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Seychelles Craft village
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Seychelles Craft Village: The Best Souvenirs

Seychelles and its beauty have to be cherished every moment you are there. Its fascinating places and the pleasant beaches make it a physically appealing destination to stay. You would certainly want to bring many souvenirs and gifts back home, right? But are you stuck as to where to go and what to buy? So this will be a perfect guide for you before booking Seychelles tour packages to know where you should buy the best souvenirs. Let us look at the Seychelles Craft village in detail.

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Seychelles Craft Village

Located on the east coast of Mahé, Seychelles Craft Village is a spot that you should visit. Seychelles craft village is the right place to be at if you wish to buy some quality souvenirs and gifts to your relatives and your loved ones. If you are in Seychelles, you must visit this place to know more on local crafts of Seychelles and support them by buying from them. So here is a complete guide to the Craft Village.

What’s special about the Seychelles Craft Village?

This place is not only for the purpose of buying souvenirs and gifts. This is a place from where you will get to know about the culture and history of Seychelles on your Seychelles honeymoon packages. Find the Grann Kaz Plantation House, which is almost 150 years old. Find the ‘Lakaz Rosa’ which is a servent’s house model. Here you will get to know about traditional craft and Creole culture.

Handicrafts at the Seychelles Craft Village
Image Credits: Photo by Sanketh Rao from Pexels

Gifts and Souvenirs

You can find 12 craft huts made of coconut products. This is the perfect and the best place for you to buy some of the traditional yet stunning souvenirs. All these items that you see here are all made by the locals. There are also unique paintings which you can buy and take back home. You can also take some of the exciting handmade jewels and Batik masks. You can also spend some time chatting with the locals.

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Weaving art at the Craft village.
Image Credits: Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Why Craft Village is a must-visit?

At the Craft village, you can see all the people working on their unique crafts. This will help you collecting information on how these products are actually made. Talk to them and know more about the land and the artists as they are very friendly to talk too. The Government of Seychelles have taken up this initiative and invested hugely on this to preserve the culture of the Creole people. This is a place not only to buy gifts but also to know more about traditional art.

Craft village, Seychelles
Image Credits: Photo by Kartabya Aryal on Unsplash

FAQs on Seychelles Craft Village

Q: What exactly is Seychelles Craft Village?

A: The beautiful Seychelles Craft Village is a place where you can discover artistic talents and traditional crafts of Seychellois artisans. You can find some of the best local items here and buy those as token of remembrance of your Seychelles trip.

Q: Where is the Seychelles Craft Village located in Seychelles?

A: The popular Seychelles Craft Village is located in the capital city of Victoria. You can easily reach this place via public transportation and buy some amazing gifts.

Q: What kind of items I can expect at the Craft Village of Seychelles?

A: You can discover items like intricately woven baskets, colourful textiles, handmade jewellery, wood carvings, paintings, ceramics, and other traditional Seychellois handicrafts.

Q: Is buying products from Craft Village of Seychelles, worth it?

A: Indeed, the items brought from the hub will always carry a special memory of your trip, hence, making it even more special and worth it.

Q: Can I negotiate the prices at the shopping hub of Seychelles?

A: Yes, in some shops you can negotiate for prices.

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