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Port Louis, Mauritius: Discover the City’s Contrasts!

Mauritius has become one of the popular island destinations among people who want to visit a paradise island. Imagine yourself lying in a tropical beach under coconut trees after enjoying some water sports. That is everything that Mauritius has for you. However, there is always time to get away and visit Port Louis, the capital and the largest city in Mauritius. Port Louis is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean thus making it a must-visit place while you are heading to Mauritius trip. Gracefully situated at the northwestern coast, this city stands as the business capital of the island. You can also find so many historic and cultural treasures now been transformed into major tourist attractions.

An amazing view of art umbrellas in the street in Port Louis
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History of Port Louis

It was in the sixteenth century when the island was completely uninhabited by people and all you would see was the Dodo birds. Later, when Europeans started to sail to Mauritius to settle down, few others from Africa and Asia also made up their homes here. This is the major reason why Mauritius has a mixed population. Though it has people from different religions, what makes it beautiful is how they live in peace with one another. In the 17th century, the people had built a port on the northern part of the island which later became Port Louis, named after King Louis XV.

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Things to do in Port Louis

There are so many must-do things in this city. While you are there, make sure you visit all the major attractions like Le Caudan waterfront, Port Louis market, La Place d’Armes, Blue Penny Museum and many more. Below are two must-do things in Port Louis and make sure to include on your list:

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Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash

1. Le Caudan waterfront

The waterfront area has everything. You can start your day with delicious food at one of the restaurants, catch a movie in the cinemas, shop the best at one of the malls and finally have a laid-back experience at the sea. Never miss visiting this place if you have Port Louis in your itinerary.

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2. Bazaars

A pictures of souvenirs of Dodo birds in the market of Port Louis in Mauritius
Image by Nici Keil from Pixabay

At the very centre of Port Louis, you will have the markets and bazaars. Here, you will come across so many things at highly reasonable prices. Starting from Local fruits and vegetables, clothing and souvenirs to amazing hand-crafts, it gives you the best shopping experience at Mauritius.

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How to reach

The island is located 40 kilometres away from the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. One can reach Port Louis located exactly on the opposite side of the airport either by taking a taxi or a bus. The three regular bus routes are 9, 10 and 198. Island being small will not make it so difficult for you to move within.

Tips to make note of

  • Make sure to include beachwear, sunscreen lotion and sunglasses in your checklist.
  • Carry some dresses that could cover you properly if you are visiting temples.
  • You can exchange the currency at the airport itself.

Visiting Port Louis on your Mauritius bucket list can be a perfect choice. Book your Mauritius honeymoon packages with Pickyourtrail by checking out the itineraries and experience everything that this capital of Mauritius has to offer. Already have a plan in mind? Let us know your choices and we will craft it in the best possible way.

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