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15 Best Beaches in Crete, Greece That Call For A Mesmerising Vacay!
Written by Aditi Kumari on August 14, 2021 Share on

15 Best Beaches in Crete, Greece That Call For A Mesmerising Vacay!

The beaches on Crete are the absolute best in Greece. Delicate, sizzling sands and clear waters make the unspoiled settings that attract a large number of visitors to the island. Crete has a blend of rock seashores and sand beaches. So preplan before arranging a beach trip and consider the kind of involvement you are searching for. Each has its own look and feel, yet paying little heed to the sort of beachgoer you are, you’ll discover something as you would prefer.


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15 Best Beaches in Crete, Greece

Sand or rock? relaxing or activity? On Crete, you are spoilt for decision! In this article, we peek through our 15 best beaches in Crete in Greece for your lifetime memories.

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1. Balos Beach

Balos Beach, Best Beaches in Crete
Image: Pixabay

In case you’ve been looking through postcards as you meander the shopping locale, you’ll probably have seen a photograph of Balos. The view of a variety of greens and blues as you peer down on the beach is extraordinary. Best reached by boat from Kissamos port, Balos is a wild seashore on the northwestern landmass of Crete.

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2. Elafonissi Beach

Elafonissi Beach, Best Beaches in Crete
Image: Pixabay

Elafonissi is a breathtaking beach, several hours’ drive from the famous vacationer city of Chania. This well-known white and pink sand seashore is noted for the pink squashed shells that line the shore, giving it a slight hint of rose shading that stands out flawlessly from the turquoise sparkle of the sea. Divided by a tight portion of sand are two shallow tidal ponds, ideal for swimming. The sand here is delicate, not normal for the large number of stone beaches that you normally find in the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the best beaches in Crete.

3. Plakias beach

Plakias beach, Best Beaches in Crete
Image: Pixabay

Plakias is a stunning traveller choice on the southern side of Rethymno, Crete island. The ocean side town has numerous traveller offices and a quiet climate away from the boisterous world. Simply before the town, there is a huge and sandy beach with precious stone waters. Some portion of Plakias seashore is coordinated with sunbeds and umbrellas, while there are likewise some fish bars and apartments arranging the beach.

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4. Matala beach

Matala was renowned during the 1960s and 1970s as a flower child place. Numerous nonconformists would come and spend numerous days or even a long time in the caverns over the seashore of Matala. Today the radicals are a distant memory and the decent shoreline town draws in numerous families for the long, sandy, and coordinated beach. Matala is a helpful spot to remain during your days off in Crete and a decent base for trips in the district.

Matala Beach, Best Beaches in Crete
Image: Pixabay

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5. Voulisma Beach

Just a short drive from Agios Nikolaos, Voulisma Beach is one of the most awesome beaches on Mirabello Bay. A long curving stretch of sand with towering cliffs in behind set in a wide bay will have you whipping out your camera. The light blond sand combined with the clear water makes for a spectacular shade of turquoise.

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6. Falassarna beach

Falassarna is an enormous sandy beach on the western side of Crete, inside a nearby drive from Kissamos town. This awesome spot is great for families with kids because of coordinated offices and delicate sand. It is additionally decent for windsurfing and indeed, there is a windsurfing station there in mid-year months. Over the seashore, there is the archaeological site of Ancient Falassarna.

7. Preveli Beach

Preveli beach, Best Beaches in Crete
Image: Pixabay

On the southern side of the prefecture of Rethymno is a position of incredible, Preveli. This beach is really where a waterway streams into the ocean by going through many palm trees and framing a lake near the ocean. You can do some water sports in this lake to investigate the waterway. Apart from that the sandy and disorderly seashore of Preveli is a brilliant spot to swim.

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8. Vai Beach

On the northeastern side of Crete, in the locale of Lassithi, is an incredible beach called Vai. The extraordinary thing about this seashore is that it is encircled by the biggest palm tree woods in Europe, comprising 5,000 trees. The delicate sand, the precious stone water, and the par excellence make this seashore an enticing spot for families. Previously, Vai was a free campground. However, presently, it is denied to set up a free camp there.

 Vai Beach, Best Beaches in Crete
Image: Pixabay

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9. Rodakino beach

On the southern side of Rethymno, near the tourist town of Plakias, is the enormous and sandy seashore of Rodakino. It has sand and gem waters, making it ideal for families with children and individuals searching for some quiet minutes. Some coastline bars and lofts line up this wonderful spot.

10. Tymbaki beach

An immense beach with both sandy and pebbled parts, Tymbaki is situated on the southern side of Heraklion. Tymbaki, otherwise called Kokkinos Pyrgos, has a coordinated section with sunbeds, umbrellas and not many shoreline bars. Topographically, Tymbaki is situated between two huge vacationer spots of southern Crete, Matala and Agia Galini, which makes it an advantageous base for outings in the area.

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11. Istro beach

In close distance to the town of Agios Nikolaos, in the district of Lassithi, is a pleasant seashore with brilliant and white sand. Istro seashore in eastern Crete is coordinated with sunbeds and umbrellas and gives a pleasant family spot to swim. The gem waters and the loosening up climate astound all guests from the beginning. Because of its enormous size, Istro additionally offers a few spots for privacy.

12. Sougia beach

Sougia Beach is found 70 km southwest of Chania town between the towns of Paleochora and Agia Roumeli. It is probably the best beach of Crete for extending for 1200 meters because of which infrequently becomes busy.

13. Loutraki beach

Loutraki is a little beach about 12km east of Chania town, extremely near Marathi, a beautiful fishing villa. This is a little bay, on the southern side of Akrotiri promontory, shielded from solid breezes.

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14. Marathi beach

Marathi is a little bay around 14 km east of Chania Town. This inlet has gem water and is ensured by solid breezes. Marathi is a coordinated seashore especially well known among local people.

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15. Agia Fotia beach

The town of Agia Fotia is found 8 kilometres east of Ierapetra and 47 km southeast of Agios Nikolaos Town, encircled by tall pines. Agia Fotia has been treated as a beautiful traveller resort in the course of the last years, anyway, it keeps a quiet atmosphere.


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