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Cruise in Seine river
Written by Vijay on May 22, 2020 Share on

Boating in Paris

Paris is known to everyone as the city of love mainly because of its beautiful streets, happening places, and the magnificent Eiffel tower. But people often forget to admire the calmness which River Seine brings to this city. It is similar to the river Thames in London and Danube in Budapest. This river flows through the heart of the city and a cruise ride over this river just adds the cherry to the cake(Vacation). Think about having a romantic dinner with your loved ones while sailing over the river with Eiffel Tower in the background. Isn’t it just perfect? To experience this feeling one can choose from a lot of cruise options which they have at their disposal depending on the budget.

Snap fo Eiffel tower from the boat
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But choosing the cruise from the melange of options could be a tedious and tiresome job. So we have understood the pain and listed a few of the top-rated cruises below:

Bateaux Mouches Seine Cruise

This company started off with a single steamboat back in the year 1949, now boasts 15 massive modern fleets serving around 2.5 million people throughout the year now has become a symbol in the city. These fleets can be easily identified as they are relatively larger when compared to other cruises. The capacity of these cruises varies from 100 to 1000 passengers depending upon the requirements. Commentary is given over the head speaker on the boat and they also offer handouts in 22 different languages and yes you don’t really need a prior reservation to get on the boat.

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Bateaux Parisiens Seine Cruise

These cruises are best known for their medium-sized boats and sometimes might get crowded and turn out to be difficult especially during the summers when the temperatures are relatively on a higher side. Most cruise ships have the enclosed lower deck and an open upper deck. Typically the cruise lasts an hour and if you are not really particular about the boarding points then this the cruise you should be taking and don’t forget to download the app to reserve your seat on the upper deck. They offer commentary in 14 different languages so it is best advised to carry your earphones along.

Seine River
Image Credits: Google Images

Bateaux de Paris Seine Cruise

This operator is relatively new when compared to the above two and usually offers private tours as the boats are smaller and can be easily identified in their bright orange paint. They operate only between April to September.No commentary is given on this boat but you can pre-purchase the audio guide on spot.

Canauxrama Seine Cruise

You can pick this operator if you tend to explore both the scenic beauty along the river seine and also the normal canal tour with this operator. This river cruise lasts around 1.5 hours which a bit longer than other cruises. They also operate for 2.5 depending on the request that they get.

Vedettes de Paris Seine Cruise

These are the smallest boats that operate on the seine river. They can accommodate around 250 passengers at once. Commentary is available in 8 different languages and it can sometimes be difficult to hear especially if you are seated near the engine. 

The choice is up to you to decide which operator to pick and in case you are still confused about what you choose, we at are just a click away to help you customize your vacations as per your needs. We also expertise in creating Europe Tour packages

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