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Best Scenic Drives in Europe
Written by Paridhi P on June 25, 2021 Share on

7 Best Scenic Drives in Europe You Won’t Forget in a Lifetime

Europe, located in the Northern Hemisphere, also known as the ‘Peninsula of Peninsulas’ has the most breathtaking views across the entire continent. Having the top countries that are most visited by tourists, Europe is perfect for self-drives and road trips because of the best scenic views one can enjoy while driving. They say that Focus on the Journey and not the Destination – These roads have made their way into some of the best Hollywood movies and have also tempted tourists to spend several hours or even days on these roads driving to the views and enjoying the journey. You’ll want to add these routes and the roads to your bucket list.

Best Scenic Drives in Europe
Image Credits: Unsplash

7 Best Scenic Roads – a Guide

  1. Valdorica – Italy
  2. Cote d’Azur – France
  3. Golden Circle – Iceland
  4. Causeway Coastal Route – Northern Ireland
  5. Romantic Road – Germany
  6. Amalfi Coast – Italy
  7. Ring of Kerry – Ireland

1. Valdorica – Italy :

The beautiful roads of Tuscany are a treat to the eye. You should drive through the Valdorica, the green rich valley which encompasses the Orica river, for the most beautiful views. This region passes through the olive groves and vineyards (oh- what a beauty, I must say!) under the Tuscan sun witnessing the most picture-perfect view. These roads are lined with golden fields of grains and sunflower and are the most harmonious landscapes to drive along.

Valdorica, Italy, Best Scenic Drives in Europe
Image Credits: Unsplash

2. Cote d’Azur – France :

Mostly known as the French Rivera, this journey will take you through the roads of Hollywood glamour. It is also well known for its glamorous beach resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes and the independent micro-state of Monaco. These roads are filled with Calanques, cities and countryside views. You’ll also witness the secluded beaches, the iconic Nice and also pay a visit to the aristocratic enclave of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Trust me, you don’t wanna skip this route when you are in Europe. Do it while you can!

Cote d'Azur, France, Best Scenic Drives in Europe
Image Credits: Unsplash

3. Golden Circle – Iceland :

While driving down the most famous roads in Iceland, you can witness everything from volcanoes to geothermal valleys. Golden Circle was derived from Gullfoss meaning Golden Waterfall and trust me, it is one scenic beauty you wouldn’t wanna miss. You can find the most tours and travel-related activities done in Iceland via these routes. These roads are perfect for self-drives and loved by all tourists. Make sure to include this on the bucket list for Europe, I bet you’ll thank me later for the same!

Golden Circle, Iceland, Best Scenic Drives in Europe
Image Credits: Unsplash

4. Causeway Coastal Route – Northern Ireland :

Causeway Coastal Route is one of the most iconic views in the driving routes in Europe. It is a popular 4-day driving route known for its striking sea, cliff views and numerous lookout points. You will encounter the chilling paths with Dark Hedges (the beech trees) along with the natural beauty of Ireland. You will also pass by ancient volcanic remnants and vanishing lakes and if you’re lucky enough, like most tourists, you’ll be able to spot the filming location used for The King Roads in Game of Thrones! If you are a fan like me, you wouldn’t wanna miss seeing this.

Causeway Coastal Route, Northern Ireland, Best Scenic Drives in Europe
Image Credits: Unsplash

5. Romantic Road – Germany :

As the name suggests, this road is truly romantic and is one of the biggest attractions for tourists in Germany. You would pass through medieval villages and all the fairy tale castles on the path in southern Germany. Right the northern endpoint at Wurzburg to the final destination, the castle which is inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: Neuschwanstein Castle, trust me, you’ll fall in love with Europe all over again! Driving through these roads is no less than stepping into a fairytale. Make sure to tick this off your bucket list.

Romantic Road, Germany, Best Scenic Drives in Europe
Image Credits: Unsplash

6. Amalfi Coast – Italy :

This popular holiday destination in Italy with sheer cliffs and a rugged shoreline along with small beaches and pastel-colored houses down the mountain slides is a wonderful pleasure to behold. Amalfi coast is also known for its electric blue waters, undisputed beauty, and natural landscapes. You will love this beautiful dramatic setting between the sea and the hills. You will have the most breathtaking yet relaxing views during your drive making it worthwhile!

Amalfi Coast - Italy, Best Scenic Drives in Europe
Image Credits: Unsplash

7. Ring of Kerry – Ireland :

Filled with rugged and coastal landscapes, Ring of Kerry is a breathtaking spot in Ireland and is among the most beautiful train stations in the world. From National parks to abandoned Christian Monasteries, everything you see here imbibes the culture of the people and makes you fall in love with their beauty once again. Having the tallest mountains in the country that are waiting to be climbed, the ocean that offers great surf and some of the best fishing you’ll find anywhere, Ring of Kerry is one of the finest places in Europe. With its glass vaulted ceilings and lavish towers, it is sure to leave you in awe.

Ring of Kerry - Ireland, Best Scenic Drives in Europe
Image Credits: Unsplash

So there you have it, the checklist for Europe’s best scenic drives handpicked for you is ready. Planning a trip? Check out some of the best Europe Honeymoon Packages for couple or Europe Tour Packages for family at Pickyourtrail or feel free to customise an itinerary yourself on our website. Get ready to embark on an adventurous road trip with your partner, friends or family. Happy traveling!

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