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Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on July 30, 2020 Share on

Roam around the vibrant streets of La Alameda in Spain

Once an upon a time, back in the days, the street of La Alameda was considered not safe and felt best avoided. It is not the same case now. La Almeda is now one of the most happening places in the city of Seville. Ever wanted to spend a day at leisure roaming the streets of Europe sipping a drink and casually walking? Head to the streets of La Alameda in Spain.

La Alameda in Spain
Image Source: Unsplash

The streets of La Alameda have got their own touch of historic sites, iconic landmarks and churches that are definitely worth a visit. We are not going to lie, the street of this region definitely flocked with tourists but this is mainly due to its trendiness. Below is a list of things on what you can do in the streets of La Alameda.


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What to do here?

1. Buy decors at Wabisabi

Take a look at colourful vases, furniture and mini decors that can style up your living room. Though you may not be able to buy furniture to take back home, we suggest you try buying souvenirs. There are many handcrafted items that can be gifted and used as home decor.

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2. Liberia Un Gato En Bicicleta

Are you the person who gets happy sniffing the pages of a book or someone who can’t go to bed without little reading? If Yes, head to this cute little store that sells books and also acts as a gallery that exhibits arts from local artists. Cheer the talented artists and pick a book to read in the cute little corner. If you are not sure what to buy, there is always someone happy to help and suggest a few books to read.

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3. Sip a drink at THE PEOPLE

Looking for a place to enjoy a pint of beer or glass of wine? Head to The People, a retro bar situated in the streets of La Alameda. From youth to couples, you will see all kinds of people chilling in this famous bar and it is also a proud LGBT bar making it cool and unique in its own way.

4. Try your hands in shopping

No matter where you go or travel, shopping is something no one can let go of. Visit Calle Feria, just next to Alameda de Hercules. Calle Feria is a historic street, filled with markets that sell quirky items and clothing. Just like Alameda, you can find several stores, bars and eateries filled with people enjoying a cosy night in a vibrant surrounding.

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