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flights to greece
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Hyderabad to Greece Flights: A Complete Guide

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the flights from Hyderabad to Greece and get ready to book your trip to the Cradle of western Civilizations with Pickyourtrail soon.

With direct flights and the shortest travel time, Greece enjoys excellent connectivity from numerous locations in India. We go through the approximate flight fares, carriers, and much more in this section.

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Hyderabad to Greece flights

  • Hyderabad to Greece route has multiple direct/indirect flight options with a travel time of approximately 12-24 hours depending upon the number of stops.
  • Flight fare for Hyderabad to Greece would be approximately INR 95,000 for one person, depending upon the departure date, airline, number of stops.
  • Qatar Airways, Aegean Airlines, Sky Express, Wizz Air and Olympic Air are some the most popular options available to travel from Hyderabad to all the above-mentioned list of destinations at reasonable price ranges with flexible flight duration.
  • People can fly into the Greek cities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Santorini, and Zakynthos from Hyderabad either through direct or indirect flights depending on the budget, travel time, etc.
Flights to greece
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List of destinations:


This is a global city and one of the largest economic centers in Southeast Europe and its port of Piraeus is Europe’s largest passenger port and the second largest in the world. Ancient Heritage is still visible in the city, represented by its ancient monuments, works of art famous throughout the Parthenon, which is an important symbol of early Western civilization. The city also houses Roman and Byzantine monuments, such as the Acropolis of Athens and the ancient Daphni Monastery. Beautiful structures of both ancient Greece, as well as modern European architecture, can be witnessed throughout different parts of the capital city.


Thessaloniki is in the Thermaic Gulf, on the northwest corner of the Aegean Sea. It is Greece’s second-largest economic, industrial, commercial, and political center; is a major transportation center in Greece and south-eastern Europe, especially in the port of Thessaloniki. The city is famous for its festivals, events, and healthy cultural life in general, and is regarded as the cultural capital of Greece. The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is being established as one of the most important film festivals in South Europe. Thessaloniki is famous for its shopping streets and lively streets. The city has long been known in Greece for its healthy city culture, and as the city having the greatest number of restaurants and bars among all European cities, as well as having the best nightlife and entertainment in the world.


Heraklion or Iraklion is the largest city and administrative capital of the island of Crete and is the fourth largest city in Greece. Venetian buildings such as the Koules Fortress, walls, and armor dominate the port area. Its pristine beaches and a blend of both the Venetian and early ottoman era architecture along with its unique culture is a must-see place while visiting Greece.

Travel advisory for Greece:

During the COVID-19 epidemic, it is even more important than ever to get travel insurance and check that it provides adequate coverage. There is a common threat to terrorism. There may be additional security during the holidays, including Christmas markets and other large events that can attract large crowds. You should always be vigilant and follow the advice of the local authorities. Forest fires often occur during the summer months throughout Greece due to the dry/hot climate. There are certain regulations regarding what type of food items and drinks can be taken into the EU. Travelers are advised to read the necessary documents related to EU food and beverages policy carefully. Foreign nationals are required to carry their passport along with an identity card.

flights schedule
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Best time to book the flights?

  • Advised to book flights at least 2 or 3 weeks before departure to get a better deal, essentially below-average price. September to November would have the cheapest fares to fly to Dubai.
  • The best months of may to July are considered to have higher fares.
  • June to August are the hottest months of the year, with temperatures reaching 30°C. The average flight price varies depending on the month and carrier. Despite the fact that the weather is supposed to be that way, attractions will continue to draw visitors all day!

Frequently asked questions

1) How can one travel into Greece?

Greece welcomes visitors to the use of advanced healthcare systems. Greek Tourism operates as securely as possible, for tourists, staff, and everyone involved in the provision of tourist services. Separation (segregation) of visitors from abroad is not required. However, entry to Greece will be allowed on the following conditions:

All guests must complete an electronic PLF document before the trip. Travellers should show a negative PCR test performed up to 72 hours prior to arrival or a (quick) antigen test performed 24 hours prior to arrival. Upon entering Greece, visitors may be tested for COVID-19 directed at them. In the event of a positive outcome, travellers will be accommodated in a private hotel, free of charge. If a positive event is detected after sample testing at the country’s borders, then entry into the country may not be allowed.

2) Which vaccines are acceptable for the vaccination certificate?

Pfizer BioNTech mRNA, Spikevax Astra Zeneca, Vaxzevria, Johnson & Johnson, Gamaleya, (Sputnik) Ad26/Ad5, Gam-COVID-Vac, Sputnik vaccine Cansiνo Biologics AD5-nCOV, trade-named Convidencia, Sinopharm, Covishield nCoV, COVAXIN Bharat Biotech, India Whole virion inactivated.

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