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Best nightclubs In Paris – Go Crazy In The City Of Love

What do you love most about Paris? The scenic beauty. The eye-catching landscapes that can mesmerise you the moment you see them. The Paris nights are unique too. The city shimmers in the natural and artificial lights. But Paris is the city that will enchant you much more than that. You will literally fall in love with this city and believe me, you cannot revive back from it. The city is also known majorly for its cuisines and the top class ambience of many restaurants, it is a paradise for all the foodies out there. For the people in love with history, there are museums that you will never come out of. And for the people who are into night partying, you have got some of the best night clubs available. So here are the best nightclubs in Paris for some crazy partying for the party heads.

Nightlife in Paris, City of Love
Image Credits: Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

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Best nightclubs in Paris

Want to get your adrenaline pumped up with some great partying tunes? Then you are supposedly in the right place as Paris has some of the best nightclubs. These are just perfect for the party heads out there. In addition, from music venues to the upmarket places in Champs-Élysées, Paris has a stronghold with some of the best nightlife in the world. So here are the Best nightclubs in Paris, for those who go rave and party hard.


Supersonic is the latest spot for indie music in Paris. Located in the old factory set up, the place just melts the natural moonlight into the varied colours of the club. With 3 upcoming indie bands to perform in this club, this place is filled with music as much as it is filled with colours. There are weekend themed club nights with Britpopwave and new indie rock happening in Supersonic. With all this in the club, it guarantees you a great time in this club. The Happy hours here are the best. With delicious and wines and great food at 3 euros, you are in for a great money saver. This is also pocket friendly. The most famous food here is the hotdog. Go here to state their world famous hotdog and enjoy the wrath of the nightlife.

Super sonic Night club, Paris
Image Credits: Image by Gabriel Doti from Pixabay


Want to have a traditional great night on the town? Wanderlust is a place to hit. Being a part of Les Docks, Wonderlust is a nightclub that raises above all your expectations. Designed to attract young hipster people by the day, the modern complex of this nightclub is dedicated to fashion and design. By the night the whole place is commandeered by strobe lights and loud music filling the atmosphere. Spread across 17200 sq. foot, the club has a gigantic terrace with plenty of places to socialize with good people and shake to some good tunes with some good food to fill your stomach. This place has been everyone’s favourite for spending their nightlife. The wanderlust has been giving out their fun waves since 2012. This is by far one of the best nightclubs in Paris.

Wanderlust Nightclub in Paris
Image Credits: Photo by Jeromey Balderrama on Unsplash

Rex Club

The Rex is definitely a world-renowned brand. It is known to be in the clubbing Landscape for many years now with its electrifying music, heavy metal bass, and great house music. The continuing music in this space will make you shake to their tunes till the early morning bathroom break. Attached itself to one of the world-renowned famous cinemas in Paris, The Grand Rex, The Rex club is there to give you some of the most power-packed performances available. If you are an international traveller looking forward to socializing with people, this is the place. Meet with locals here and you will be able to even party hard with them. This is for sure. That is one of the main reason why this is a very special place to be in while in Paris and if you are a person who enjoys night partys.

Rex Club in Paris
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

La Bellevilloise

Placed near the Ménilmontant Métro station, in a corner of the Paris, this is raising to be the city’s new place for the hip to the youngsters. This place is a place for the party blenders and this is the jewel of the 20th arrondissement. This is a place which is famous and most popular for its cultural centre for film exhibitions, many concerts and events, exhibitions with a dimly lit cafe. This is by day. By night this is a hip club with trendy clubbing experience. This is an important cultural landmark since 1877, as this was the first Paris workers co-operation. Now it is a building that has 2 stories with the top level being a terrace and the floor below, there are many sofas to snuggle with your friends.

La Bellevilloise Nightclub in Paris.
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Le Bus Palladium

The club at the heart of the Pigalle and a club that has been from the sixty, the Le Bus Palladium is a very much Iconic nightclub among the locals. This place is famous for its legendary rock venue and has got the attention of Mick Jagger and Eddy Mitchell to the stage here. Enjoy the electro and jazz vibes all through the three floors for the Le Bus Palladium. The most famous thing here is the American diner here. Across the Le Bus Palladium, there is never a dull moment. Hosting karaokes on Wednesday and Cine quizzes, Dj night and stand-up comedy on the other nights. Women gear up for the Thursday nights as the entry and the drinks are for free. This is one of the best nightclubs in Paris.

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