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Best Things To Do in Franche Comté On Your Vacation

In eastern France, the modern province of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté is a fusion between the former regions of Franche-Comté and Burgundy. This phrase alone gives you a feeling about the countryside and the violent past of the region. The region had been a part of violence until the mid-twentieth century. Burgundy, renowned for its Romanesque roots and extraordinary wines, has long been regarded as a region of historical and artistic significance. It is also not a concern that the city is dispersed by ancient forts and landmarks that honour bravery. There are also deep valleys and several lakes and waterfalls to be found in the unspoilt rural landscape. So, check out some of the best things to do in Franche-Comté. Also, plan your vacation right away with your loved one!

The Besançon Citadel

The Besançon Citadel
Image Credits: Pixabay

It is one of the top things to do in Franche-Comté! The Besançon Citadel, built by Vauban in the 17th century, is regarded to be one of France’s quite magnificent fortresses and among the most important works by Vauban. In addition to the calcareously designed brick parapets, Vauban also took the smallest specifics into account, since his pieces were less dangerous after a blow. The Citadel, one of the seven hills that defend Besançon, was built on Mount Saint-Etienne and is eleven hectares larger. When you’re on the walls, though, you may admire the view of the riverbanks Doubs and the hilly countryside. If it’s a 132 metre well, the bulwarks or the gun towers, you may find where your interest resides.

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Fort de Joux

Fort de Joux
Image Credits: Unsplash

In the 16th century the batteries, cornerstones, and barracks were added and the well dug which was also the deepest in France at that time at 147 metres above sea level. It safeguards a slender yet rugged spur on the Cluse de Pontarlier mountain pass. The construction was carried out to such high standards that before World War II, the fort was already part of the arsenal in the Maginot Line. Here since centuries there have been fortifications, but Vauban had the greatest influence on the site. I’m sure that tourists don’t miss out this highlight on the list of things to do in Franche-Comté.

Les Hospices de Beaune

The mediaeval hospice Les Hospices de Beaune was founded in the 15th century and was used until the mid-twentieth century. Les Hospices are revered both worldwide for its exquisite and outstanding traditional Burgundy architecture. And its famous Burgundy wine farm, the harvest of which is traditionally auctioned for service. The Hospice today is a medical history museum and displays the polyptych. It’s the final verdict by Rogier van der Weyden, among others.

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Notre Dame du Haut

This iconic pilgrimage chapel is also a UNESCO site which is one of the world’s biggest religious sites of the 20th century alongside 16 other works by Swiss artist Le Corbusier worldwide. In 1913, a hurricane ruined the mediaeval chapel here but then in the Second World War its replacement was attacked by German artillery. What substituted it in 1955 would set the pulse race. The construction is of recycled blocks, kept in a concrete framework, from the precursor to the church, and can surprise people familiar with the history of Le Corbusier, for it has curvature lines rather than right angles. On summer days, light beams deep into the south wall through the intermittent stained-glass windows.

Source du Lison

One of the best things to do in Franche-Comté. The Doubs Department is a magical setting, which will stay with you a long time. If you stay, near Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne village Athens it’s a must-visit. This is the second-highest outlet in the Jura just after Loue. It has 600 litres of blue-green water that rise from a grotto on the base of calcareous cliffs. Watch these a second, prior to water that cascades and down the hillside through leaky trees. There is a constant flow of water even in times of low rainfall. You can ascend the slope to the side to have a look at the cavern.

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Parc du Patis

The Parc du Pâtis is a vast and varied ecological space, instead of a landscape garden, on a circuit in the Marne south of Meaux. You can stroll along the Marne or cut through floral weeds, trees and 10 big ponds. Out of these some of them are protected by fun little bridges. Docks of birds including a glittering Eurasian golden oriole and the Kingfisher are attracted by the abundant water. And in spring, while the sun is down, there’s a public swimming beach in the Marne. You can hire a heraldic boat at the hire centre and enjoy a unique experience. DO make some space on your itinerary as it is one of the best things to do in Franche-Comté!


Image Credits: Pixabay

In the Yonne, Vezelay’s a lovely hill town. The city is a central Christian location. It’s the primary source of one of France’s primary pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. It is classified both as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its basilica in St Magdalene, dating back to medieval times. Vezelay is busy throughout the day and you can be scared off by the visitors. Try to sit in Vezelay for a night. Take a walk in Vezelay, with its stunning mediaeval buildings, high walls, mural and fortified entrances.

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Episcopal Palace

Episcopal Palace
Image Credits: Pixabay

Firstly, the backyard at the Episcopal Palace is a sign of ecclesiastical influence in the medieval era and is followed by a wooden gallery in the cathedral. In this turreted chamber, the chapter of clerics will address religious activities and advise the Monsignor of Meaux. Up to the main auditorium, you will walk up the building through a magnificent enclosed steel escalator. The Old Chapter was built to serve two separate functions, as the ground level was a hall, and was used in a huge vaulted house to store wine, wood and grain.

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Finding this guide useful? Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to this stunning place in France. Franche-Comté is going to be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences. We at Pickyourtrail make sure our best travel experience is put into crafting your itinerary with the best places to visit in Franche-Comté. Also, check out the top holiday packages and start planning your vacation! Happy travelling with your loved ones! Also, feel free to drop a  Whatsapp inquiry for any queries!

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