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5 Upcoming Fabulous Festivals in Thailand

Thailand is very well known for its different festivals, and including a festival on your vacation to Thailand is just going to make your holiday all the more better! With a number of festivals lining up in the next few months and it being the best season to visit Thailand, there’s no better time to start planning for your perfect vacation to Thailand! Check out our sample Thailand packages, which can help you plan your vacation! Now let’s take a look at some of the best festivals coming up.


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1. Chiang Mai Flower Festival – Feb 5th to Feb 7th

Every year on the first weekend of February, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival takes place featuring a parade, flower exhibition and the Miss Chiang Mai Flower Festival competition.The hills and valleys of Chiang Mai are ideal natural habitats for a vast variety of tropical as well as temperate flowers. The annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival features an impressive showcase of traditional and contemporary floral art and Lanna cultural splendour. The festival also supports the province’s horticultural industry which has steadily grown in importance as one of Thailand’s major exporters of fresh cut flowers, ornamental plants, and a range of other horticultural products. A total of 222 varieties of flowering and ornamental plants will be on display during the three-day event.

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Many of the girls atop the gaily decorated floats and carriages are candidates for the Miss Chiang Mai Flower Festival competition. By late afternoon the really serious part of the festival, choosing the Chiang Mai Flower Festival Queen, begins. Loud rock music and refreshments aid the deliberations. The party goes on into the evening until the Flower Festival Queen is chosen.

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2. Pattaya Bike Week – Feb 13th to 14th

Pattaya Bike Week is a huge event that brings many bikers together for various activities and shows. It is held every year in Pattaya around mid-February and it raises large amounts of money for charity each year. It is a time for local and tourist bikers to come together and showcase their bikes. Bike Week is filled with music and food with a warm concert festival atmosphere. It can get busy, loud, exciting, electric and of course a fun event.

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3. Phuket International Blues Rock Festival – Mid/Late Feb

Phuket International Blues Rock Festival happens to be one of the best ceremonies in the country and it takes place in different venues around Phuket in February where artists and fans from all over the world meet. If you are a music lover just try out this event to enjoy musical acts and unique music sounds. It is a two-day event that begins with plenty of drinks and food, games and music at the official opening of the gate. It is all about music and presentations from renowned artists and music bands from all over the world.

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4. Thailand International Balloon Festival – March 4th to 5th

The first Thailand International Balloon Festival will be fired up on the weekend of March 4th & 5th at Payap University in Chiang Mai.  The event is a fabulous fun filled event with thirty pilots from around the world joining the show with both regular and special balloon shapes, spectacular night glow balloon shows with original music, dance performances, concerts, activities for the whole family and delicious food from top hotels and restaurants in Chiang Mai.

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5. Songkran Thai New Year Water Festival – April 13th to 15th

The Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year’s Day from 13 to 15 April. The holiday is known for its iconic water festival, which is mostly celebrated by young people. Major streets are closed for transportation means, and are used for as arenas for water fights. Celebrants, young or old, participate in this tradition by splashing water on each other. More importantly, traditional parades are held, where cars are decorated with traditional ornaments. Also, central festival often hold a pageant contest where contestants are dressed in traditional Thai clothing and awarded the title of “Miss Songkran”.

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