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Parks in Virginia
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Top Beaches in Virginia That Tourists Must Explore On Their Vacation

You want the perfect place to have a family beach holiday? Visit the Cape Charles at either the Eastern Shore of Virginia or Sandbridge Beach. It’s an intimate coastal community with stunning beaches. It’s only a short drive from all Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake recreational activities. Virginia is also home to high-quality beaches throughout the Eastern Coast and public inland beaches located in state parks and recreation areas. Virginia’s various beaches include large, small, sea and fresh water, and others include the thrill of a small-town restaurant or a day of livestock sand. Explore the most famous spots at weekends, in spring and in summer weeks. If you’re looking for the serenity I’m sure you’ll definitely find it. Check out some of the top beaches in Virginia and choose the best one that suit’s your itinerary!

  1. Virginia Beach
  2. Croatan Beach
  3. First Landing State Park
  4. Buckroe Beach
  5. Colonial Beach
  6. Bethel Beach
  7. Sandbridge Beach
  8. Cape Charles Beach

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach
Image Credits: Pixabay

No Virginia beach is as well known as this Virginia beach. Tourists love the experience the Atlantic Ocean. This sand stretch attracts enormous numbers of tourists every year. Situated near the Chesapeake, that offers the area a special charm as far as the food and activities outside sandcastles are concerned. One of the reasons that make it so famous with natives and residents is the variety of water and land experiences at Virginia Beach. Rent a bike to discover if you like more than sunbathing. There’s a good opportunity to see waves of dolphins.

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Croatan Beach

A must-list beach on the list of beaches in Virginia! The small beach is around a kilometre and is very widely known with surfers who can enjoy the waves in two places. It’s one of the most unpretentious and unfrenzied beaches you’ll ever find. Croatian Beach offers surf lessons and board rental at better prices, welcomed as a surfer’s paradise. The neighbourhood of Virginia Beach is much quieter. If you want to learn how to surf, you can learn in the peak of summer. It is also one of the lowest beaches, as the Rudee Inlet is close by. An interesting part – it was acquired by a religious group in 1898 to establish an academic centre, but these plans did not materialise.

First Landing State Park

Image Credits: Pixabay

The beach is calm and extends a quarter and a mile. In the summer months, the water in the First Landing is calm and warm. It does not just allow you to reach Cape Henry, where Cape Henry’s beautifully preserved lighthouse is situated, it has plenty of biking and walking trails with friends or pets you can conquer. The Park covers nearly 3,000 hectares, with alternative options to swimming, fishing and boating on the coast. Campsites and cabins are available for overnight stays, and picnics are fun during the day. In Virginia Beach, you will also find plenty of campsites for a fun and distinct overnight experience.

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Buckroe Beach

Buckroe Beach has a surface area of 8 acres and a mile broad, with a playground, a picnic area with lots of shade, barbecue facilities and tables, as well as several walks and cycling paths. The Beach has almost a mile of coastline with amazing views over the Bay of Chesapeake. You can enjoy a concert on Sundays and in the summer and on Tuesday you can enjoy outdoor cinemas with a family theme. During the summer period there are lifeguards in service. This spot on the beach is ideal to catch sunsets, to watch ocean wildlife and to watch the boats coming into port. Dogs in the summer are not permitted. You can rent kayaks and paddles and you can take a swim. I’m sure tourists wouldn’t miss out this on the list of beaches in Virginia!

Colonial Beach

Colonial Beach in northern Virginia lies between the Potomac River and Bay of Monroe. In Washington D.C it was widely known. The main attraction for the residents of the early twentieth century is the beach, although the history of the town is strong. You can schedule the full beach route with various activities during your visit. Activities range from swimming and waterports to boating and fishing. There are many marinas nearby. Eateries are abundant and a family could need everything for a great vacation by the Atlantic Sea and the river Potomac.

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Bethel Beach

Bethel Beach
Image Credits: Pixabay

The narrow 105 acres stretch of sand. The wind is blowing and the tides caress the shore, and the dunes alter. It lies in a natural area surrounded by sandy dunes and a narrow shoreline, the Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve. Some are quite deep and there is a small bay. The salt marshes attract diverse birdlife and waders seeking food are filled with the lagoons. The unique thing about this seaside is that the winds that pass through this area are constantly changing. This conservation area is a beautiful place to discover, but also to relax on the sand. Bethel Beach is the best place to spend a few hours visiting the beach compared to the whole day. Don’t miss out to visit this beach among the list of top beaches in Virginia!

Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge Beach in Virginia
Image Credits: Unsplash

This beach is located in the housing area and contrasts peacefully with the beaches in the centre of the town. This part of the Virginia Beach remains considered. The beach is almost never overpopulated and the waves are much calmer, so you can truly relax by the sea or go far into the Atlantic Ocean. Bars and cafes are very little to do. Marshes and wildlife can be explored while walking amongst these dunes, kayaking or fishing is definitely possible. b You can take time to take a kayak, fish, or walk to nearby False Cape State Park if you’re looking for other outdoor sports near Sandbridge Beach.

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Cape Charles Beach

Last but not the least, it’s one of the top beaches in Virginia! Cape Charles Beach is one of Virginia’s least known beaches, so that’s one of the best places to visit. The town’s history is rich. Beautiful streets with stores and hotels provide lots of facilities for children, while there is a public beach. Cape Charles beach has many regional outfitters that can book excursions for you when you’re looking for a beach that offers easy access for water sports. The water is shallow, secure and often gathered in small swimming pools. The equipment also have kayaks to rent if you like to plan your own excursion in the bay waters. The equipment also has a kayak for rent.

Finding this guide useful? I’m sure after all that travelling and shopping, you’re gonna need some relaxing time at the beaches in Virginia and spend some ‘you’ time with your loved ones. So head down to any of these beaches and have a happy vacation! Also, start customising you itinerary with the top highlights of Virginia! Oh now that you might be interested to plan a vacation, head on to Pickyourtrail and book your USA package right away! Also, feel free to leave a Whatsapp inquiry for any queries!

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