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Legian Beach Surfing
Written by Nigilesh on April 29, 2020 Share on

Legian Beach Surfing: Your Goto Spot For Best Surf Experience in Bali

The ocean water shining like a diamond, all hail Rihanna, toes covered with beach sand, water slipping to and fro like siblings playing with a blanket and feeling the sun. It will seem like it’s perfect enough, but it does get better at Legian Beach. This is the perfect place to lose your shirt and your thoughts of the routine life and head into the tides with a surfboard because Legian is the prime spot in all of Bali for surfing activities. Legian Beach is an ideal place for first-time surfers as well because the tides are just high enough to enjoy and learn surfing without any risk.

Surfing at Legian Beach

Where exactly is the Legian Beach?

Legian Beach is exactly 20 km away from Bali Airport. From the most common place people stay in Bali, Kuta, the beach is just 10 mins away. Almost all the must-visit places are very much accessible from this point, making this a good place of interest to stay as well.

What is Legian Beach like?

The Legian beach is a very popular tourist attraction so always a lot of people are expected. The whole white sand shore of the beach is populated with coconut stalls and surfers from around the world preparing to enter the waters.

The best way to enjoy the whole vibe of Island life is by choosing to stay near a beach like Legian, hiring a bike or a scooter and venturing around the area to explore the places like a true pro. 

Legian beach

Click here to witness a 360-degree click of the beach

Places to stay near Legian Beach

Legian Beach apart from the experiences of Island Cultures also offers a lot of great places to stay. Legian Beach is located in the province of Kuta. There is a magnitude of hotels in Kuta that offers great stays, amidst google reviews and paid advertisements the best way to locate a genuinely good place to stay can be arranged with the help of a Travel Consultant.

What else is there in Legian Beach?

Here comes the best part of the whole vacation, Shopping. There is a perpendicular road named after the beach. This is a great place to buy a souvenir, look out for the local culture and a very good place to try out the infamous Bali cuisine. Also, it is very common to spot a bar alongside the shores by the evening with some light live music, ideal to enjoy the evening with the cold breeze of the beach brushing your face.

Shopping alongside the Legian Beach

Training for First-time surfers

The shore is filled with various surf clubs and every one of them offers training lessons for first-time surfers. Swimming knowledge is very much essential to have a safe water sports experience.

How much does it cost?

Renting of a surfboard with a brief training lesson costs around 3-5 thousand Indian Rupees per person. There may be additional charges for Parking if you have a vehicle as renting is common everywhere.

Above The Tides

Surfing is described by the experts as a way of life, “Bad times in life are just like Waves, you cannot stop them but you can learn to surf”. Sports involving nothing but nature are very rare and surfing is one of them and one of the best places to try out surfing is definitely – Legian Beach. Book a vacation to Bali’s Legian beach to rise above the tides. Pick and choose from the plethora of Bali holiday packages offered by Pickyourtrail.

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