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5 restaurants worth visiting in Seville for a sumptuous meal

Seville has always been a go-to place for people who love food. The food scene in Seville was mainly restricted to the traditional Spanish food for years, until recently, when the city welcomed many with multi-cuisine restaurants and other speciality restaurants. The local people in Seville mostly prefer to socialize in their local restaurants and pubs. Tapas bars are very popular throughout Spain, including Seville; people flock in on weekends or after a long day at work to chill with some local drinks and light appetizers. For people visiting Seville, this city will give you more than enough options to eat in the city. Here’s our top pick for the best restaurants in Seville.

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1. Restaurant Al-Zait

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Address: Plaza San Lorenzo 1, 41002 Seville, Spain

This fine dining restaurant may be a little difficult to locate but once you are in, you will be blown away by the aesthetics and the service. To start with, the waiters are very helpful and attentive, the ambience is very charming and there is a huge choice of the food and wine menu. The highlights from the menu are the 3-course, 6-course and 8-course tasting meals that are accompanied by wine. Burrito, Oxtail Galette, Prawn Parcels and Duck Salad are some of the frequently ordered dishes from their A La Carte menu.

2. Espacio Elsava

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Address: Eslava, 3, 41002 Seville, Spain

This is a lovely restaurant in the heart of Seville offering a vibrant ambience and sumptuous food. The food prices are very reasonable and the place is always buzzing with people due to the fast service and the amazing food and drinks offered here. Some of the best dishes at this restaurant are the Fried Redfish and Pork Cheeks.

3. La Molona

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Address: Calle San Pablo 9, 41001 Seville, Spain

Eating good food in a new city is a blessing and getting a discount on the food bill is a sheer joy. At La Molona, you can avail discount on the food bill up to 30% of the original price and you can experience all these without compromising on the quality of the food or the service provided. Also, most of the food on the menu is very cheap. If you are here definitely try the Suzzhini Mushroom, Green Gazpacho and the wines served here.

4. Salsitas

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Address: Avenida de Pero Mingo 12, 41016 Seville, Spain

For travellers who have plans to explore Seville for the day and need to grab something quick for lunch, you can head on to Salsitas for some yummy sandwiches, burgers, and juices to help you get going for the day. The eatery is very dainty and well organized and you’ll love to order their sandwiches over and over again.

5. Restaurante- Teteria Al Sultan – La Alameda

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Address: Calle Trajano 49 Seville, 41002 Seville, Spain

Situated in a busy neighbourhood, this restaurant is a real gem for people who do not want to compromise on the food quality and quantity. The ambience is very lively as people come in all through the day. The service is excellent and the food served is very delicious. They provide a huge amount of food for any dish you order, so ensure that you check the quantity of food before ordering more. Overall, this is a great place for people with a voracious appetite.

The magic of Spanish cuisine is reflected through the food served in the restaurants in Seville. If you really want to know more about their culture, it is recommended to try their cuisine first. Ask Pickyourtrail to customize your Spain trip today and visit Seville for an ultimate food journey.


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