big cats, Indian foxes. The park allures a lot of birds such as Pelicans, Flamingos and Parakeets. The park remains open for visitors from October to June. There are two trips that go to the park. The early morning trip starts at 6 and the mid-evening trip starts at 2:30 pm and gets over at 6 pm.

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3.Gir National Park

Everybody wishes to see the king of Jungle at its den. It might be really tough to see it in other countries. But in India, that too in Gir National Forest in Gujarat you can spot the king at its den. This national park in India is best known for its Asiatic lions. If you wish to enjoy an exhilarating safari and click good pictures of lions, then head straight to Gir. Moreover, the park is best known for its lion safari. The safari in Gir national park will let you encounter the lions as close as possible. Apart from doing safaris, you can also go on boat riding with your family and loved ones to see some rare bird species. The park is open to visitors from October to June. It is open from 6 am and close at 6 pm. If you wish to stay in a jungle-themed resort then your book your stay in Gir Jungle resort. Planning for a domestic trip? check out Pickyourtrails top-recommended deals.

Gir National Park
Image source: unsplash

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4.Kaziranga National Park

Not so many people get a chance to see this majestic one-horned Rhino in India. But in Kaziranga National Park you can see this animal very easily. Kaziranga National Park has the highest population of one-horned Rhino in the World. This national park allures tourist to see the rhinos very close. Also, animals like tiger, giraffe, deer co-exist with the one-horned rhino at this park. If you don’t wish to go on a safari, you can simply go to the watchtower and get a spectacular view of the entire park. The park is accessible for visitors from November till April.

Kaziranga National Park
Image source: Unsplash

5.Periyar National Park

Periyar national park located in the hilly regions of Cardamon hills is a nature lover’s paradise. The park is situated in the Indian state of Kerala. It offers a spectacular view of lush green landscaped and green slopes. Also, it is extremely recommended to take a boat ride in the Periyar lake. Moreover, the park has so many varieties of animals and birds such as Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Deers. With is lush green slopes and landscapes, it is The wildlife trail is certainly a visual treat. Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Deers, snakes and reptiles. The Park is open for visitors from 6 am to 6 pm. The Periyar National Park is easily accessible from Kochi and it takes at least three hours by road.

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India has so many beautiful places that spread across all over the country. Before planning for an international vacation, you should definitely visit all the places within the country. There are so many beautiful places and mesmerizing sights to be experienced with your partner and loved ones. Book your domestic vacation through Pickyourtrail to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

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