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Meet Shivya Nath, a solo female traveller who gave up everything to live the life of a digital nomad.

“I quit my job to travel the world”, says every Tom, Dick and Harry. Is it as fascinating in real life as it sounds? How to even pay for the trips? And what about the last-minute visa constraints? Meet Shivya Nath, a travel blogger who gave up pretty much everything to lead the life of a digital nomad.

Shivya Nath makes her travelling easy by choosing countries that don’t need visas to be filed up India. She mostly prefers visa on arrival and e-visa countries. This has enabled her impromptu and quick vacations. She also says her long-time US visa fetches her entry into most countries visa-free.

Shivya Nath started off exploring India by herself, which has given her all the confidence she needs to travel to an unknown country solo. This is also a good practice to manage living out of the comfort zone.

When as and when Shivya Nath was ready to broaden her boundaries, it was Southeast Asia she set her eyes on. Less or no difficulty in getting visa approval, lower budget and female-friendly atmosphere are some of the reasons.

Do you know how travelling in Iran is? Do you know most international operators and apps don’t work here? Shivya Nath shares such intricate tips, not by research, but by actually setting foot on the place and experiencing it.

Shivya marks Central America as her personal favourite since her US visa fetched her visa-free access for her passport. And she makes it clear that these places are pretty cheap to travel around, breaking the costly American dream myths. Apparently, these places haven’t found the light of mass tourism yet, leaving a lot new to explore.

Shivya Nath also dons the activist cape and gives shout-outs to causes that move her in her journey. She’s also an animal activist who turned vegan when she witnessed animal cruelty. Are you a vegan or vegetarian who’s looking for travel hacks? Check her instagram handle, there are plenty!

Here are Shivya Nath’s top tips for solo female travellers:

  • Travel in a non-touristy way. You will spend most of the time getting stuck in crowds otherwise.
  • Explore your own land before heading out.
  • Work remotely while travelling if you’re out of funds.
  • Travel as a volunteer or as a student, which will ease on your expenses.
  • Choose homestays and PGs instead of hotels—the best way to get under the skin of a place, get along with the locals and save some bucks.
  • Ensure your safety and be prepared for the worst cases.
  • And the most important of all, travel sustainably without altering the ecosystem of the place.

The world is full of inspiration. Just keep your eyes wide open and never stop travelling. Take that first step with Pickyourtrail!

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