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Italy in August
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Italy In August – An Elaborate Guide to Italy Vacation in August!

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and thousands of customers travel to this country every year. Right from the magnificent Colosseum to the picturesque Venice, the country is home to pretty tourist spots. There are also beautiful beaches and man-made marvels. In addition to the big cities like Milan, Rome and Venice, there are also many other spectacular villages and towns to explore. While the country is worth visiting all year, August is s month that brings the summer vibe to Italy. Read on to know more about visiting Italy in August!

Aerial view of Venice in Italy as on August 2018
Photo by canmandawe on Unsplash

Italy in August

The month of August brings the peak summer season in Italy. It is also a month of vacation for the people of Italy. Since the local people are vacationing on the beaches, there might be a drop in tourists in interior cities like Rome and Florence. There are several pros and cons that you will have to consider to travel to Italy in August. It will depend on the places you want to visit, the type of activities you want to do and your adeptness at the weather. Read on to know more about the things you can do and what you can expect if you visit Italy, the Bel Paese in August.


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Weather in Italy in August

The weather in Italy during August is comparatively hot and yet constantly changing. Despite being the hottest month in Italy, August also provides high humidity and few chances of rain. You can also expect some heat waves if you visit Italy during August. Due to this hot weather, most Italians take a vacation during this period and move towards the coastal regions for vacation. Hence, you might expect most of the retailers to be closed on the mainland. Find the average temperatures of different region in Italy during August below. However, we suggest you check the weather during your trip before your departure to manage your itinerary.

Weather in Italy in August
Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash
Region Temperature
Northern Italy65-85°F / 18-30°C
Southern Italy70-90°F / 21-32°C
Central Italy80-90°F / 26-32°C
Average temperature in Italy during August (approx. values)

Why Italy in August?

Is August a good month to visit Italy? Well, it is in some way. It might not be the best of times to visit the country. However, you can visit Italy in August if you want to save some money and avoid a large crowd. However, the coastal cities like Venice, Rome, and Florence will be a bit crowded as the local Italians would have converged in these cities for their vacation. But you can visit the small interior towns and explore their beauties in peace. It is the ultimate period if you are a beach lover as the setting is perfect for a summer holiday on the beaches. There are also many summer events, festivals and much more happening in August which you can enjoy during your visit.

Waterways in Venice
Photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash

Events in Italy in August

As mentioned, August is the month of vacation for Italians and there are many holidays lined up across the month. Adding to that, many festivals and events happen in August, making it the buzzing time of the year. The Palio of Siena happens twice each summer, and the second event occurs in August on the 16th. Another festival known as the Verona’s Opera Festival happens through August and continues even in early September. It happens inside the 10,000-seat Roman amphitheatre in Verona – The Arena. These major festivals are a few of the many local festivals that happen in Italy during August. These festivals include various amazing elements like horse riding, merrymaking, culinary experiences and much more.

The Arena in Verona
Photo by Alberto Bigoni on Unsplash

Places to Visit in August

Italy is filled with many wonderful sites and exclusive experiences which makes it one of the most travelled countries in the world. August, being a typical summer month, might be the best time to hit the beaches. You can visit the pristine beaches in the beautiful cities of Puglia, Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Sardinia. However, these places might be crowded given the fact August is a vacation month for Italians. If you want to escape the crowd and wish to feel the freshness of Italy, then you can visit Dolomites Mountains in Northeast Italy. Sharing its borders with Switzerland, it is one of the most beautiful mountain range you will ever see. You can visit the town of South Tyrol, which is a piece of beauty coming straight out of the book of most beautiful sceneries in the world.

dolomites mountains in Italy
Photo by Valdemaras D. on Unsplash

Another amazing place that you can visit in Italy in August is the city of Orvieto. It is a clifftop village lying on top of a gigantic volcanic mound. The journey in itself is an attraction as you would have to climb to the top and you can enjoy the picturesque views as you stroll up the hike. Once you reach the city, there are several attractions available ranging from architectural marvels to culinary experiences. The main attraction is the ornate cathedral and it is over 800 years old. Also, another place for architectural junkies is the city’s clock tower also known as the Torre del Moro. If you are craving authentic Italian food, you can visit the Trattoria la Mezza Luna which offers delicious Italian food for reasonable prices.

Things to know before visiting Italy in August

If you are travelling to Italy in August, please make sure you carry comfortable, cotton clothes that are suitable for the summer heat. You can also make sure that your hotel is in the centre region making it easily accessible from all the attraction so that you don’t have to walk a lot under the scorching sun. If your itinerary has coastal cities, please book your stay and activities well in advance as they might get sold out due to the high number of local tourists in August in Italy.

While August might not be the best month to explore Italy, it is not the worst either. You just have to be at the right places at the right time and plan well. If you still have to know more about planning your August vacation in Italy, need not worry. Our Travel Consultants at Pickyourtrail will help you create the best Italy tour packages and Italy honeymoon packages for Italy. You can also customise your very own itinerary for your Italian Holiday.

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