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White Water Rafting on Ayung river, Bali
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White Water Rafting on Ayung River: Experience Adventurous Side of Bali!

Blessed with an abundance of biodiversity and corals beds, Bali is one of the most tourist-centric provinces of Indonesia. Not just this, but being crowned as the world’s top destination in the traveller’s choice award, not once but twice, makes it an obvious spotter on the traveller’s checklist. With more than 15,000 temples and an outpouring history of tradition, Bali is also known as the ‘Land of the Gods’. Are you looking for a destination to sit back and take a break and stay in amazing resorts? Are you looking for a spiritual submission? Or are looking for an adventurous escape, guess what, Bali has it all!! Bali is also home to a variety of cuisine, culture, history, and heritage. Contradictory to its image of being a soulful place, Bali has its game-changer: White Water Rafting on Ayung River.

White Water Rafting On Ayung River

White Water Rafting Ayung River
Image Credits: Unsplash

Being the longest river on the Indonesian island, the Ayung River is a Mecca for adventure-seeking tourists and gives a truly breathtaking experience. The river lies in the Northwest of central Ubud and spans approximately 75 km. Based on the International Scale of River Difficulty, there are six grades based on factors such as rate of water current, size of the rocks to be encountered, need for a professional trainer, the drops and turns of the river, etc determines the level of difficulty. Based on the same scale the Ayung river is classified as class 2 to class 3, novice to intermediate level, respectively, during the dry season. The uniqueness that makes White Water Rafting in Ayung river stand out among the other rivers is the artistic touch alongside the cliffs of the river, making it the best scenic experience.

Why Ayung River is the best for White Water Rafting?

Following are the reasons that make the Ayung River the most likely choice for white water rafting:-

  • Most suitable location
  • Safety measures
  • Tender foot friendly
  • Close knit with nature
  • Adjustable timing

Most suitable location

Ubud is known as the hub for traditional and cultural beauty, making it the tourist-centric town of the other places. Hence playing as an advantageous point for the Ayung river. Ubud is an upland area, making it also an agricultural mine and contributing to its panoramic view.

White Water Rafting in Ayung River
Image Credits: Unsplash

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Safety Measures

Being the highest tourist fetching town, Ubud has proven its sense of responsibility by providing the best safety availability compared to all the other rivers offering water rafting. Their customer-friendly behaviour adds another jewel to their crown of hospitality and makes it the absolute choice for the tourists.

Tenderfoot Friendly

Falling in class 2 and class 3 of the International Scale of River difficulty, makes it safe and sound for beginners as well as children above the age of 5 years. The water current and the moderate rock concentration contribute to making the Ayung River friendly for a wider age range.

Close-Knit with Nature

As mentioned earlier, Ubud’s carved stones along the riverside, the blissful landscapes, the unblemished beauty, the fresh waterfalls, and the water pools, all sums up in making the whole experience a top-notch throughout. With rainfall being moderate from October to December, making it is the best time to visit. The perfect balance of paddling and energy-consuming activity masked by a perfect ratio of sitting back and enjoying the steady cruising makes it flawless.

Adjustable Timing

The Ayung River is the only river to provide morning as well as afternoon spots, making it convenient enough for the late bloomers to enjoy their vacation without the worry of getting up early to experience the thrill, what else do the tourists need? Keep that alarm off, wake up at your leisure and your ride will be ready for you.

The Ultimate Check list for white water rafting on Ayung River

Apart from selecting the package and booking the slots, here are a few things that one should make a note of:-

  • carry an extra pair of clothes
  • make sure to wear water friendly footwear/ sandals
  • carry a waterproof small bag for your essentials
  • Take sunscreen/anti irritant just incase
  • carry your waterproof camers for capturing the beauty
  • and the important most- DO NOT FORGET TO ENJOY 😀

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White Water Rafting on Ayung River, Bali, Indonesia.
Images Courtesy: Pixabay

So, what are you waiting for? Such breathtaking experiences are much much needed after all the exhilarating quarantine periods. The Ayung river’s water rafting should surely make its place in your checklist. Not just this, But Bali has a lot to offer irrespective of age, making it the best destination for the family, couple, as well as a solo trip to encounter. And with its reopening in July 2021 concerning covid-19, let’s book the flight before the surge prices hit so start planning your Bali tour or customising your Bali itinerary at Pickyourtrail.

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