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Exploring the city of Paphos: How to enjoy the best city in Cyprus

Introduction to Paphos

Cyprus is often referred to as a ‘golden leaf thrown into the sea’. It is located in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is wealthy in terms of its history, and culture, thus there are lots of things to do here. Paphos is one of the major cities in Cyprus, which has charming beaches, an affluent history and excellent resorts. This is a perfect summer destination for sun lovers. Because of its tall mountains, rich valleys and wide beaches, Cyprus is truly irresistible. Let’s see what are the best things to do in Paphos on your next vacation.

When to Visit: June to August is the summer season in Paphos, hence it is the right time to visit. The weather is just the best for you to relax by the beach.

How to Reach: Paphos is home to the second-largest airport in Cyprus. Ryanair and Easyjet have flight services from major European cities. Even if you land at Larnaca International Airport, it would take around 2-hours to reach Paphos.

Things to do in Paphos

  1. Beaches of Paphos
  2. Paphos Old Town
  3. Aphrodite’s Rock
  4. Acropolis and Odeon
  5. Akamas Peninsula
  6. Kato Paphos Archeological Park

Beaches of Paphos

Paphos is home to some beautiful beaches in Cyprus. Blue waters and picturesque views are what that makes these waters desirable. Also, great resorts and a variety of activities attract a large number of people here. Some of the best beaches in and around Paphos are Coral Bay, Vrysoudia Beach, Lara, Alykes and Latchi. Out of these Lara is considered as one of the best beaches not only in Paphos but in the entire country. Lara beach has a wide sandy stretch and also the site for turtle nesting in the summer. Coral bay with its shallow waters is perfectly safe for families, also offers excellent dining options as well. Vrysoudia beach is located right in the heart of the tourist area. This is a busy beach with different activities like banana ride, jet ski etc.

Lara Beach, Paphos
Image Source: Unsplash

Paphos Old Town

Discover the essence of Paphos in the Old Town. You will find authentic buildings, restaurants, cafes and plenty of shopping options. Especially Kennedy Square and farmer’s market in Makariou Avenue is a must-see. The Old Town has an excellent collection of street art in its murals, which perfectly blend the old and new together. This is the best place to get original clothing, jewellery of Cyprus.

Aphrodite’s Rock

This is believed to be the very place where Aphrodite was born. It has great mythical importance. It is said that she arose from the sea in a shell in between this rock. You can also dive into the blue waters here, or take a stroll on the beach which has amazing views. Being the birthplace of the Goddess of beauty and love, Paphos has a huge part of the city’s history. The story may be mythical, but this place is indeed worth to witness the birth of a Goddess.

Aphrodite's Rock
Image Source: Unsplash

Acropolis and Odeon

This is where you see some of the remnants of the Roman period. The Odeon is a 12-row sandstone theatre, where music festivals are taking place in the summer. Right next to this is the Acropolis and lighthouse. Another attraction close to this, are the walls and ruins of Agora, which is the Roman marketplace. Furthermore, there is also the ancient temple of the God of healing Asklepios. This is one of the most visited and important historical attraction in Paphos.

Odeon Paphos
Image Source: Google Images

Akamas Peninsula

Make sure to have good hiking boots on your visit to the Akamas Peninsula. Here you can see more than 30 varieties of endemic plants and animals such as the monk seals and sea turtles. In addition to this, it overlooks the azure waters offering picturesque views. Akamas has some hidden beaches where you can take a dip in the waters to cool off. The main hiking option is the Aphrodite trail which takes you through the ruins of Pyrgos. Another popular trail would be the Adonis trail, which is shorter and an hour lesser than the Aphrodite trail.

Kato Paphos Archeological Park

Here is where you see the historical journey of Paphos. The park has relics from the Greek and Roman period to the Ottoman of Cypriot history. The main attractions here include the well-preserved Mosaics of Greek history and Tombs of Kings. This is a true testament to Cyprus’s influence of these different time periods and cultures. The park is open all days and has an entrance fee of EUR 5 per person.

Paphos Archeological Park
Image Source: Pixabay

These are some of the main attractions in Paphos. Ensure to check out the Paphos Castle, excellent wine collection and the authentic cuisine of this charming city. Plan your summer vacation to Cyprus and with Pickyourtrail. Check the Pickyourtrail website to customize your itinerary. Reach out to us via Whatsapp as well where our travel experts are at your service. Also, don’t forget to download the Pickyourtrail app to have your travel queries answered on the go.

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