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Let’s debunk five of the most common travel myths

Many people still believe the notion that travel is expensive, unsafe, and impossible unless you are rich and become cynical about travel. People still have misconceptions about budget travel and about safety. To help combat the misinformation out there, Let’s debunk five of the most common travel myths.

Europe Travel
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Myth #1: Travel is expensive

Everything costs some money and that includes travel. But the idea that travel is only about fancy tours, resorts, and luxurious villas is outdated. You don’t need a trust fund or a high-paying job to have an amazing trip. All it requires is learning how to plan a trip and how to save money. You just need to be creative and have the right priorities and it can be done on a budget.

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Myth #2: Travel credit cards will ruin the credit score

By collecting points and miles, travel is a fraction of the price it would have cost otherwise, opening up tons of possibilities for budget travel. Travel hacking is the art of using travel credit cards that can be then turned into free travel by using regular spending.

Myth #3: Couchsurfing is unsafe

Couchsurfing is a sharing economy app that facilitates cultural exchange offering a free space in their home (sometimes just a couch) that travelers can use. While staying in a stranger’s house might not be for everyone, it’s nevertheless a safe and fun way to travel and an affordable one. Couchsurfing hosts reviews and profiles just like Airbnb, where you can read to make sure you’re staying with someone. Of course, if you’re not ready to stay with a stranger you can also use the app to meet people for activities instead, such as a meal, coffee, or a museum visit. There are families who host people. It’s a vibrant community and one that’s completely safe.

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Myth #4: Hitchhiking will get you killed

Hitchhiking is a common way to travel in many countries around the world, especially a common and safe way to travel to the US and Canada. The idea that hitchhiking is dangerous revolves around the history in the 1950s when the FBI led a scare campaign to get people to stop the practice, partly because civil rights activists were hitchhiking to rallies. The FBI’s campaign made people think that hitchhiking is dangerous. Make a note of the number plate of vehicles, carry a fully charged phone, and travel along with your friends if you are uncomfortable travelling solo. These precautions can be taken additionally for a smooth experience.

Myth #5: Travel is dangerous for women

While both men and women face risks, it is believed that women often encounter additional hazards and should travel only to super safe destinations. Fortunately, that’s not true at all. These days, there are tons of powerful, independent female creators traveling to all corners of the world, including offbeat destinations.

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These travel myths come from years of belief that travel is expensive, With a little research, you’ll discover that traveling the world is safer and more affordable than most people think. Finding this guide useful? Check some of the best holiday packages and book your dream vacation now with Pickyourtrail.

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