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Sri Lanka
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Having day trips in mind? Find the best 5 Day Trips in Sri Lanka here

Sri Lanka, the tropical gem of the Indian ocean gratifies travellers of varied interests. From pristine azure waters, golden sandy beaches, waterfalls, tea plantations, coconut palms, lot of elephants, heritage sites, colonial architecture…you name it , Sri Lanka has it. It kindles the wanderlust of solo and family travellers. The west and south coast are best visited from December to April while the east coast is at it’s best from May to October. Though there are many ways to cover Sri Lanka, the best way for travellers to cover is through day trips. Read along to find out the best 5 day trip in Sri Lanka:

1. Udawalawe National Park Safari

Raring to see elephants in their elements? Udawalawe is the place. This national park ,situated 180 kms south of Colombo created to provide a sanctuary for wild orphaned elephants will give you an exhilarating experience. If you are lucky enough you can say hello to a leopard. The rich biodiversity includes birds, reptiles, mammals and 135 different varieties of butterflies. The huge population of elephants ensures that you are never disappointed. It is the best place to see wild asian elephants throughout the year. Evening safari present wonderful photographic opportunities. It would be surreal to capture an elephant in the backdrop of a setting sun. Don’t miss to visit the elephant transit home which is a rehabilitation centre for orphan elephant calves. You are sure to have a blast watching them rollicking. You can try your hand in fishing in the water body.

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Udawalawe national park
Pic credit: Unsplash

2. Sigiriya and Dambulla Day tour

Built in the 5th century AD, Sigiriya rock fort complex is a rare piece of architecture. A staircase between two paws of a lion leads you to the top of the fort. Spectacular view awaits you. Remarkably planned paths, steps and garden can be seen from up there. Carve out atleast half a day to enjoy the beauty of this place. The museum here will take you to the ancient times when King Kashyap built this masterpiece. Are you an early bird? You can attempt to catch the breathtaking sun rise here. Just 30 minutes away from Sigirya is the magnificent Dambulla cave temple . It is Sri Lanka’s largest cave temple. An array of 153 buddha statues can leave you dumbstruck. The inexpressible peace and divinity one can experience here is something to be experience. The magnificent outer view of temple is marvellous. This day trip will make your Sri Lanka vacation a memorable one.

Pic credit: Unsplash

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3. Galle city

This 16th century city is an eclectic mixture of Portuguese, Dutch and British architecture. Galle fort is set against the blue waters of the Indian ocean. One of the oldest light house in Sri lanka, the emerald green pristine waters surrounding it makes this place really special. The turtle farm shelters a good number of endangered species. Nature enthusiasts would love to watch the entire life cycle of sea turtles and conservation methods as well. Next, head straight to the Dalawella beach. Get to swing from a coconut tree above the ocean with the hues of the setting sun. Don’t miss to visit the old town of Galle which is a historical city and a world heritage site. The well preserved beauty of the old days and the buildings leave you mesmarized. August is the best month to visit this place. For those wanting to splurge on curios the old town market is a place to go. True to it’s name, the entire day trip would have taken you to the past.

Galle city
Pic credit: Unsplash

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4. Whale watching in Mirisa

Located 150 kms south of Colombo, Misrissa Beach is a place to watch the largest mammal ” The Blue Whale” in action. November to April these whales migrate from the southern to the northern hemisphere bringing them close to the Merissa beach. A cruise takes you deep into the ocean to witness the leaping spectacle. If you are lucky enough you can spot Dolphins, Blue fin tune and flying fish. It is nothing less compared to the whale-watching experience of Iceland.

Whale watching - Mirisa
Pic credit: Unsplash

5. Kandy city tour

When you want to explore the interiors of Sri Lanka, Kandy is the place to be. A large city in Sri Lanka it’s built on a plateau surrounded by picturesque mountains, tea plantations and bio-diverse rain forests. The tourists spots in Kandy are the scenic kandy lake, the sacred temple of the tooth of Buddha and the Bahirava kanda Vihara buddha statue. An early morning visit to the lake is refreshing and rejuvenating. It is an artificial lake with a small island in the centre. The island really entices you to set foot on it. A beautiful spic and spam pedestrian path around the lake makes strolling a reviving experience early in the morning. The lake is surrounded by evergreen forests that clean up your lungs. The next stop is a tuk-tuk ride to Bahirava Kanda Vihara buddha statue. A huge white buddha statue with a very expressive face greets you from afar. The 88 feet high statue is a sight to behold. Built on a mound the temple provides a scenic view of the city. Relief carvings and paintings on the ceiling are pretty to say the least. The Temple of the Tooth of Buddha is the most sacred pilgrim centre for buddhists. There are a collection of statues inside. Sculptures and paintings resemble a Hindu temple. The ambience is very divine and serene. The temple is housed within a royal palace. This day trip should definitely be part of any Sri Lankan holiday.

Pic credit: Unsplash

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