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A quick itinerary for 2 days in Auckland

A park built on an extinct volcano. The third most liveable city in the world. Beautiful beaches. World class vineyards. How much more happening can a city be? That, in short, is Auckland for you. Auckland is the largest city in the north island region of New Zealand. With so much on the plate, confused as to how to plan your trip?  Worry not!

Here’s the perfect itinerary to spend 2 days in Auckland:

Day 1

Start the day with Auckland’s famed Best Ugly Bagels. A huge cup of coffee on the side will keep you going through the whole day.

Sky Tower

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Start your Auckland trip at its highest point – the Sky Tower! Try out either Skyjump and fly without wings, or Skywalk around the tower and enjoy the serene beauty of the city. Unleash the adventurer in you and experience the adrenaline rush. For the more sedate travellers, enjoy the 360-degree view of the entire city from this vantage point.

Auckland Museum

After that exhilarating experience, calm your nerves in this exquisite war memorial of Auckland. Soak in the grandeur of the place while learning about the military history of New Zealand. Also, this place will give you a glimpse of the interesting Kiwi culture.

Treat the history lover in you by attending any one of the events that the museum hosts. To keep updated on the events that happen throughout the year, check out their portal.

Auckland Domain

Alternatively, if you wish to have a quiet evening in the midst of nature away from the crowd and the hustle of the city life, then head to the Auckland Domain. Spread across 75 hectares of land, this is the oldest park in New Zealand. Open 24X7, head to this place whenever you feel like taking a solace in silence.

Mission Bay

After a pretty busy afternoon of exploring, relax and soak in the beauty of the Mission Bay beach while you eat to your heart’s content in any of their restaurants. After a delightful meal, to add more adventure to your trip, you could go kayaking or grab a beer and enjoy the view from the terrace of De Fontein Belgian Beer Cafe.

Completely exhausted after an eventful day? Head back to the city and enjoy the delicious street food for dinner with the locals in one of the street markets. You’ll also get to witness Auckland’s  nightlife in these lively markets with over 100 stalls ready to offer everything under the sun.

Day 2

Have an authentic and appetizing Auckland’s corn fritters for breakfast and gain all the energy required for the long day ahead to explore Auckland.  

Haruki Gulf Marine Park

Experience the teeming wildlife on the east of Auckland at the Haruki Gulf. With a guided tour around this first national marine park, here you will find the killer whale and dolphins among other species like rainbow-colored fish and stingrays. Allocate the first half of your day to enjoy a good time in this Whale and Dolphin Safari.

After that eventful tour, head to the nearest restaurant and treat yourself to another one of Auckland’s delight, bluff oysters. Enjoy this mouth-watering meal along with tuatua, a Maori special.

Papakura Central Park

Grab a tub of popcorn and enjoy a movie in one of the cinema halls and end your trip by spending a relaxed, laid-back evening in the Papakura Central Park.

Have a casual dinner in the Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar. Touted to be the best eatery, this place is almost always packed. End this amazing trip with a good ol’ beer from the bar and head back to your country the next day.

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