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EU Could Ease Restrictions For US Travelers – All Set To Travel?

After a year of almost ‘no international vacation’ and ‘intense lockdown’, all your eyes must be wanting is to read an article that says ‘Travel is possible’ and here you are, having landed at one. There has been so much chaos among travelers if the EU countries are accepting travelers from the US, vaccinated or not. Though there hasn’t been clear information given on what countries are accepting US travelers and what countries aren’t, we still could see that glimpse of hope making US to EU vacation possible in the near future. So, in case you are someone looking to travel to Europe from the US, this article will help you get clarity on the latest announcements. As per the recent update by the EU, the member states could ease restrictions for US travelers. Let’s get to know more about the progress.

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EU could ease restrictions for US travelers

As per the updates from the meeting in Brussels, EU ambassadors and the bloc members have agreed to recommend adding the U.S. to the list of countries (Albania, Lebanon, Hong Kong, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Macau, Serbia, and Taiwan) who can visit the EU. If this is approved by all the countries in the EU, then it’s like nothing else for US travelers. All vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers from the US can take their European vacation.

We all really hope that the EU comes back with some positive news and the US makes it to the white list. At this point, these announcements clearly indicate that the addition of the U.S. on the white list of EU is only a recommendation. And, it is non-binding.

What is a ‘white list’? – Countries on the white list are considered to be safe to visit for non-essential travel like tourism or visiting families. Regardless of your vaccination status, you can travel to those countries. And, countries that are not on the white list, will not be allowed to enter.

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About the EU countries

Even if the US is taken into the white list, the restrictions in EU member countries could differ from one another. It is up to the country’s decision on setting the entry guidelines and other travel restrictions.

There are some countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, and Romania) that have already started welcoming US travelers with a few travel restrictions in place. Other countries seem to give a positive update however the United Kingdom has extended the lockdown by another month.

Some countries might allow any type of traveler from the US, some requiring RT-PCR negative certificate, some allowing only vaccinated travelers, and some neither of the above. You still need to carry a negative COVID report while returning to the US that’s taken within 72 hours. This applies to vaccinated travelers as well.

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

When is this happening?

EU could ease restrictions for US travelers but there isn’t any clear deadline yet. Positively, soon. It still remains unclear if the addition of the US to the EU’s white list is possible. And, especially when that would happen. Whatever the decision may be, it’s quite unsure if all the restrictions will be lifted anytime soon. But the announcement of US travel possibility to the EU will itself spread a much-needed positivity. The US travelers should also wait for the guidelines of every country that they visit or transit through before taking a vacation.

The COVID status is constantly monitored and the EU officials have been having a check to prevent any new strain of the virus from taking us back to square one. They have recommended all the member countries to take enough inoculation efforts before the worldwide travel starts.

What is a digital green certificate? How will it help US travelers?

As the name suggests, the Digital Green Certificate (or digital vaccine passports) is a form of digital proof that explains the COVID and vaccination status of the person carrying it. It will have information on whether the person is vaccinated against COVID-19, has a negative RT-PCR test certificate, or recovered from COVID-19 in the past. You can carry a digital or even a printed one that has a QR code with a digital signature. Though the signature isn’t mandatory, it avoids forgery. So, better to add it to your digital certificate.

How does digital green certificate help? – Someone who has the certificate is considered to be safe and is allowed to move between the European countries without having to undergo quarantine or take COVID tests upon arrival. Though this is completely subject to change from country to country, in case the country you are visiting doesn’t ask you to take these procedures, isn’t that an added advantage?

Are these certificates already in action? – Most EU countries have already started adopting this new certificate system. Those countries include Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Poland. Other countries will also be starting this from July 1, 2021.

Is it applicable for US travelers? – It’s especially meant for EU citizens. However, US travelers can also carry one in case the authorities are convinced enough to let you exempt from these procedures. Remember, it lets you travel between EU countries easily. This certificate qualifies you as a safe traveler and is completely free so why not take it?

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

What next?

Can someone resist traveling after knowing that a destination like Europe might ease travel restrictions for US travelers? Though this is only a non-binding announcement, what if they ease the restrictions to your favorite destination? Be all set for your Europe trip by checking out the Pickyourtrail website for some USA vacation packages. The guidelines might change at any time, stay updated on the latest travel news and recent announcements. Unlock safe travel with Pickyourtrail!

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