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An awe-striking sight of the sunset in Seychelles Island
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Anse Royale Beach In Seychelles – Dip Your Toes In The Pristine Waters

Seychelles is indeed a paradise on earth mainly for its beaches. It is small yet very well developed. Imagine yourself chilling on the white beach sand, with the sound of waves of crystal clear water under the shade of Palm trees standing tall. That’s how every beach lover will want to spend their vacation and Seychelles is a perfect place to be. Creating memories here will stay with you for life. There are so many beaches that you could visit within the country, but there is something magical about visiting Anse Royale Beach in Seychelles, one of the very popular beaches in Mahe Island.

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Anse Cocos
Photo by Tommaso Nervegna on Unsplash

Anse Royale Beach in Seychelles

Anse Royale Beach is not just the name of the beach but also the town it is located at. This small town is located on the southeast coast of the island and has a beautiful beach to leave you fascinated. Anse Royale Beach in Seychelles is stretching long and wide to keep it a little private for the tourists. Apart from the beach, the town also has numerous other facilities like hospitals, banks, gas station, a church and many more. Moreover, the University of Seychelles is located in this town.

If you are an avid beach lover and want to explore beaches that can give you an all-round experience, undoubtedly Anse Royale Beach in Seychelles will be one. Whether you are looking to sit and relax or go and try exciting activities or just dip your toes in the crystal clear water, you will find Anse Royale Beach perfect for a complete beach experience.

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Anse Royale in Seychelles
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Experiences you get at Anse Royale Beach

To keep yourself away from the busy urban life, visiting the beach can be a perfect choice. Here are some of the water sports which the beach has to offer to make it more exciting. If you want to try any of the below-mentioned activities, you can rent its equipment from any of the shops in the village.

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How to reach

The beach is located just 15-20 minutes away from the international airport of Seychelles. This makes it accessible by uber cabs and local buses to reach the beach. If you are planning to self-drive, you have got parking space as well.

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Timings and Entry fee

You need not pay to enter the beach. But make sure you visit it between 8 AM to 12 AM.

Tips to make note of

  • You can rent gears at better prices from outside shops on the street.
  • You can opt for a stay in any of the hotels near the beach if you want to explore the beach completely.
  • Don’t litter

If your definition of a beach vacation is this, then you got to choose Seychelles for your next trip and make sure you include Anse Royale Beach in your itinerary. With every activity at this beach, it will tempt you to see and try them all. Ready for the adventure? Then check out the Seychelles packages with Pickyourtrail and plan your vacation to Anse Royale Beach to enjoy the best in Seychelles.

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