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Sri Lanka Tourism

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Experience the Wonders of Sri Lanka Tourism

Tourism in Sri Lanka has improved over the years. Sri Lanka is a nation with a rich cultural heritage and vibrant landscapes. It has a long history of trading and cultural exchange, and it's home to a diverse range of religions and ethnicities. The country has something to offer everyone, from its stunning beaches and wildlife parks to its ancient cities and monuments.

Officially called the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, this island looks like a water droplet. Here are some common facts about the country.

Facts About Sri Lanka

Also Known AsIlangai Jananayaka Socialisa Kudiarasu • the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka • Ceylon • Sri Lanka Prajatantrika Samajavadi Janarajaya
CapitalsColombo (executive and judicial); Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (Colombo suburb; legislative)
Population(2023 est.) 22,638,000
Currency Exchange Rate1 USD equals 316.801 Sri Lankan rupee
Form Of GovernmentUnitary Multiparty Republic with 1 Legislative House 
Official LanguagesSinhala; Tamil
Monetary UnitSri Lankan rupee (LKR)

Know the Culture of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country of great cultural diversity. Religion permeates many aspects of life and is a fundamental element of this diversity. Buddhist and Hindu temples, mosques, and churches with their own multifaceted ceremonies are the most visible features of the cultural scene. Varying degrees of colonial influence, modernization influence, wealth, and income add further nuances to the cultural mosaic. 

Sri Lanka's architectural, sculptural, and painting traditions go back to ancient times. Remains of ancient works restored and preserved at archaeological sites testify to the inspiration drawn from Buddhism while reflecting Indian influences. Classical literature contains a mixture of stylistic influences from Indian and Buddhist themes. Since literati were exposed to European literature in the early 20th century, local creative writing has acquired a wider variety of styles and more secular content.  Isn’t Sri Lanka interesting? Book a Sri Lanka tour package and explore the culture-rich country.

Know About Climate in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has two main seasons. They are the Maha season (September to March), associated with the northeast monsoon, and the Yala season (May to August), associated with the southwest monsoon. The average temperature falls around 27–28 °C, making Sri Lanka one of the hottest countries.. During the inter-monsoon period, all parts of Sri Lanka receive steady rainfall.

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Rainfall (mm)

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lanka depends on where you are traveling. On relatively small islands, the climate varies greatly depending on the time of year. The two monsoons that affect the island's climate; are the northeast monsoon, which affects the entire island, and the southwest monsoon, which is less strong and affects the south coast, west coast, and hilly areas.

 Despite the rain, temperatures on the coast rarely drop below 25 degrees. Due to the high altitude, the Hill Country is a little cooler. In general, the best time to visit the West and South Coasts and the Cultural Triangle is between December and April, while the East Coast has the best weather from May to October. 

Know About Sri Lankan Visa

Before traveling to or entering Sri Lanka, everyone must obtain a visa. However, obtaining a Sri Lanka visa is quite simple for many people, as it can be requested online (electronic travel authorization) or during arrival at the airport.

A small number of countries do not qualify for an ETA or a visa on arrival, so you will need to apply for a Sri Lanka visa at the embassy. 

Here are the types of Sri Lankan Visas:

  • Sri Lanka Visitor Visa - Tourist visa for short-term, business-related, short family visits, and other travel purposes. You cannot work in Sri Lanka with a visit/tourist visa!
  • Sri Lanka Transit Visa - Transit visas are issued to foreigners who make a stopover in Sri Lanka and travel to another destination for up to two days. 

While the above two are solely for travel purposes, this allows you to stay in the country for a short period of time. There is something called the Sri Lanka Residence Visa, which includes the following categories:

  • Sri Lanka Work Visa 
  • Sri Lanka Family Visa
  • Sri Lanka Investor Visa 
  • Sri Lanka Student Visa 
  • Sri Lanka Religious Visa
  • Sri Lanka Retirement Visa 
  • Sri Lanka Digital Nomad Visa

Depending on your nation of origin, there are three possible ways to apply for a Sri Lanka visa.

  • Upon arrival. This is a free visa that can be obtained at Sri Lankan airports for citizens of a limited number of countries.
  • Via the official website. - Sri Lanka visa 
  • At the nearest Sri Lankan embassy or consulate. 

When you book a Sri Lanka honeymoon package with Pickyourtrail, we will take care of all the hectic procedures involved in getting a visa so that you can just enjoy the vacation hassle-free.

How To Reach Sri Lanka from India?

By Airplane:

The easiest way to get to Sri Lanka is to fly from India, probably arriving on the same day as your departure. Sri Lanka has a busy international airport called Bandaranaike International Airport. The airport in Colombo has flights to Sri Lanka from major countries around the world. Flights to Sri Lanka are available from India, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. However, as congestion increased, there was a need to manage the increase in air traffic and better accommodate tourist arrivals. Hence, the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport was opened in 2013 to meet the increasing tourist demand. The airport is located in the city of Mattala in the southernmost region of the country. However, the number of visitors to the airport soon dropped significantly, with only a few flights from the Middle East going to the airport. For this reason, the airport is considered the busiest international airport, which makes Colombo Airport a favorite among tourists. 

By Road and Train:

Since Sri Lanka is an island country separate from India, it is completely inaccessible by train or road. 

By sea:

Currently, only a handful of luxury cruise ships operate from Mumbai to Colombo. The 7-day cruise departs from Mumbai and arrives in Colombo. You can reach all major destinations, like Kandy and Nuwara Eliya along the way. The sea can be rough even during storms and monsoons, so if you want to have an enjoyable vacation, it's best to book a flight. 

Popular Destinations to Visit In Sri Lanka

The following are the best places that you can include in your Sri Lanka Tour Package. 

  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage 
  • Polonnaruwa
  • Adams Peak
  • Mirissa 
  • Yala National Park 
  • Colombo
  • Jaffna 
  • Ulpotha
  • Trincomalee 
  • Kandalama
  • Tissamaharama
  • Anuradhapura
  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve 
  • Udawalawe National Park 
  • Tawalantenne 
  • Arugam Bay
  • Commonwealth War Cemetery
  • Unawatuna Beach
  • Sigiriya Museum
  • Dondra Lighthouse
  • Nuwara Eliya 
  • Dambulla Cave Temple
  • Old Dutch Fort At Galle 
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress 
  • Beira Lake
  • Temple Of The Tooth Relic
  • Bentota Beach
  • National Museum Of Colombo 
  • Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue 
  • Nine Arch Bridge
  • Gal Viharaya
  • Ravana Falls 
  • Spice Garden
  • Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara
  • Ruwanwelisaya
  • St. Anthony’s Church
  • International Buddhist Museum
  • Mahiyanganaya Sorabora Lake, Uva Province 
  • Dehiwala Zoo
  • Bambarakanda Falls, Ohiya
  • Horton Plains National Park

Travel Tips for Sri Lankan Tour


You might think that Sri Lanka, like most Asian countries, issues visas on arrival, but this is not the case. However, it is definitely possible to apply for a visa online. This process is hassle-free and takes no time at all. 

Hide That Buddha Tattoo

Sri Lankans have no tolerance for Buddha tattoos. Don't expect them to say 'Atithi Devo Bhava' and ignore your body art if they find it offensive. Most Sri Lankan tourist guides state that travelers with Buddha tattoos in the past were arrested and deported from Sri Lanka. It may seem strange, but in many countries around the world, it is considered rude to use religious symbols and objects in fashion and jewelry. Please respect Sri Lankan culture and cover up this tattoo.

Don’t Let The Tuk-Tuk Walas Con You

Sri Lankan tuk-tuk drivers can charge you a hefty fee because you are a tourist. Before you board the tuk-tuk, always ask at least 3 locals what the price will be from your current location to your destination. You can negotiate with the tuk-tuk driver but do not be nervous and do so in a respectful manner.

Pro tip: Avoid rickshaws take the buses, they are too good to travel in Sri Lanka.

Don’t Underestimate The Sri Lankan Rupee

Considering that 1 Indian rupee is currently equivalent to 2.39 Sri Lankan rupees, you might think that you do not need to spend much money in Sri Lanka. Feeling rich, isn't it? Okay, get ready. shopping? souvenir? A turtle hatchery? water sports? Visiting a shrine? Be prepared to overcharge in destinations where locals know you're a tourist (this is basically a common trend in trendy vacation destinations). But hey, not everything is expensive. There are many experiences in Sri Lanka that cost less than $12.

Handicrafts? Trust Only Govt Certified Stores

You can find Sri Lankan handicrafts at almost any local market. There, the shopkeeper swears authenticity and offers a high price. However, make sure that you only purchase from government-approved stores. For jewelry, you can go to Hemachandras Ltd. in Kandy. For handicrafts, you can visit Orchid House (Galle), Lakpahana (Colombo), and Laksala (Colombo), and for fashion clothing, you can visit Oder or Kandy in Colombo.

Try Arrack – Lanka’s Local Brew

Arak is the local spirit of Sri Lanka, and if you give it a try, it will definitely be a unique addition to your itinerary. Made from coconut blossoms, it tastes a bit like rum. Be sure to try the popular local beer, Lion Lager. However, be sure to purchase these only from authorized liquor stores.

Female Trippers, Don’t Hesitate To Go, Solo,

Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for solo female travelers. Sri Lankans are generally very polite and well-mannered people, so you are unlikely to face any security issues in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka's best travel guides recommend that simple safety precautions include dressing sensibly and making sure hotel staff and family always know where you are. Why wait more? Book Sri Lanka packages today!

Annoying Plug Point Problems? Not Anymore

Most hotels in Sri Lanka have all-in-one power sockets with type D, M, G, and C chargers. You can carry a universal adapter with you just in case you need one when you are away from hotel rooms.

Ride That Cute Train Around Ella

Oh, you surely must! Driving through the most enchanting landscapes—tea plantations, forests, waterfalls, hills, and bridges—will be the treasure of a lifetime. Ella's clear, slow-moving engine is a big part of that. In addition, train fares are very cheap. If you're planning a trip on a budget, this could be a great addition to your list. 

Don’t Rely On ATMs

Do not be surprised that most ATMs in Sri Lanka do not issue foreign cards, even in major cities such as Colombo and Kandy. Many hotels in Sri Lanka also do not offer credit card withdrawals.

Watch What You Wear Inside Buddhist Temples

Shoulders and feet must be covered in Buddhist temples. It is enough to cover the shoulders with a scarf (make sure the scarf does not come loose). Also, unlike many shrines in India, head coverings are prohibited in Buddhist temples. To avoid unnecessary embarrassment, always follow these dress tips on your trip to Sri Lanka.

Get a Local Sim

Most international networks don't work in Sri Lanka, so don't spend your trip desperately looking for a signal. Get his local SIM card at the airport and get as much data as you need for the internet. It doesn't cost much. If you forget to buy one at the airport, you can ask the hotel staff to buy it for you at any time, or you can buy it yourself at the nearest market. 

Packing Advice

In Sri Lanka, if you plan to explore the area without renting a car, it is wise to carry a backpack rather than hand luggage or suitcases. A scarf is useful when going to a temple, and a skirt that covers the knees is useful for men. Be sure to pack a jacket or two and a sweater if you plan to travel to the foothills of the region.

More About The Locals

One of the most important things to know before traveling to Sri Lanka is that the island is inhabited by many ethnic groups and everyone celebrates their own holidays, so there is no shortage of holidays. That's it. It's also important to note that life in Sri Lanka has its own pace, so you may have to wait a little longer than usual. But it's okay. Because what better way to spend a holiday than chilling and relaxing with friends? Right?

Sri Lanka Travel Insurance

It is always helpful to have travel insurance before you leave your home country. Even if nothing bad has happened on your trip so far, it's always in your best interest to get things done before it's too late. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

Sri Lanka is the perfect tourist destination for travelers looking for a mix of culture and nature. This tropical paradise offers an array of activities including sightseeing, wildlife safaris, and beach activities, all while providing a unique blend of heritage and modernity. Sri Lanka also boasts many historical and cultural sites, as well as a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Check out the Sri Lanka Tourism Packages.

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