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Kochi to Greece Flights
Written by Kiran on January 21, 2022 Share on

Flights from Kochi to Greece: A Complete Guide

Thinking of travelling to Greece from Kochi, India? You have landed at the right place! The only way to reach Greece is by taking a flight from Kochi International Airport and landing at one of the places mentioned below:-

  • Athens
  • Chania
  • Santorini
  • Heraklion
  • Mykonos

Kochi (COK)

First, Let’s take a look at Kochi, Kerala also known as God’s own country is situated in the southern part of India famous for its lush greenery and its rich crop fields. Kochi (COK) the cultural heritage centre of Kerala is also well known for its food streets. The home city of Kerala packs a good punch of great tourist spots like Cherai beach, shopping spots like lulu mall and heritage Mattancherry Palace. People who are willing to explore the whole of Kerala can start from Kochi which is considered to be the centre and places like Munnar, Allepey, Ashtamudi are easily accessible from here. The city never fails to celebrate its festivals like Cochi Carnival, Vishu and Onam. 


Let’s get to the flights. When it comes to India to Greece the most popular airlines in the market are Lufthansa, Air France and Emirates. The above airlines give the finest experience possible when it comes to travelling to Greece. The flight prices can vary from 35,000 to 1,00,000 depending upon the destination, the type of flight and the class type. Even though there are multiple airports in Greece the most preferred airport is the one in Greece. Next to Athens, Chania and Heraklion are the airports which are busy and the most used airports for tourism. Since both cities are close to each other, chances of using these airports are high.

Greece (GR)


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When it comes to Greece, people who are fond of history and have an interest in Greek mythology tend to visit Athens, the capital of Greece, with lots of expectations. Athens is considered to be one of the largest cities and has a great influence on Greece in it with lots of Ancient buildings and is named after the goddess of war Athena. Athens have multiple sightseeing spots such as The Athenian Acropolis, Theatre of Dionysus, The Architect of Parthenon, The Stoa of Athens, The Nix, The Block, The Mosque Minaret, The Academy of Athens and many more.


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Santorini the Island in Greece, is famous for its white and blue waters and the best ancient architectural buildings and with one of the best luxury hotels in the whole of Greece. Santorini is considered to be one of the most attractive tourist destinations. It has over two million tourists visiting every year. It is called heaven on earth. The popular tourist spots in Santorini are Oia, Imerovigli, Thera, Kamari, Red Beach, Ancient Thira, Archaeological Museum and many more attractions. Santorini mainly comprises two islands Cyclades and Aegean Islands.



Famous for its Venetian harbour. Chania is well known for its Football Museum and Minoan’s World. It has one of the best 9D experiences when compared to the other spots all over the world. Chania is a small town in Greece. It can be explored in a day or two. Since all of the sightseeing places hardly take a few hours. and can be explored as fast as possible when the duration of the trip is short.



Heraklion is one of the places in Greece where people who love books and history can have a blast. Heraklion houses The Natural History Museum of Crete The Heraklion Archaeological Museum and the Knossos Archaeological sites. It is also famous for its gastronomical experience, where multiple restaurants have a wide variety of authentic dishes to offer.


The above-mentioned cities are the most popular tourist places in Greece. Now the whole question revolves around how much time does it take to reach the above-mentioned cities and are there any connecting flights when it comes to travelling to Greece via Flights. The FAQ area would help people riddled with the most basic questions.


Which is the main airport in Greece?

Athens International Airport, located in Athens, Greece is the main airport.

The number of International airports in Greece?

There are 15 international airports in Greece and connectivity between them is fantastic.

Which airline is best to fly from Kochi to Greece?

Air France and Lufthansa are some of the best airlines to fly from Kochi to Greece.

Minimum flight cost to travel from Kochi to Greece?

It varies according to the airline and the destination city and availability. The average flight cost per person would range from INR 85000 – 150000, from Kochi to Greece.

What documents are all required at the Kochi airport to travel to Greece?

– Negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate
– Valid passports
– Valid visa


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