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25 Things to Do in Phi Phi Island - Island Adventures Await!

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

The Phi Phi Islands are exactly what everyone imagined a vacation to be like—pristine beaches, colorful boats, and palm trees swaying in the distance. This tropical island is a dreamland with stunning coral reefs, enormous limestone caverns, stunning beaches, and an abundance of marine life. This location is a must-visit for romantic getaways on your Thailand Vacation due to its natural beauty and remote setting. The Hollywood movie "The Beach," starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is to be credited for this island's popularity. The Phi Phi Islands consist of six islands, the largest of which are Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh. Since they gained popularity, the Phi Phi Islands' tourism has increased, making it one of Thailand's top tourist destinations today. We will guide you through various things to do on your Phi Phi Island Tour Package.


Hike your way to Phi Phi Viewpoint


The road leading to the well-known mountain route of Phi Phi Viewpoints is located to the east of Tonsai Village. One of the best things to do on Phi Phi Island is to hike to the top and take in the entire island. In this trial, there are three different vantage points, with a maximum height of 186 meters. Even though the path may be challenging, someone with average fitness can easily ascend it. Additionally, because the island faces west, it is advised to hike to the viewpoints later in the day to catch the sunset. If you want to avoid the afternoon heat, going early in the morning to see the sunrise is also advised. Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint 3 is the most well-liked of the three viewpoints. Make sure to have some cash on you because there are shops on the top that sell snacks like juices and ice cream as well as other refreshments. The hike's entrance fee is 30 Thai baht.


Explore Maya Bay


Maya Bay is a coral bay surrounded by enormous limestone cliffs, with crystal-clear white beaches and coral reefs. You can stroll around to explore the waters by snorkelling and diving or unwind on the stunning white sand beaches. The beach at Maya Bay, one of Thailand's most picturesque locations, is about 250 meters long. One of the romantic things to do on Phi Phi Island is to take pictures with your significant other in Maya Bay. It's typically quiet there, and you can get some amazing shots with the lime rocks in the background. After a long absence, Maya Bay has recently been reopened to tourists, so one might anticipate discovering a variety of aquatic life there.


Kayaking on the waters of Phi Phi


Renting a kayak and paddling along the coast is one of the top things to do in a Phi Phi Island tour. Finding these rentals won't be a problem; they can be rented from Tonsai Bay or Loh Dalum Bay. It typically costs 150 to 200 baht per hour, and it is advised to purchase a minimum of two hours in order to fully enjoy kayaking. Additionally, you could hire a kayak for the entire day and use it to explore nearby islands like Maya Bay, Monkey Island, and the Bamboo Islands. Although the waters are typically calm, it is advisable to check the day's tide schedule. While kayaking in the Phi Phi Islands, don't forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, and water-resistant protection for your electronics.


Take a boat ride to the Viking Caves


Thailand's limestone caves are a distinctive feature that frequently attracts tourists. The limestones of the Phi Phi Islands are home to the enormous Viking Caves, also referred to as Tham Phaya Nak locally. The old paintings of Scandinavian boats on the cave's southern wall are what gave it its name. Visiting these Viking-era caves and sampling the edible swiftlet bird nests is one of the more popular things to do in Phi Phi. These nests, which are harvested inside the caves, are reputed to have therapeutic benefits. A longtail boat usually takes 30 minutes to get you here from Tonsai village.  


Go explore the Tonsai Village


On Phi Phi Island, Ton Sai Bay is the location with the most activity. It is a tiny stretch of land that connects the islands of Phi Phi Don. The majority of the area's eateries, lodging options, vacation spots, and stores are situated here. Rock climbing at TonSai Tower, getting a pedicure at Doctor Fish, trying local Thai cuisine, and, if necessary, shopping for souvenirs are just a few of the activities you can engage in here. The Tonsai Pier is a popular stop for visitors to the Phi Phi Islands. One of the best things to do on Phi Phi Island, Thailand, is to explore the Tonsai Village and its markets, which offer a wide range of activities.


Dive into the waters of Phi Phi Islands


One of the best diving locations in Thailand is the Phi Phi Islands. One of the mandatory things to do in Ko Phi Phi is to dive into its waters. The waters around Phi Phi are appropriate for all levels of divers, including beginners. This is a chance to discover the seascapes and underwater world that Phi Phi is renowned for. This is a completely different world altogether, what with the coral reefs, caves, limestone walls, and sea life. Diving into this aquatic environment and spotting fish and turtles will be like taking a deep breath of fresh air for the people visiting here from various parts of the world. The King Cruiser wreck, Shark Point, the Kled Gaeow wreck, the Bida Islands, Hin Daeng, and Hin Muang are a few well-known diving locations.


Explore the beaches of Phi Phi Island


Exploring the beaches, which are dispersed throughout the Phi Phi archipelago, is one of the popular things to do in Ko Phi Phi Island. With their turquoise waters and white sands, these beaches rank among the best in Thailand. The majority of Phi Phi Island's beaches are in picturesque locations with karst limestone rocks surrounding the area. Some beaches are remote, while others are overrun with people, businesses, and activities. Additionally, you could explore water activities like kayaking, snorkelling, and diving in the waters around Phi Phi Island. Therefore, there is something for everyone on the beaches of Phi Phi Island. Loh Dalum Beach, Long Beach, Nui Beach, Tonsai Beach, and Maya Bay are a few of the well-known beaches on Phi Phi Island. 


Enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Phi Phi Island


There are plenty of things to do in Phi Phi Island at night as it is primarily a party island. The nights in Phi Phi are when things get exciting and lively, and people let loose and have fun. The nightlife on Phi Phi Island is quite lively, with parties, loud music, dancing, and active beach clubs, bars, and restaurants. A few well-known bars open at night include Hippies Bar, Sunflower Beach Bar, Ibiza Beach Club, and Phi Phi Reggae Bar. You could also try some of their nighttime-operated restaurants and regional cuisines. There are other places where you can socialize with other travellers, such as gaming hubs, fire shows, and boxing clubs. 


Visit the Bamboo Island


The well-known Bamboo Island, also known as Koh Pai, is located in the far northeast of the Phi Phi Archipelago. This stunning tropical island is just 5 kilometres away from Phi Phi Don Island and offers a getaway from the crowds. From above, the island appears to be a heart with white sand bordering it. Trees and other vegetation cover much of the island's centre. This island is frequently a stop on island hopping excursions based in the Phi Phi Islands. Additionally, you can try restaurants in the island's northern region. Amazing snorkelling and scuba diving spots can be found on this island. Enjoying some alone time on the remote Bamboo Island is one of the top things to do in the Phi Phi Islands with your partner.


Jump from the cliffs of Phi Phi


Jumping off limestone cliffs is one of the unusual and non-touristy things to do in Phi Phi island. The allure of scaling a limestone cliff, standing on a narrow ledge while their friends cheer them on, and then diving into the water below is too much for visitors to the Phi Phi Islands to resist.  The sensation of leaping off limestone cliffs and into the sea will appeal to thrill seekers. It also hosts events like the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and is quite well known. Cliff jumping also carries a certain amount of risk, so it is recommended that you only do it as part of a guided tour. There are cliffs of different heights, giving beginners the chance to try cliff jumping under proper supervision. Maya Bay, a cliff close to Viking Cave, and Monkey Bay are the locations with the most noteworthy sights. 


Snorkelling on the waters of Phi Phi


Phi Phi Islands has[one of the best snorkelling points in Thailand and snorkelling in its water is one of the mandatory things to do in Ko Phi Phi. All levels of swimmers should feel comfortable in the waters near Phi Phi. Some of the most productive coral reef systems in the world can be found in the Phi Phi archipelago. The island's popularity as a snorkelling destination is due to the turquoise waters, excellent visibility, and variety of marine life. In Long Beach, you shouldn't miss out on snorkelling with the reef sharks at Shark Point. Maya Bay, Bamboo Island, Hin Klang, Pileh Lagoon, and Loh Samah are a few additional well-known snorkelling locations in the Phi Phi archipelago. 


Relax at Moo Dee Bay


On the eastern side of Phi Phi Don Island, there is a stunning 500-meter stretch of white sand beach known as Loh Moo Dee or Moo Dee Bay. There aren't many other tourists in this incredibly peaceful area. From Tonsai Bay, you can either walk there or take a long-tail boat there. This bay is exceptional for its tranquil, emerald waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling in addition to being off the beaten tourist path.  One of the romantic things to do on Phi Phi Island is to relax at Moo Dee Bay, where a tranquil atmosphere and private space are guaranteed. Because of its shallowness, the Moo Dee beach is ideal for kids to play in. Additionally, there are little stands nearby that sell refreshments and have umbrellas.


Visit the Bida Island


The southernmost islands of the Phi Phi Archipelago are the Bida Islands, which are made up of the twin islands of Bida Nok and Bida Nai. These islands lack beaches and are instead made only of limestone rocks that stick out into the water. Divers of all skill levels can find some of the best diving spots close to the Bida Islands. Sandy bottoms, sloppy reefs, and limestone caves make up the distinctive underwater topography. With a variety of marine life, including sting rays, ghost pipefish, and zebra sharks, they are also excellent diving locations. While the Bida Nai is ideal for snorkelling, the Bida Nok is better suited for scuba diving. Visit Bidai Island and take part in the water sports offered nearby, as it is one of the best things to do on Phi Phi Islands.


Enjoy the fire shows on the beaches


The atmosphere on Phi Phi Island at night is entirely different from that in the morning. Tourists are kept entertained on the island by a variety of activities and events, including pool parties, go-go bars, live DJ music, and so forth. However, one of the best things to do in the Phi Phi Islands at night is to watch the fire shows that are taking place in the bars and close to the beachfront. Young men perform fire-related tricks on the beaches of Phi Phi Island, including juggling fireballs and skipping ropes that have been set on fire. Our eyes are mesmerized by the brilliant display of light produced by the spinning of the lit ropes in the pitch-black night. Slinky Bar and Carlito Bar are just a couple of the bars that host this late-night performance, which can occasionally go all the way to midnight.


Enjoy the sunset at Phi Phi


One of the best things to do in Phi Phi is to watch the sunset because the Phi Phi Islands face west. Some of the best beaches to watch the sunset over emerald waters include Nui Beach, Long Beach, and Laem Tong Beach. You shouldn't miss the opportunity to observe how the reflection of these waters causes changes in the sky’s natural colour. Additionally, you can find bars, snack shops, and eateries that are open late and play music along the beachfront to make the situation even better. You can also board the sunset cruise, which departs from the island in the late afternoon and visits some of Phi Phi Island's most well-known attractions. 


Enjoy watching Muay Thai Boxing


Thai boxing is an easy-to-learn but powerful martial art that allows boxers to simultaneously use all of their limbs. The boxer tries to hit his opponent as hard as he can. Muay Thai may seem simple, but the striking calls for tremendous strength and agility. One of the most incredible things to do on Phi Phi Island, if you enjoy sports, is to watch fights at the Reggae Bar. You could also compete in a fight in the reggae bar, with the winner receiving free drinks. This bar's ambience is quite enjoyable to be a part of, in contrast to other boxing stadiums in Thailand. These boxing matches usually happen at night and remember not to be drunk if you’re volunteering for a fight.


Opt for a stay in the resorts of Phi Phi Island


Even though the Phi Phi Archipelago is an island destination, it is a worthwhile place to stay for a few days. Opting for a night's stay in these resorts is one of the underrated things to do in Phi Phi Island, Thailand. Most of the night-stay resorts are concentrated in the Tonsai Village, ranging from luxurious to budget resorts. Luxurious resorts will always be in demand in Thailand's most well-known tourist areas due to rising tourism, family reunions, friend tours, and wedding events. Long Beach, Laem Tong, and Loh Dalum regions also have some incredible resorts for a night's stay, in addition to Tonsai Village. The Mama Beach Residence, Zeavola Resort, Phi Phi Holiday Resort, and Voyager Resort are a few of the well-known resorts in the Phi Phi Islands.


Try out the eateries on Phi Phi Island


Street food crawls are unquestionably a fun addition to any tour. Thai cuisine has a rich tradition and history and is flavorful. One of the popular things to do in Ko Phi Phi Island is to sample some of the local cuisine available in Tonsai Village. This market offers a wide variety of curries, from regional seafood to global fast-food outlets. The yellow brick road, which includes dishes from different cuisines like Thai, Indian, and Italian, is a well-known one in the Phi Phi Don islands. On Phi Phi Island, seafood is widely consumed. Sam Tom, Pad Thai, Khao Niao, and Massaman Curry Garlic 1992, Annas Restaurant, Qoori Qoori Cafe, and Papaya Restaurant are some of the popular restaurants in the island.


Hop on to the island tours of Phi Phi


Just two of the well-known islands of the Phi Phi Archipelago are Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh. In addition to these, there are numerous other limestone islets and islands, including the Bida Islands, Bamboo Islands, and Mosquito Islands. The island-hopping excursions offered from Phuket, Krabi, and Phi Phi Islands are what make these islands so well-known. These islands' waters are among the best for kayaking, diving, and snorkelling, and their beaches are isolated. Also worth exploring are the limestone caverns that have formed close to the island. Consequently, embarking on one of the archipelago's islands is one of the top things to do in Phi Phi Island. It is recommended to visit the Phi Phi islands between November and March, which is the dry season.


Explore Loh Bagao


Investigating the secret village of Loh Bago is one of the unusual and non-touristy things to do in Phi Phi island. The village is well known for the lovely resorts that line its coastline. The Loh Bago Beaches are some of the cleanest and least crowded beaches on Phi Phi Island, making them perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. This area is calm because the resorts, shops, and restaurants are somewhat secluded from other businesses. The golden gate bridge in this village spans rivers and a mangrove forest, making it one of the island's most photogenic spots. A nearby local viewpoint allows visitors to take in the beauty of the village from above. 


Visit Monkey beach


Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island, which is southwest of Tonsai Bay, provides a break from the bustle of Thai city life. Depending on their availability, customers can choose from a variety of packages offered by travel agencies. The infamous monkeys on this island are well-known for their ravenous appetites for the food that visitors bring. In addition, this island is renowned for its waters, which are incredibly clear. Numerous visitors come here frequently to snorkel and take in the fish and marine life. If you want to enjoy snorkelling in a secluded area, then visiting Monkey Beach is one of the popular things to do in the Phi Phi Island tour. When interacting with monkeys on this island, caution is advised because sometimes their wild instincts may take over. 


Rock Climbing in Phi Phi Island


Rock climbing is a popular activity on Phi Phi Island, just like it is at all the other attractions in the Krabi Province. One of the intriguing things to do in Phi Phi Island is rock climbing. Because the limestone rocks offer a stable surface for climbing, they are well-liked by climbers. Since there are numerous climbing locations with varying degrees of difficulty, it is appropriate for all skill levels. Since rock climbing is a dangerous activity, it should be included as part of guided tours. The rock climbing areas are well-kept, have the necessary safety precautions, and are well-liked. The Drinking Wall, Ao Ling Wall, Hin Tak, Hua Ling Wall, Ao Play Wall, Diamond Cave, Tonsai Tower, and Maya Bay are a few of the best climbing locations.


Escape to Ao Pileh Bay


Pileh Lagoon, also known as Ao Pileh Bay, is one of Phi Phi Island's stunning water inlets and is situated close to the well-known Maya Bay. It is located in the heart of Ko Phi Phi Lee and can be reached by boat from Tonsai Tower or Viking Caves. This stunning cove is surrounded by limestone karsts and lush vegetation. Since it's quite shallow, you can swim in the emerald water without any problems. Every year, a large number of tourists are drawn by the excitement of kayaking on the waters between the massive limestone walls. The clear waters of this location are typically used for swimming, snorkelling, and boating. One of the best things to do on Phi Phi Island is to visit this bay. Midday is the best time to visit Pileh Lagoon because the sunlight makes it easier to photograph the breathtaking scenery.


Visit Mosquito Island


The uninhabited Yung Island or Mosquito Island is located in the northeastern part of the Phi Phi archipelago. An impressive limestone monolith can be found here, along with two white-sand beaches. This area is notorious for having mosquitoes that transmit malaria, hence the name. Additionally, this area is home to some unusual marine life, making it a good place for snorkelling and diving. The 2004 tsunami had a significant impact on this island, just like it did everywhere else, and it caused a significant loss of corals. In order to give the corals time to recover, disembarking on this island is strictly forbidden. If you're planning an island-hopping tour in southern Thailand, snorkelling near this island is one of the top things to do in Phi Phi Island.


Get yourself a Thai Massage


One of the relaxing things to do in Koh Phi Phi is to treat yourself to a Thai massage after a long trip around the archipelago. One should be able to feel completely relaxed and without any weariness after attending a Thai massage session. Thai massage has a long history and relies on age-old methods to relax the muscles without the use of oil. They promote better blood flow and posture in our bodies. Tonsai Village and a few resorts are typically where you'll find the majority of Thai massage clinics. Baan Sabai Thai Massage, Apple's Thai Massage, and Pier Massage are a few of the well-known Thai massage parlours. In the Tonsai Village, in addition to Thai massage parlours, there are also places where you can get a fish pedicure, which removes the dead skin from your feet.

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