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Mahebourg in Mauritius
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 23, 2020 Share on

Mahebourg in Mauritius: Explore it’s Historical Side Like Never Before!

You will find a dreamland in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar. And that’s known as Mauritius. A tropical paradise best- known for its stunning beaches, luscious dishes, water sports, luxurious resorts and whatnot. This Paradise island also has some unknown places which are waiting to be explored by many tourists. One such place is Mahebourg in Mauritius. Mahebourg is a quaint little village located at the southeastern coast of Mauritius Island. It is extraordinary in its ordinariness. Mahebourg in Mauritius is well known for its history, rich culture, rapturous sights with some unique attractions.

Let’s discover the undiscovered village and yes, it has a lot more to offer for the tourist. Have a read to know what more does this small village have to excite you with.

Mahebourg in Mauritius
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Things to do in Mahebourg In Mauritius

1. National History museum

The National History Museum is a must-visit place in Mahebourg. The National Museum housed in a colonial mansion was initially a hospital which helped to cure the injured naval commanders during the Battle of Vieux Grand Port. Later the hospital was turned into a museum which depicts the entire battle story of the French who made their victory over the British through exhibits. It also displays some artefacts of the colonial era, fossils of the dodo bones, unique paintings, the museum also holds some rare objects. History buff? You can never miss this museum which reveals a lot of history to the visitors.

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2. Rault Biscuit Factory

Rault Biscuit Factory
Image Credits: Google Images

Just like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mahebourg offers one such kind for the tourist. Rault Biscuit Factory is a biscuit factory operated by the Rault family since 1870. A quick 20-minute tour is offered to the tourist to have a look at the entire biscuit process from handmade dough to hotplate baking. The crispy square cookies made by hand is one of the unique biscuit product loved by people. Make sure you make a move to visit this factory and get fascinated by the unique methods. Of course, taste the biscuits too.

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3. Shopping in Mahebourg

How can shopping be missed, no way right. Mahebourg in Mauritius runs a weekly bazaar every Monday where you can get goods from clothes to souvenir at a reasonable cost. The small town is also loved for its fresh seafood and cafe centres. So take your time and grab a bite with some shopping scenarios.

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4. The blue bay marine park

The Blue Bay Marine Park in Mahebourg is one of the marine parks in the country with a widely biodiverse range of Marine life. You can view a vast treasury of vivid flora and fauna. Here comes the adventure part! The park offers Snorkelling and Glass- bottom boat riding, which is definitely not to be missed in Mahebourg’s adventure list.

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Sunrise view in Mahebourg in Mauritius
Image Credits: Google images

Mahebourg in Mauritius is a lot more than you think. The small village is unique in its way and surprises the tourist with its tourist attractions. A visit to Mahebourg in Mauritius is definitely not a bad idea, right? Of course not. Get to know about the history of the paradise island by exploring Mahebourg. Well, if how to explore was the question in your mind, reach out to Pickyourtrail and we will help you with customisable Mauritius honeymoon packages Not hard right? Reach our website and unwrap Mauritius.

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