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Hyde Park in London
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 8, 2020 Share on

Explore the beauty of Hyde Park in Central London

Overwhelmed with the rush in London city? Then it’s time to head towards the most peaceful Hyde Park where you can peacefully relax the greenery. Among the four Royal Parks in central London, Hyde Park is the largest of them. Apart from walking and biking paths, you may witness the Kensington Palace, one of many British Royal Family residences, the giant Serpentine, a lake home to swans and other waterfowl, and Speaker’s Corner, which has long been used as a place for free speech and debate since the 1870s. You can have a relaxing walk by experiencing the luxury of the Royals too. 

Let’s go on a gentle walk to explore this Park!

Hyde Park in London
Image Credits: Unsplash.com

Top 5 Things to Do in Hyde Park

1. Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner is a historical spot that has been the site of open debates and to present speeches since 1872. The Speakers Corner is still a place to talk freely and passionately. You can see people passionately speaking on any topic at the historical spot. 

2. The Serpentine Lake

Serpentine Lake is a beautiful 40-acre lake that winds snake-like across the central section of the park. It’s long been the centre of activity in Hyde Park, thronging with geese and waterfowl, surrounded by picnickers on striped deck chairs (which you can hire cheaply). During warmer months, you can explore the lake by hiring a boat or Pedalo.

3.Serpentine Galleries

Located on either side of the lake are the Serpentine Galleries. The gallery showcases the masterpiece works of the International famous artist, also during summer, a new temporary pavilion structure will be showcased by a  different architect. This temporary pavilion hosts a series of music, performance, and film called Park Nights during its three-month opening. The gallery is open for visitors to explore at a free entry on all days except Monday. 

4.Princess Diana Memorial Site

Kensington Palace was the former home of Princess Diana, and there is a series of memorial sites to the late Princess of Wales throughout the gardens and park. The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain was designed to reflect her life and personality. It also has a huge wooden pirate ship playground to remember the love she had for children and to encourage childhood imaginations. 

5.Events and Festivals

Hyde Park is famous for its most celebrated events and festivals. The park is transformed into a free-entry magical Christmas area that is completely occupied with fairground attractions, ice-rinks, circuses, ice-sculptures, and foods with drinks to enjoy. Plenty of events and concerts take place throughout the year. 

Hyde Park
Image Credits: Unsplash.com

Things to know about Hyde Park In London


Monday to Sunday – 5:00 AM – 11:59 PM

Entry Fees

There is no Entry Fee to visit Hyde Park in London

Hyde Park is calm in between the screams. A place to peacefully spend your day after all the shouts. Discover more about the royals with a gentling walk experience. From football, swimming, and boat-rowing, to snapping photos or even just having a quiet afternoon reading a book, Hyde Park has it all. Also, keep an eye out for the royal guards and horses who might be randomly marching in the park during your visit. Reach Pickyourtrail to get the coolest travel packages to London. Unwrap the experience with Pickyourtrail.

Happy Journey!

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