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Mauritius Palm Trees
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Quatre Bornes in Mauritius – Exploring the hidden gem in Mauritius Island

Mauritius is the official getaway for relieving your stress. It is also one of the famous honeymoon spots for tourists. The place is one of the majorly visited tourist places. The population of Mauritius is multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual. Mauritius is the only country in Africa where Hinduism is the main religion. The island is the most competitive and most developed in the African region. This island was the home of the extinct bird Dodo. Mauritius has a diverse range of flora and fauna present in its land. Mauritius is one amongst the safest or most peaceful countries by the global peace index 2019. Quatre Bornes in Mauritius is one amongst the better places to visit in Mauritius. This article gives you insight into this place.

Mauritius Beach (Quatre Bornes in Mauritius)
Mauritius Beach | P.C – Google Images

Quatre Bornes

The Quatre Bornes, also known as the city of flowers, is a town in Mauritius. This is supposedly one of the most happening places in the city. This place is one of the most happening places for both nightlife and shopping too. There are tens and thousands of tiny shops in the market providing colourful textiles. This place is vibrant and looks happy with colourful extravaganza. There are certain shopping malls there but we would suggest you check out the street markets. The speciality of this town is the traditional fabrics. These fabrics are available at jaw-dropping prices. The railways and roadways provided major development of the forest into a village.

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Places to Visit:

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice (Quatre Bornes in Mauritius)
Notre Dame Auxiliatrice | P.C – Google Images

This is one of the must-visit activity while in Mauritius. The Notre Dame Auxiliatrice will leave you startled by your beauty. This church, built by the victims of a Shipwreck, The best time to do the activity is in the evening. This is one of the most popular churches in the whole island. Due to its familiarity, it draws hoards of tourists to the location. Take many photos at this site to flaunt it with your closed ones. You can tell 1 hour solidly at the church. You will absolutely be stunned at the beauty of the church.

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Blue Penny Museum

Blue Penny Museum
Blue Penny Museum | P.C – Google Images

If you love learning about the history and culture of the place, you will be love this museum. This is located in the famous Le Caudan Waterfront Mall in Port Louis. This museum holds the mort rarest pieces of an artefact. This contains two rarest posts stamps,  the red one-penny and blue two-pence Post Office stamps issued in 1847. The museum also contains several antique maps and engravings from a different time period in history.

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Le Morne Viewpoint:

This viewpoint, when viewed will show you the incomparable beauty of nature present in the country. Situated in the southwestern part of Mauritius, this place contains historical significance. Several tourists visit this place for its amazing beaches, is the best in Mauritius. For adventure lovers, there are water sports like the kitesurfing, paragliding, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. This place looks very beautiful and one of the best places to visit while in Mauritius.

Le Morne Viewpoint
Le Morne Viewpoint | P.C – Nici Keil from Pixabay

La Cuvette Beach:

There are many beaches to be explored in this place. Out of this is a hidden gem to be visited, the La Cuvette Beach. Only known to a thin amount of people, this place is almost empty whenever visited. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon time in silence and peace, you can visit this place. Located near Grand Baie in northwest Mauritius, it is an extremely tranquil beach that will make you immerse into serenity.

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Ocean boat in a Beach
Ocean boat in a Beach | P.C –Monika Mesterházy from Pixabay

Mauritius is one place where it is known for its naturally beautiful places. You will fall in love with many places you actually visit this place. Visit our site and make your own itinerary for your Mauritius tour packages. Our travel experts will help you out in creating the best out Mauritius honeymoon packages.

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