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Written by Kajani Shivam on December 24, 2020 Share on

M For MALDIVES, Here We Comeee!! Sharing Our FUN-tastic Family Vacation to Maldives

2020, WHAT A YEAR, right? 2020 was the year which we all welcomed with soo much of excitement and happiness, but just like some people say, “2020 had other plans” and my plan for a vacation was also grounded.πŸ˜… But guess what? We actually experienced an amazing vacation in 2020. If COVID -19 was the trending talk of the year, a vacation to the Maldives was equally the new trending topic of the year!

Says our happy customer Mr Prudhvi who went on a family vacation to Maldives!

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How it all started…

8 whole months without travelling was really a nightmare to me and my wife. We are soo very done by watching all the web series which were on the pending list, trying new dishes, wishing to see a 100% COVID-FREE moment in the news channels, and what not.. We tried everything to get back to normal, but was still wondering how to get back to REAL NORMALCY. That’s when my brother-in -law and sister-in-law came up with the NEW MALDIVES NORMALCY IDEA!

My brother-in-law said, ‘from celebrities to normal people, a family vacation to Maldives has become the new trend and why not we plan one?’ As soon as I heard those, it felt like the golden words which a patient would want to hear from a doctor, it felt like the food coming to your table after a long wait and most importantly, it felt like the much needed words a traveller would love to hear after all these months. And that, brought my TRAVEL SPIRIT back to me!

The Angel said,”YES” πŸ˜‡ but the Devil said,”NO” 😈 Moment

Even though my travel spirit was all set for a vacation, I still had that mini me asking, “Is Maldives safe?”. It was literally a yes or no moment for me. But, finally the angel won and we decided to plan a family vacation to Maldives. To make things perfect, we needed a travel company which could completely guide us with every safety procedure and also to provide us a fantastic vacation. That’s when Pickyourtrail came into picture.

Choosing Pickyourtrail was honestly one of the best decisions, from the start to the end of our vacation, they guided us with every simple procedure. Let it be helping us plan our Maldives vacation or guiding us with filling the IMUGA Health Declaration form, the Pickyourtrail team was our life saving ninjas.

Finally, the day came… Our family vacation to Maldives started..🀩

All four of us were super excited and jumping with happiness to witness the beauty, Maldives. As soon as we entered the airport, it felt like we have found our long lost love! πŸ˜… We started off at 11:30 AM from Bangalore and landed at 1:10 PM at Maldives. After completing all the mandatory procedures, we got our seaplane transfer and that was yet another amazing experience!

We were full of SMILES 😁

A group of people

Our experience in Heritance Aara🏨

The resort was incredibly beautiful and the hospitality was top notch. It was really a PARADISE MOMENT for all of us. Each day, we literally woke up to the beautiful music that the waves played, dinning under the stars made us feel as if we have landed on a fairyland and the water sports took us back to our childhood! Last but not the least, the FOOD! Those were the tastiest dishes we have ever tasted. I could still feel the flavours in my tongue and I am sure you won’t be disappointed with the dishes.


Maldives Packages Starting @ β‚Ή48,520

That mandatory picture we were waiting to take post our water sport πŸ›Ά 

Group of people on their family vacation to Maldives

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Wasn’t Mr. Prudhvi’s Maldives experience amazing? It is, huh? It’s never too late to plan a family vacation to Maldives. Get your friends and family onboard and get ready for your own family vacation to Maldives. Still unsure? Well, check out Pickyourtrail website and have a look at the super cool Maldives packages. You can also ping us in Whatsapp and our travel consultants will help you plan your Maldives vacation! It’s time to make your own M for MALDIVES moment!

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