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Top Most Dangerous Airports Across The World That One Must-Know

When we schedule a trip, flights, a stay, etc., we look at quite a lot of things. Even the nitty-gritty bits are like the airport. But the value of the airport never gets looked on to by travellers. For certain, aviation may be an initial interesting journey; it’s almost everyday routine for most. However, whether you’re a regular traveller or a first time, it’s unusual for you to go on a trip just to see the airport. Aerophobia persists a widespread phobia, affecting the lives of over 8 million passengers while aircraft are the fastest and safest way to fly over the long distance. You’ll chant more prayers than on a water slide when you take a look at these freezing runways and tabletop landings comprising one of these most risky airports of the world. So check out some of the topmost dangerous airports across the world!

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Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport in Nepal
Image Credits: Pixabay

One of the top-most dangerous airports. In January 2008, the Lukla airport in Nepal later renamed to the airport of Tenzing-Hillary in memory of the first 2 persons to reach the Mount Everest in Khumbu. This Nepalese airport is mostly used by people visiting Mount Everest. At the base of the Everest, Lukla is a tiny village, and the Everest is the gateway to Lukla Airport. This is one of the major airports to fly in Nepal, albeit incredibly limited, and it handles over 50 high-level flights. The landing is challenging since the pilot must negotiate the hilly area in strong visibility conditions. Lukla airport certainly ranks second because of its position next to the base camp Mount Everest – which means that Lukla airport is definitely second!

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Madeira Airport

Madeira Airport in Portugal
Image Credits: Pixabay

Funchal is consistently identified as one of the world’s unsafe airports for its narrow lane at the airport in the capital city Madeira. The no-going landing line is bordered by steep cliffs and the bay. In recognition of the famous football player who was born on this island, the airport was renamed Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport on 29th March 2017. This area was designed to satisfy traditional specifications of pillars, a relatively short runway. Large aircraft can land, but only if a several specially qualified pilots are in service.

Toncontin International Airport

This is an airport which supports civil and military purposes just 6 km from Tegucigalpa centre in Honduras. Covered by massive mountains, the airport has encountered over 14 crashes in conjunction with its quick ride, the sloping terrain, poor atmosphere and human error. The pilot needs to make some preparations to prevent mountain hitting because the airport is located in a mountainous area. The route is therefore very brief and takes the aircraft to an abrupt halt. Definitely, a must on the list of top most dangerous airports.

Princess Juliana International Airport

The largest airport in Saint Martin Caribbean Island is Princess Juliana International Airport. The airport is considered one of the most busy airports. About 1.5 million passengers are accommodated every year at this airport, which is one of the most unsafe and interesting. There’s no cause for concern just because of the low flights, but because of the runway just past the beach which often flew the seawater from the beach. The airbase is only 2 179 metres long, making landings and departures for big aircraft incredibly difficult.

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Courchevel Airport

At a height of 6500 metres, the Courchevel Airport is located in Courchevel, a ski resort in the French-Alpine region with a runway of just 537 metres, 18.6 kilometres, making it much harder to take off. The picturesque completes by Alpine mountainsides that cluster through the new fresh lane. The pilots can only fly down through a narrow valley. Besides climbing these slopes, pilots must also ground the aircraft at high angles to slow down the plane.

Paro Airport

Paro Airport in Bhutan
Image Credits: Unsplash

Paro Airport in Bhutan has a runway of just 1,981 metre long and frequently experiences poor weather. This is one of the most risky airports in the world and is located on the high peaks at 2.23 Km above sea level. Just a few flyers are eligible to land here because of this. Besides that, only during daytime hours and in extreme weather conditions are landings and departures permitted. While risky, landing here is an exciting experience with an incredible view of Mount Everest nearby.

Gibraltar International Airport

Stopping main road transport, which links Gibraltar with Spain by land, is how it operates on Gibraltar airport if a plane needs to land. This airport, primarily used by the Royal Air Force, still serves civilians through a separate civil airline. Winston Churchill Lane, the busiest path in the Peninsula, crosses this airport’s only runway. Many that fly down Winston Churchill Avenue need to wait many times a day when a plane begins or arrives.

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Ice Runway Airport

Ice Runway
Image Credits: Unsplash

The major US Antarctic Program highway is the Ice Runway, Antarctica. The path will accommodate medium and wide planes. The dilemma is, however, that no particular path exists. You can see flights land on frozen snow and ice land trips. The flights have to land safely so as to avoid collisions on the paved road!

St Barth Airport

Last but not the least, one that must not be missed out on the list of top most dangerous airports. St Barth’s Airport, situated on the Caribbean island of St Barthelemy, is enclosed on all three sides by mountains. They are also identified by the names of the airports Rémy de Haenen, Gustaf III, Saint Barthélemy and St Jean. One of the shorter runways has St Barth’s Airport. Their landing allows the aircraft to fly immediately over the highways, which raises the risk rates. An extremely qualified pilot can handle landing on St. Barth’s Airport peacefully.

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They are one of the world’s most dangerous airports for take-off and landing. Extreme ability and tonnes of guts required to fly an aeroplane from or to here. However, it could take just as long for you to get to or from either of these dangerous airports, particularly when you put your life in the hands of another human. Finding this guide useful? Check some of the best holiday packages with Pickyourtrail and book your dream tropical getaway now! Also, for any queries, please feel free to leave a Whatsapp inquiry for any queries.

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