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Agaléga Island in Mauritius

Overview of Agaléga Island

Agaléga Island, located in the Indian Ocean around 10.00 kilometres, north of the main Mauritius Island comprises two smaller islands, the North Island which is the main island, and the South Island. Both islands are part of the territories. Tourists can reach Agaléga either by sea travel or by air travel. These thinly populated islands are leased to the Indian military for the development of strategic assets. The economy is run mostly by coconut production. You can catch unique local lizards on this beautiful beach.

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But what really makes Agaléga unique is its lush green gem in the blue stretches of the Indian Ocean. Its natural beauty is simply captivating, Agaléga’s charm will certainly leave a long-lasting impact which is pleasant. Visitors are welcomed with fresh coconut milk that is extracted from the plantations, livelihood is very luxurious. In fact, until recently, there was no money in circulation in Agaléga, only government vouchers used to exist.

The rusticity of Agaléga, Mauritius is what draws the travelers to the island. The visitors come looking for a serene, silent landscape, untouched by all the commercialization. They come here to experience the raw and authentic Mauritian experience.

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History of Agaléga

Agaléga is believed to have shared its history with the other Mascarene Islands. It may have been discovered by Arab and Malay sailors, although no official records confirm this. M. de Rosemond was the first person to have established a settlement. The second wrecked sailor, Adelaide d’Emmerez, a Mauritian, is the one after whom the only mountain on the island is named, Montagne d’Emmerez.

There were no economic, infrastructural and political developments on the island until the arrival of Auguste Le Duc in 1827, a French administrator sent by M. Barbé to organize the production of coconut oil and copra. 

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How To Reach Agaléga In Mauritius

Parasailing in Mauritius
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Since tourism is yet to be established in the Islands of  Agaléga, there are limited means to reach the island. Visitors now go there only for administrative or academic purposes and can avail the Dornier plane or the ship Pride Mauritius off the coast guard. 

Agalega Entry Ticket, Mauritius

To go to Agalega, One needs prior permission from the Ministry of External Affairs and Immigration at Port Louis. Other than that, there are no entry fees for the islands and the visitors can visit it at free of cost.

Best Time to Visit Agalega, Mauritius

The opening hours for Agaléga Islands are from Monday to Sunday around 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, this is subjective to the timing of the aircraft. 

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