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Best experiences in Goa and Mumbai
Written by Nigilesh on June 26, 2020 Share on

Best experiences in Goa and Mumbai

Both Mumbai and Goa have their own share in trapping tourists. Portuguese colonial architecture and heritage in Goa being the primary reason for people to visit that place. On the other hand, Mumbai boasts the finest colonial architecture of the Victorian era in India. Goa and Mumbai offer a lot to travellers from beach bounty, spice plantations, wildlife encounters and cultural and spiritual experiences. Here are the top 14 encounters for the two locations combined.

Top 14 things to do in Goa and Mumbai

  • Panaji (Panjim)
  • Historic Goa
  • Mumbai to Goa by Train
  • Dudhsagar Falls
  • Palolem Beach
  • Mellow Mandrem
  • Mumbai’s Colonial Architecture
  • Anjuna Market
  • Biking the Byways
  • Fabulous Festivals
  • Partying in Goa
  • Elephanta Island
  • Spice Farms
  • Watching Wildlife

1. Panaji (Panjim)

Spread along the banks of the wide Mandovi River, Panaji is an easy-going town. Fontainhas and Sao Tomé are the two of the best old Portuguese districts. They serve as a perfect setting for a lazy afternoon of wandering. Also, one can try firewater feni with locals in a hole-in-the-wall bar. Else play the night away at a floating luxury casino or poke in boutiques and book shops.

2. Historic Goa

Historic Goa
Source: Google Images

Old Goa, the Portuguese capital of the 17th century, once competed in size and importance with Lisbon and London and was widely known as the ‘Rome of the East’. Today, all that remains of the once-great city is a handful of stunningly well-preserved churches and cathedrals – but what a sight! In fact, the Basilica of Bom Jesus contains the grizzly ‘incorrupt’ body of St Francis Xavier. Se Cathedral is the largest in Asia. Drop by Sunday morning Service, marvel at the intricately carved altars, and imagine the religious life here four centuries ago.

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3. Mumbai to Goa by Train

The Konkan Railway, which links Mumbai to Mangaluru (Mangalore) and passes through Goa, is one of India ‘s great rail journeys. Today, railroads traverse rivers and mountains, including about 2,000 bridges and more than 90 tunnels. Also, make sure you ‘re sitting next to the window to watch the best show in town roll past.

4. Dudhsagar Falls – Best experiences in Goa and Mumbai

Dudhsagar Falls
Source: Google Images

The name Dudhsagar means ‘Sea of Milk’. It is the second-highest in India after the Jog Falls in Karnataka. Located deep in the Western Ghats on Goa ‘s central border with Karnataka, the 300-metre-high waterfall can be reached from Colem by a bumpy 4WD ride through the stunning jungle scenery.

5. Palolem Beach

A blissful crescent of golden beaches, balmy seas, palm trees, decent food, beach huts. Also, a lively backpacker-oriented beach bar scene makes Palolem a favourite. Palolem ‘s isolation from the northern beaches takes it hidden from the radars of other travellers.

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6. Mellow Mandrem

Downward-dog days away in a lovely, relaxed Mandrem, where an early morning yoga class followed by a refreshing swim, an afternoon in the sun lounge with a good book and maybe an ayurvedic massage is perfect for your spiritual soul.

7. Mumbai’s Colonial Architecture

Mumbai’s Colonial Architecture
Source: Google Images

Mumbai ‘s magnificent Gothic and Indo-Saracenic Victorian architecture is typified by the gloriously imposing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus – the city’s central train station. And the equally spectacular Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai’s most famous landmark, and one of India’s most emblematic hotels. Also, head down to the port of Mumbai in Colaba to see the latter, with its fairy-tale blend of Islamic and Renaissance styles, all facing the Grand Gateway of India.

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8. Anjuna Market – Best experiences in Goa and Mumbai

Whether you’re on the market for some serious souvenirs or just looking for an injection of local life, Goa’s many markets are a must. The most famous is Anjuna’s flea market, which has been held every Wednesday of the season since the 1970s. It’s a curious mixture of traders and stalls from all over India, backpackers and day-trippers.

9. Biking the Byways

Biking the Byways mumbai
Source: Google Images

Goa’s back lanes and two-wheel beach villages are realistic de rigour in Goa. With just a few bucks a day, you can hire a moped or a throbbing Royal Enfield motorbike at either of Goa’s beach resorts. And drive out to the hinterland to witness a slower, more peaceful style of life in the countryside.

10. Fabulous Festivals

Goans enjoy a good festival and the schedule is filled with cultural activities, religious gatherings, street parades and music festivals. Of the most famous Catholic festivities is the Festival of Panaji, the Feast of St Francis Xavier in Old Goa and the Feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Panaji.

11. Partying in Goa

Goa has long been a place to party, from the Portuguese sailors to the hippie freaks of the 1960s to modern-day trance clubs and the techno scene. Finding the right party is a matter of luck and talking to locals, travellers and taxi drivers. Also, head to Curlies in Anjuna, Hilltop in Vagator, and almost anywhere in Morjim for a party.

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12. Elephanta Island

Take a harbour boat from Mumbai’s Gateway to the Unesco World Heritage-listed rock-cut temples in Gharapuri, also known as Elephanta Island. Representing some of India’s best temple carvings, the cave temples date back to 450 AD. In addition to this, the central Shiva temple features a six-metre statue of Sadhashiva, representing a three-faced Shiva. The hour-long boat ride offers a clear view of southern Mumbai.

13. Spice Farms – Best experiences in Goa and Mumbai

South Indian spices – black pepper, cloves, cardamom, tamarind – became a big draw for Portuguese seafarers. Then today, a nice day trip away from the beach is to one of the only commercial spice plantations circling around Ponda or down south at the Tanshikar Spice Farm. Also, most farms offer a delicious tali buffet lunch served on a banana leaf and sell spices and other plantation products.

14. Watching Wildlife

Goa’s woods and wildlife reserves give a great deal to nature lovers, but most of the big species are elusive. Also, birdwatchers will admire the Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary or Goa’s many other popular locations. Goa’s most readily available wildlife viewing spot is the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, about 9 km southeast of Palolem. Where you can stay overnight and get up early to see different species of monkeys, deer and if you’re lucky, leopards. In fact, Goa’s waterways are another highlight. You get to see whales playing underwater or mugger crocodiles basking in the estuaries.

Make sure to note down the list of Best experiences in Goa and Mumbai to get the best out of your vacation to either of these places. Pickyourtrail is committed to providing customers with the best vacation by offering on-trip support and customizable itineraries. Happy Travel!

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