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10 of the world’s most astonishing train rides

Just like how no sophisticated e-reader can replace the smell of a heavy old book, some people still prefer window side astonishment to business class luxury. This article is for those who find love in the form of panoramic apertures, rattling sounds and love-sized wagons. Time to refresh your bucket list already!

#10 Glacier express, Switzerland

Trail off through the breathtaking vistas of Swiss’s snow-packed alpine stretches.

Where to: Zermatt – Brig – Andermatt – Chur – Filisur – Davos – St Moritz

Distance covered: 290 Kms

Duration: 7.5 hours

Cost: 150.38 USD for I class, 265.14 USD for II class

#9 Trans-Siberian train, Russia

The only one of its kind. Being the longest train route in the world, the trans Siberian route is an epic repository of century-old cities, iconic Russian architectures, spectacular gorges and stunning steppes to name a few.

Where to: Moscow – Yaroslavl – Chelyabinsk – Omsk – Novosibirsk – Irkutsk -Krasnoyarsk – Ulan-Ude – Chita – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok 

Distance covered: 9,288 Kms

Duration: Seven days

Cost: 1152.86 USD for I class, 721.23 USD for II class, 388.06 USD for III class

#8 Lhasa express, Tibet

The sky road to seventh heaven. Set far-flung from the usual China, this engineering spectacle floating at above 16,640 feet from the land surface is essentially the highest train route in the world.

Where to: Xining – Delingha – Golmud – Amdo – Nagqu – Damxung – Lhasa

Distance covered: 960 Kms

Duration: 20:55 hours

Cost: 48.6 for I class, 101.6 for II class, 157.75 for III class

#7 Bernina express through the Landwasser Viaduct, Switzerland

Expect unrestricted views and exotic aroma of lush greeneries as this multi-axled beauty sneaks through the untrodden wedges of Switzerland.

Where to: Chor – Tirano

Distance covered: 63 Kms

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: 61.36 for I class, 107.87 for II class

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#6 TranzAlpine, Newzealand

A place so dramatic and enchanting it can easily be misconstrued as the meticulous work of a photoshop maverick.

Where to: Christchurch – Rolleston – Darfield – Springfield – Arthur’s Pass -Otira – Moana (Lake Brunner) – Greymouth

Distance covered: 223 Kms

Duration: 4:30 hours

Cost: 155 USD for I class, 97 USD for II class

#5 Kuranda scenic railway, Australia

For the love of Australia! Come closer than ever to this untamed natural heritage besieging precious landscapes and unfathomable ravines.

Where to: Cairns – Stratford suburbs – Freshwater station – Redlynch – Kuranda

Distance covered: 37 Kms

Duration: 1:45 hours

Cost: 79.37 for one way trip, 88.73 USD for availing return transfers (Excluding in-between sky rail transfers)

#4 The bergen line, Norway

This unparalleled stretch of altitudinous terrains is second to none. Cross this Norwegian splendour off your list already!

Where to: Oslo – Gol – Geilo – Ustaoset – Finse – Myrdal – Voss – Bergen

Distance covered: 496 Kms

Duration: 6:30 Hours

Cost: 138 for I class, 108.00 USD for II class (Non-refundable. Flexi fares differ)

#3 Durban safari in Rovos rail, South Africa

Confront the savagery of South Africa at its utmost level by embarking on this epitome of wildlife safaris.

Where to: Pretoria – Malelane – Swaziland’s Mkhaya – Hluhluwe – Durban

Distance covered: 1600 Kms

Duration: 3 days

Cost: 2880.59 USD for I class, 2163.92 for II class USD, 1433.34 USD for III class

#2 Sagano Scenic Railway, Japan

The sheer pleasure of soaking up in the exquisite autumnal aroma makes up for an unparalleled encounter with Japan.

Where to: Kameoka – Saga

Distance covered: 7 Kms

Duration: 1 hour (Round trip)

Cost: 37.25 USD for Adults, 24.53 USD for Kids

#1 Rhine valley route, Germany

Germanic trail at its most dramatic. The rapturous Rhine kills you with irrefutable romance vibes and resuscitates you with even more. Be prepared to reconsider Paris’s status as the romance capital of the world when you find yourself at the end of this journey.

Where to: Cologne – Mainz

Distance covered: 139 Kms

Duration: 1:40 Hours

Cost: 8246.91 USD for I class, 5244.99 USD for II class

Elevate your most-loved train journeys to a whole new level by cruising off in these too-astonishing-to-be-true train routes. Now which of these you’ve bookmarked to Pickyourtrail to?

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