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9 Wacky places to stay in New Zealand

New Zealand has been the favourite holiday destination for a lot of travellers around the globe. A trip here would include beaches, road trips and a good place to head back to after your day long exploration. What if we say, that instead of choosing a resort or a hotel room, you could stay in a castle? Yes! Here are a few Wacky places to stay in New Zealand, everything from rail cars to tree houses.Look beyond your fancy hotels and beach resorts and you’ll find these absolute gems hidden in the pockets of New Zealand.

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The Boot house, Tasman.

Ever thought about how it would be to live inside a shoe? Well, now stop thinking and start living your dream in this beautiful cottage in New Zealand.  

Image credit – truenz

Ideal for honeymooners, this is a fully equipped single story cottage with a mini bar in the kitchenette. With a breezy courtyard and a Juliet balcony, this cottage is located in the Tasman district of South Island. The next time you head to Tasman, make sure to spend a night or two and rekindle your romance.

Image credit – jester house 

  The Old Post Office guest house, Paparoa.

Relive some of New Zealand’s history at this post office converted cottage guesthouse. Set in the countryside, this uber comfortable guest house is go-to for many seeking some solitude in the Paparoa community of New Zealand.

Image credit – images locanto

With six bedrooms and five bathrooms, this is the place for that large family vacation. And it is just two hours away from Auckland, that has a whole lot of things to do as well. 

Image credit – old post office guest house 

The House Truck.

Ever lived in a truck? In New Zealand this is possible too. A truck that doesn’t move though.

Image credit – the curious kiwi

These house trucks are available across New Zealand and and come with equipped with functional bathrooms. Perfect for a couple or honeymooners looking for that unusual story to write home about! Talking of honeymoons and road trips, here’s something that might interest you. 

Image credit – atlasobscura

   The Hobbit Hole, Woodlyn Park.

Are you a LOTR fan? If yes, then head to this place and you can stay in the Hobbit hole! This LOTR inspired cottage, though looks like a hobbit hole, is big enough to accommodate human beings.

Image credit – home harmonizing

The Hobbit Hole is extremely cosy and exceptionally comfortable. Located in Woodlyn park, this place will give you a glimpse into the Maori culture. This popular tourist attraction is built on a working farm surrounded by greenery. What are you waiting for? Head to this crazy inn and live your fantasy of staying in a hobbit hole. Of course you must pay a visit to Hobbiton itself and maybe even the LOTR locations! 

   The Waitanic, Woodlyn Park.

This quirky inn is one of the patrol boats that survived WWII. And you can actually live in it!

Image credit –

Now converted into a comfortable place to stay, the Waitanic is a fully furnished motel with five different units open for accommodation. Suitable for both families and couples, this surely will make good photographs for your NZ album!

  The Lighthouse, Island Bay.

Just minutes away from the airport, this unusual inn is located in Island Bay. Combining the idea of a beach resort and throwing in some adventure, the lighthouse is a great place for beach buffs.

Image credit – the light house

Fully furnished with a kitchen and bathroom, this place is best suited for romantic getaways. You are a beach buff?  Reason enough why you should visit one of these NZ beaches. 

  The Giant House, Akaroa.

Be ready to be overwhelmed by the grandeur of The Giant House. This popular attraction is elegant, yet comfortable for the luxury seeking traveller. True to its name, this place is known for its grandeur in terms of its size and proportions.

Image credit –

The beautiful house, with its enchanting terraced gardens, sculptures and mosaics is hard to be overlooked. The Giant House has featured in magazines and television series. Be ready to be awed and pampered in this unique and cosy house.

Image credit –

Addington Prison, Christchurch.

Yes, you read it right. Renovated a decade ago, the Addington prison is now one of the most comfortable and budget friendly accommodations in Christchurch.

Image credit –

The prison is also equipped with free wifi and Netflix so you wouldn’t have to miss out on your favourite sitcom while travelling. This place is suitable for both couples and for families with children. Located in the happening suburb of Addington, the place has a lot of cafes and bars where you can head to enjoy your evening and relax.

Image credit – the curious kiwi

  Larnach castle, Dunedin.

Ever had a dream of waking up to a view of a magnificent castle just few hundred metres away from your residence? Well, here’s your opportunity to make it all come true! Located in the beautiful region of Otago, Peninsula, this heavenly castle is a major tourist attraction in New Zealand.

Image credit – larnach castle

Though the castle is a restricted area to tourists, the region offers beautiful accommodation options like Camp Estate which is situated just five hundred metres away from the castle. As a complimentary service, they offer an opportunity to explore the castle and the gardens and also a chance to dine in the castle like a king!

Image credit – larnach castle

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