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Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on May 30, 2020 Share on

Explore the world of Ecotourism in Dubai

With major growth in the travel and tourism industry, we see a certain amount of pressure put on natural resources through over consumptions of a commodity or through pollution. Tourism has put enormous stress on local lands which are used to build hotels which in turn leads to soil erosion, increased pollution and these effects can progressively damage the environmental resources on which tourism depends. Adapting to a more eco-friendlier way of travelling is called ecotourism. There aren’t many countries willing to try since its more time and cost consuming. However, Dubai as got its hands dirty with implementing the ways of Ecotourism.

Dubai sunset
Image source: Pixabay

Dubai is the land of desert and it is purely a man-made wonder. Known for its stunning architectures, astonishing buildings and the luxurious experiences it provides, the place has been flocking with tourists. When you think of ecotourism, nobody knows how well effect or efficient it can be. However, Dubai and the UAE have started setting up projects and running that encourages ecotourism. They are all hands up for preserving what nature offers.

Concept of Ecotourism in Dubai

1. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary (RAKWS)

Dubai is focusing on how to not disturb animals and birds of its natural habitat yet still let tourists enjoy. The environmental agency of UAE has set up viewing areas far away from the wildlife. With a set of binoculars and seating area with shelter on top, the tourists can enjoy a picnic without actually disturbing the animals, birds, reptiles etc from their natural habitat.

2. Jebel Ali Marine Sanctuary

UAE is home to Hawksbill Turtle one of a kind species. The Jebel Ali Sanctuary has created a protected area. The turtles lay eggs in the protected area. President of the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG), Major Ali Saqr Sultan Al Suwaidi and his team constantly monitor and protect the nesting turtles and their incubating eggs. This provides an opportunity for the people of all age to have a hands-on experience releasing the turtle hatchlings back to the ocean.

Hawkbill hatchlings in Dubai
Image source: Google Images

3. Ride the Eco Donuts

People of UAE love spending time in the water. The government of the UAE has recently realised it and has invented the Eco doughnuts. Doughnut-shaped boat ride powered fully by solar panels. These boats can be rented by tourists. Best things about this ride are that you can take them to the places that motorboats aren’t allowed.

Dubai has really taken a step into the future. They have projects that could help us protect the world and preserve what we have left. Government has initiated thoughtful projects that help humans in realising how little they have left and the importance of saving the environment.

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