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waterfalls in Iceland
Written by Akshaya Devi on May 22, 2020 Share on

Iceland in December – A Complete Guide

If anything, Iceland reminds us that darkness prevails so we can appreciate the beauty of light. Twice a year, the equator tilts the furthest from the sun and this “Winter Solstice” means longer, darker, colder nights ahead with no light on the horizon. The arrival of the shortest day of the year announcing darkest times ahead doesn’t sound festive, but only until you look deeper. The whole ordeal of extra darkness is but an indication that the night is darkest just before the dawn; the dawn of good, finer things in life. Iceland toasts this spiritual occurrence by pulling off what’s undeniably the world’s best light show—the northern lights. Visiting Iceland in December reminds how humble is our existence in this vast, beautiful universe. And here are some more reasons.

It’s only Iceland and you in December!

If that puts a mythical spin on the winter solstice, the scientific side of it signifies transformation, rejuvenation and self-reflection. The month of “quietest energy” inconspicuously awakens the need to look inward and rethink our priorities. The happening of Christmas and New Year at this precise time seems like no coincidence after all. If you are to undergo a shift in your life perspective, you should as well do it in Iceland, devoid the crowds, devoid the noise, devoid the inflated fares.

December is the northern lights season

Aurora Borealis aka northern lights season starts from November and is at its peak during December. Why? December in Iceland has the darkest nights and shorter days and hence a pitch-black sky becomes the canvas for the northern lights. Don’t let the early sunsets and darkness bother you, for the snow galore dilutes the darkness and walks you to paradise. Thingvellir, Reykjavik, Threngsli, Vik are some of the best places to see northern lights in Iceland. Or you can admire this spectacular light show from a see-through igloo (Reykjavik Domes resort) or an outdoor steam jacuzzi (Hotel Kjarnalundur) also!

Keep warm by taking a dip in hot springs. Or saunas

Pack a bathing suit, Iceland is known for its alluring natural hot springs located as the centrepiece of surrounding mountains and waterfalls—Blue Lagoon, Landbrotalaug hot spring, Reykjadalur steam valley and Reykjavik geothermal footbath to name a few. Blue Lagoon even has natural lava mountains and in the vicinity, making it the most popular hot spring in Iceland. Or if you don’t want a bunch of folks around you, Reykjadalur steam valley would be the best choice.

Ever been to ice cave parties? Visit Iceland in December

Snow brings out all kinds of creativity in Icelanders. As we know, Langjokull is the second-largest glacier in Iceland. Inside the glacier, you go and you will find the “coolest” glacier party ever. Not any party but a party with DJ jamming sessions, ice cave acoustics, booze, dance and more. If it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that you are after, Iceland is absolutely the place to be. It doesn’t end here, from Winter Lights festival to open-air music, Iceland goes 1-10 in terms of energy in December.

Iceland vacation cost won’t give you a heart attack if visited in December.

As we know it needs quite some savings and shopping control to visit Iceland. But if you visit Iceland in December, you may not need to burn a hole in your pocket. From airfares and accommodation prices to car rentals, you might be able to find great deals for Iceland than any other seasons.

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