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5 Things to Do on your Honeymoon Trip to Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Honeymooning in Australia

Marriages are made in heaven. And, honeymoon in Australia. That might have caught you off guard, considering how a major part Aus’s image centres around beaches, parties and cricket. The usual parade of resorts, Australia is of course well endowed with. But what fun is it to fly along with the mainstream crowd and not exploring, discovering, the uncharted? Just getting started on your honeymoon planning – here’s your bible on how to do honeymoon best in the Land of Down Under. Read it. Memorize it. And we recommend – Do it.

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The Rainforest Dining Experience, Cairns ~

Fancy dining in the wild? Among lush green foliage in the silhouette of the dark, you will be served a six-course meal under a silk marquee. Lit by a candle between you and the love of your life, premium wine and beverages like coffee and tea will feature throughout the dining experience. Enchanted? Prepare for 2 – 3 hours of solitude and bask in the romance of this unique dining experience.

The Cairns rainforest
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Horse Riding along the beaches, Victoria ~

Beach has always been synonymous to romance and getaway and, of course, seclusion too? But who’s to say that only way to do that involved sunscreen and picnic baskets? Fancy a horse ride? The new way to conjure up some romantic sparks is by riding a horse along the Great Ocean Road. The horizon is set to sand dunes, sparkling ocean, and possible glimpses of seals and some majestic bird life. Three to four hours on horseback with your partner, with coastal views to accompany – you know you are doing this right. At the end of the ride, lay your weary legs to rest at the coastal town of Port Campbell.

Representative image for couple horse riding activity on Ocean Road
Image credit – jujutours

Cycling and Wine, Barossa Valley ~

Don’t drink and drive. But nobody said don’t drink and bike. On your honeymoon in Australia head on a romantic escapade with a little medieval tint to it. Cycling together in the Barossa Valley, prepare to discover some scenic vineyards along the way. Any of them caught your fancy? Park by its wine tasting cellar and sip on some of this magic. Cycling got you panting and in need of hydration? Wash down the exhaustion with some bottled water. At the very start of the tour, you will be provided two bikes, a map, all the necessary safety equipment, bottles of drinking water, a bottle of Australian Sparkling Wine and two glass flutes – yay, you get to bring your own glasses for the tasting! This three hours of magic is ought to bond you both a little more.

The Barossa valley wine and cycling activity
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Hot Air Balloon experience, Avon Valley ~

Here’s a little more of the wine experience, for those of you who would like to ignite some romance with a sparkle in your glasses. There’s more to this than wine, though. Does picturesque aerial sights of a green carpeted valley seem like your thing? Well then, climb aboard the hot air balloon that kick-starts at the town of Northam. On your honeymoon in Australia, float mid-air with your prospective other! Envelope in the beautiful scenes of the valley of Avon. After an hour of this awe-inducing experience prepare to float down to Northam for some heart-filling breakfast. Some hearty, Aussie breakfast and champagne – what a way to start that day, that too, with your love by your side.

Aerial view of the Avon valley
Image credit – pinterest

Open Air Cinema, Sydney ~

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Open air cinemas don’t necessarily need you stationed in a car with other families with screaming kids in their cars. No occasional knocking of your window pane from a food-hawker as you are trying to rejoice in some alone time with your partner. None of this. Welcome to Sydney – the classier version of outdoor movies is here. Fancy sitting by the Sydney harbour as you catch up on that new romantic flick? Or maybe, under starry nights, as you lie on a bean bag catch your latest Marvel movie on Bondi beach. St George Open Air Cinema by the Sydney Harbour or Ben and Jerry’s Openair Cinemas Bondi on the Bondi beach. The choice is yours. Well yours and your partner’s. Whatever your choice, prepare for some snuggles and cuddles as you catch up on that movie on your honeymoon in Australia!

Completely in awe of all the great experiences that are in line for you and your partner on your honeymoon in Australia? Hesistate no longer, we are here to help. Let’s get talking and planning your Australia trip packages!

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