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7 must-see waterfalls around the world

Waterfalls are one of nature’s finest offerings. Occurring simply when water flows over a vertical edge, waterfalls can exist in a variety of locations. When they are particularly large or situated amongst beautiful surroundings, the sheer power of water cannot be denied and is often positively overwhelming. Visiting one of the world’s most heralded waterfalls can be a breathtaking and unique experience. If you are looking for an alternative holiday adventure in 2022, visiting one of these waterfalls will tick that box.

Iguazu Falls 

The South American Iguazu Falls is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. With its water spanning a width of 1600m, this stunning waterfall is considered the largest in the world and its water flow can reach 450,000 cubic ft per second between November and March. 

Victoria Falls 

The city of Livingstone, Zambia is home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world – Victoria Falls. With height and width combined, the falls exhibit a large sheet of continuous water flow, which ensures its iconic status is deserved.  The spectacle was named after the reigning Queen Victoria, and due to its popularity amongst the locals and respect for its founder David Livingstone, the name has never been reverted to an indigenous form. 

Niagara Falls 

The Niagara Falls sits between the Canadian and US borders and encompasses the three separate waterfalls which can be visited. The highest waterfall out of the three is the Horseshoe falls which stands at 57m tall and is found on the Canadian side. Niagara Falls is also a huge source of hydroelectric power and has the capacity to produce 4.9 million kilowatts of energy.     

Angel Falls

Standing at an impressive 979m, Angel Falls in Venezuela is the tallest singular waterfall in the world. The location of this waterfall is relatively remote, and for adventure-driven explorers, a flight, boat ride, and hike are part of the journey. However, once the site is reached, the strenuous commute will seem worth it. Angel Falls is such a rare wonder that it is classed as a UNESCO world heritage site. 

Kaieteur Falls 

Kaieteur Falls in Guyana is another remotely located treasure. Due to its home in the humid climate of the Amazon, this waterfall is the largest single drop waterfall by the sheer volume of water. When discovered, the magnificent power and 226m height of the water is likely to inspire awe amongst tourists. Ensure you visit in the drier season, between March and June to make for a comfortable trip.

Yosemite Falls 

Yosemite National Park in California inhabits the elegant waterfall of the same name. A hike is part and parcel of the experience, but tourists rave about the gorgeous views year in year out. Standing at 739m, the falls are extremely impressive and are large enough to be seen at a distance for those unable to make the hike. 

Choosing to visit a waterfall is as exciting and rewarding as it gets. Whether you decide to challenge yourself with a strenuous hike or take a relaxing boat tour around Niagara’s, you’re guaranteed a once in a lifetime experience, leaving you fulfilled and keen to recommend to others.