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Mahe in Seychelles
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on May 19, 2020 Share on

Mahe Island – A tropical paradise

Seychelles is said to be one of the best honeymoon locations. Located off the coast of East Africa is a tiny dotted island in the Indian Ocean is Seychelles. Though it appears to be tiny in the map, the island compromises of 115 islands together. Unlike Maldives and Mauritius, this place is a little isolated from the usual crowd. It has a wide range of marine life surrounded by lush greens and beautiful white sandy beaches. Mahe Island is a testimonial to the beauty of Seychelles.

Mahe is the capital city of Seychelles. Named after a French Governor of the 18th century is a tropical paradise for beach lovers. The island is approximate 28kms long and 6kms wide and is the home to one of the highest peak, Morne Seychellois, and a tortoise sanctuary with 100’s of tortoises and turtles inhabiting there.

Mahe island
Image source: Pixabay

Things to do in Mahe Island

1. Go fishing

Fishing, Mahe
Image source: Unsplash

Fishing is popular time pass activity to while being in coastal areas. In Seychelles, the residents go to fishing as a part of livelihood and tourists there can have an opportunity to take part in fishing and learn a few tricks.

2. Water sports

Surfing in the ocean
Image source: Unsplash

Like any other island, Mahe Island offers a range of water sports for all ages. The temperature of the water is neither too hot or too cold, making it just perfect for any kind of water sports like Scuba dive, snorkelling, surfing, and whatnot. Get your swimsuits ready and go deep dive and explore what’s underneath the clear blue waters.

3. Try trekking

Morne Seychellois
Image source: Unsplash

Feeling a bit adventurous. Pack just the essentials and try trekking one of the highest peaks in the Mahe island, Mount Morne Seychellois or visit the national park that is carved out right below the mountain.

4. Explore the city

Mahe city
Image Source: Google images

The island has more than 70 amazing restaurants. Take your family or your loved one for an amazing lunch or dinner and make your way to their heart, after all, “food is the best way to someone’s heart.” Go souvenir shopping. There are great malls and boutiques to shop in.

Must try in Mahe Island

  • Being a tropical region, their foods and drinks mainly consist of coconut. So be sure to try their dishes that have coconut infused with it.
  • No questions asked they have the amazing plates of seafood. If you love eating different cuisines, try their grilled octopus or fish crushed with natural tropical ingredients and spices.
  • If you love handmade goods, you must buy the hand made souvenirs made out of coconut shells.

Tips for visiting Mahe Island

  • English and French are the widely spoken language in Seychelles. Know either of it, Voila! You are set for a fun-filled vacation.
  • Like every other tourist destination, Mahe island has an amazing nightlife too. Reach out to the resorts and they’ll guide for some pretty lit parties.
  • We suggest you carry European currency since the majority of the stores deal with the European currency. Other major cards are accepted throughout the island.
  • Make sure you carry enough sunscreen along.

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