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Seychelles Weather In September: Easy and Breezy Holiday Season

Seychelles is close to the equator and hence due to the proximity, it experiences tropical weather throughout the year. The island destination is never too hot to handle or too cold to survive. The average temperate is always in the range of 24 to 32 degrees celsius and fluctuates between this scale. However, keep reading more to know about the Seychelles weather in September.

Seychelles Weather In September
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The average Seychelles weather in September

The temperature in Seychelles ranges around 27 degrees Celsius as the Seychelles weather in September. The weather is dry with a little rainfall of around 154 mm and the sun continues to shine for 12 hours a day. Hence, September is known to be one of the driest months in this country. Nevertheless, the burning heat will not affect you due to the cooling effect of ocean winds going at 16mph at this time of the year. The breeze is considered as a natural air conditioner.

Things to do in Seychelles weather in September

September draws in trade winds emerging from the south-east, so at whatever time of the day you take a lookout, there will be a mild light breeze running through your hair. Whatever water sport that you take on such as swimming, sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, the strong breeze will give you an added thrill to your amazing experiences. But, the same breeze makes the waters rough close to the southwest of Mahe and Anse Intendance making it extremely difficult to go swimming.  

The breezy winds are prominent but air conditioning is must to have in the resorts despite the weather. The equatorial rains are highly variable but do not go on for long. Particularly in September, little mild showers happen quite rarely and go on only for a couple of hours. The rain can be a big hurdle to plan your day out and the activities you want to try out.

If you are looking for a beach setting and want to spend your day taking in the sun and tanning on the sand, then the beaches of Mahe will be quiet unlike the beaches of Praslin where the shores are filled up with a huge dump of seaweed because of the winds at this period.

However, the period from May to September are the nesting time for birds so it is common to wake up to the delightful chirping of birds in the morning. Hikers intending to go into the woods will come by a cornucopia of untouched flora and fauna. Nature photographers will love this area to click astounding photos.

Places To Visit in September

1. Beau Vallon, Mahe

Beau Vallon, Mahe is located towards the north-west coast of the biggest island in Seychelles. This famous beach has a stretch of white sand on its coast which draws in tourists from all around the globe throughout the year. It is the most frequented beach in the entire country.

2. La Digue Island

Seychelles Weather In September
Credits: Unsplash

La Digue holds a tiny population of simply 2000 people and you cant see many vehicles running on the road. The island is the ideal destination for people looking for solitude. It is filled with some of the most extravagant beaches in Seychelles. it is also coming forward as a beloved island for nature buffs.

In conclusion, Seychelles is great to visit any time of the year. September is the ideal time to experience this island destination. Pick from exclusive Seychelles Travel packages by Pickyourtrail. Also, feel free to leave a Whatsapp inquiry for any further queries.

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