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Written by Preetha Manivelan on November 10, 2020 Share on

What Was It Like To Travel Post-Lockdown To A Paradise Like Maldives?

Nothing could stop me from travelling – Never did and never will! – Making your travel dreams happen amidst the pandemic will be the best feed to your soul

– says our customer Naga Venkatesh who went on a post-lockdown vacation with his wife to the Maldives.

All of us miss travelling, don’t we? I know how heartbreaking it is to see that your travel diary hasn’t had a feed in a long time. But we have an idea. Just imagine taking a break from your hectic work life and going on a vacation to a FUN-tastic destination like the Maldives. It’s even great to visit if your honeymoon trip to Maldives has been postponed. That’s what this entire blog is about. Let’s now see how Mr and Mrs Naga Venkatesh’s trip went, how safe it is to plan a Maldives post-lockdown vacation, what were the safety measures taken, how to stay safe ourselves in a foreign land and how to make the most out of your trip, of course.


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A story of how they found calm in the chaos!

8 whole months without travelling!!!

We love travelling. Oh, wait! Who doesn’t?

My wife and I are two hodophiles who found this lockdown difficult without travelling. And like music to our ears and treat to our eyes, we got to know that the Maldives has opened up and Pickyourtrail has been throwing some amazing deals. That’s when we made our decision to travel to this little piece of heaven on earth. Earlier, we travelled to Europe with Pickyourtrail in the month of March when the pandemic was at its peak in Europe. Even then, we never wanted to cut our trip short and come back to India. The urge of exploring never went down even a little but we did take some safety measures. And yes, although it was a bit difficult with everything that was happening around us, Pickyourtrail made it easy for us then which made us go again with these amazing guys now.

A couple enjoying in Maldives

So, we planned our trip in the month of September 2020 to fly in the month of October 2020 with an amazing Maldives honeymoon package crafted by pickyourtrail. We planned our stay to be at Coco Bodu Hithi for 3 nights. Now, let me tell you how our entire Maldives post-lockdown vacation went.

‘The new normal’

I think the Maldives would be a great destination to visit at this moment. We felt really safe right from the moment we set our feet in Maldives International Airport. It was all contactless so the social distancing was so on point. We took a flight from Hyderabad to Kochi and from there to Male. There was only one test that we had to take during the whole journey so we didn’t have to spend much time waiting or taking too many tests as most people assume. The only thing that we had to do was to show the bar code that gets generated while filing the IMUGA which is a mandatory pass for Maldives travel. Things were never overwhelming and that’s a great relief, right? And talking about the resort, it was too amazing with exemplary service and made us feel very comfortable.

A guy kissing a girl's hand

And, there are many perks if you are planning a Maldives post-lockdown vacation. Right from having a really private vacation in one of the busiest destinations without being crowded with tourists to enjoying the pristine Maldives peacefully and feeling home in a foreign land, everything about the trip would be so beautiful than you ever thought.

And luckily, when we returned back to India, we were testing COVID negative because of every safety measure that was followed by us and by everyone else we got to meet there. After all, negative is the new positive, right?

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Maldives couple vacation

How safe is it to travel to Maldives?

  • It was only an IMUGA form that you need to fill online and show the barcode at the airport. This means that you need not wait for a long time at the airport which seems to be the hotspot or have long conversations with any of them there.
  • Because not much people travel during this time, you get to spend some private time even in common areas like beaches. You don’t have to consciously concentrate on social distancing and that kind of gives you a pre-pandemic feel, doesn’t it?
  • You can enjoy your Maldives vacation like how you once dreamt but make sure you have your masks on and sanitize your hands often as a precautionary measure.

Maldives – A land of love and adventure!

A couple on a Maldives vacation

Why Pickyourtrail?


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Our experience with Pickyourtrail has always been great. Right from them planning our itinerary to making the booking and sending vouchers to us on time to spreading happiness through their prompt customer support, are everything that made us book with Pickyourtrail again. And we absolutely love how they are able to do such things with reasonable pricing compared to many other trip planners. And, because we have already had an experience with them during the start of pandemic and seen how cooperative they were, especially during the tough times, there is never a second thought for us on choosing Pickyourtrail and never will be.

Together hand in hand!

A couple holding hand in hand

Travelling is irresistible, isn’t it? Though the pandemic has changed our travel plans to some extent, if we can take care of our ourselves with all precautionary measures, we sure can make our travel dreams still happen. And, Maldives post-lockdown vacation stories like Naga Venkatesh and Keerthy’s, give us a lot more confidence, right? So, what is still stopping you from making your dream trip to the Maldives happen?

Check out the Pickyourtrail website and look for the amazing Maldives packages or come up with one of your choices and we would craft it for you in the best way possible.

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